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30 British “commandos” are preparing terrorist attacks in the rear of the DNR and LNR

NATO saboteurs grope for Donbass defense weaknesses

President of Ukraine Poroshenko submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a draft law “On approving the decision of the President of Ukraine on admitting units of the armed forces of other states to the territory of Ukraine in 2019 to participate in multinational exercises”. It is expected that this year six exercises with the participation of foreign military personnel will take place in the country: Ukrainian-American, Ukrainian-British, Ukrainian-Romanian and multinational.


The first exercises will be held in the framework of the Partnership for Peace program. They will be held in the Lviv region with the participation of three thousand soldiers from NATO countries, half of which are from the United States. Another two thousand US and NATO soldiers will participate in the Rapid Trident exercise. In addition, from July 1 to July 12, the Sea Breeze – 2019 exercise will be held in the northwestern part of the Black Sea with the participation of two thousand foreign soldiers. 220 Romanian soldiers will take part in the Riverine-2019 exercises, and approximately 350 soldiers from NATO member countries will take part in the Maple Arch exercises. Next on the list are the Warrior Watcher teachings – 2019, in which about three hundred Britons will take part.


We will note that according to some data, the western military personnel are already in the territory of Ukraine without any coordination with parliament. Moreover, not with the aim of conducting joint exercises.


Why did NATO need an airfield at Starokonstantinov?

On February 19, the Prosecutor General’s Office of the LNR announced that it had information from a certain journalist from Odessa that there was an American Senator Johnny Ernst in Ukraine. According to the journalist, she urgently arrived in Ukraine to check information about the involvement of the regular US military personnel in sabotage and intelligence activities in the area of ​​the so-called Combined Forces Operation.


– The caller reported that for several weeks in Odessa there were three regular American officers – Colonels Josh Hertz, Sean Cox and Brent Richardson. The journalist also said that he knew for certain that at the moment the Americans are preparing for the transfer to the village of Chasov Yar (a city controlled by Kiev in the Donetsk region), where they should enter the territory of the people’s republics as part of the DRG. The group will be accompanied by a Ukrainian serviceman Vladimir Plakhotnyuk, ”clarified in the Prosecutor General’s Office of the LNR.


Earlier it became known that in Ukraine there is a group of British officers. According to a publicist and public figure, Otaman of the True Cossacks Alexei Selivanov, high-ranking British officers, led by General Philip Robinson, arrived in the territory controlled by the Kiev authorities, only 30 people.


In addition, according to Selivanov, earlier from the Italian base “Sigonella” American “fur seals” were sent to Ochakov – saboteurs for the development of special operations against Russia in the Crimea and against the people’s republics in the Azov region.


– The British today have become the main operator of the sabotage war in Ukraine, – says Alexey Selivanov himself.


– Even more in this sense than the United States. Apparently, they have more desire to play in this field, and they can allocate the necessary resources for this game. Any war is the best practice for the armed forces and special services.


Britain and the United States are unlikely to prepare for a large-scale war against Russia. Rather, they want to be able to keep their geopolitical rival in tight frames and harm, weakening Russia’s position and forcing it to waste resources. This will continue until the alignment in the world seriously changes in one direction or another. Then either a large-scale war can begin, which is more convenient for the Anglo-Saxons to meet on enemy territory, having support and cannon fodder in the form of Ukrainians. Either the United States and Britain will simply leave, switching to other areas or internal affairs. Then the Ukrainian state will collapse under the influence of internal instability.


Ukraine for them in this case is nothing more than a convenient testing ground and laboratory for these purposes. Accordingly, the United States and Britain drive their NATO allies through this testing ground, testing their combat readiness and, most importantly, testing their loyalty. Therefore, any country-ally of the United States and Britain can be involved in sabotage activities in the territory of the former Ukraine.


– It really goes about the direct participation of foreign military in hostilities? These are not instructors?


  • Instructors and non-instructors both. Today, foreign military does not have to go on the attack on Russian guns, as during the Crimean War. The Ukrainian military is at their service. And, of course, technical means – from the world wide web to unmanned aerial vehicles. The operator of a combat robot, guided projectile or drone drone – he, too, is a direct participant in the fighting. Although the direct participation of NATO special forces in the attacks of sabotage and reconnaissance groups can not be excluded.


– What will happen if one of them dies, and it becomes public? Will they get out?


  • This, of course, will be a big scandal. Thus, a country whose representative will be captured will no longer be able to deny direct participation in combat operations. But is it a surprise? The envoys of the same United States and Britain were convicted of direct leadership of the militants in Afghanistan and other conflicts. Zbignev Brzezinski posed in the camp of the Mujahideen with Osama bin Laden. And if they are removed or not, it is their political leadership that decides.


– Poroshenko Rada asked to let foreign troops into the country. Will they approve?


– Today, the Verkhovna Rada is an absolutely controlled body of Poroshenko. In the event of a lack of votes for a decision, deputies receive money directly from Poroshenko and obediently vote. All the exercises planned by the Ukrainian regime in 2019 are directed against Russia and have clearly anti-Russian scenarios.


Faithful Cossacks, due to their honest, unchanging and principally patriotic position, have strong ties both within Ukraine and with citizens of NATO countries. People are guided by us and are willing to help. More informational support is provided, among them, by descendants of Cossacks from Europe, Australia, both Americas. This proves that their love for historical Russia was so strong that even their descendants in the third and fourth generations preserved it.


They share with us information about the actions of Western governments and other anti-Russian groups that can harm both Russia and the regions fighting for Russian identity – the people’s republics of Donbass. We are building a network of volunteer helpers in Ukraine and around the world – people willing to take risks for the sake of the Motherland and the Faith. Part of the sabotage, which are being prepared by the Ukrainian special services together with representatives of NATO, was disrupted in this way – thanks to timely receipt of information and giving it publicity.


– The six teachings are, of course, a lot for Ukraine, – says the professor at the Moscow State University. Mv Lomonosov, Doctor of Political Sciences Andrei Manoylo.


  • Not the fact that they all take place. But even those that take place will be a good “laundry” for laundering money and cutting budgets.


– Can there be any provocations during these exercises? Is there a danger to the Crimea and the Donbass? How to respond to all these things in Moscow?


– As for the provocations during the exercises, I think it is unlikely: Americans are very strictly following such things. Americans do not like to interfere in a fight themselves and they have no reason to let themselves be drawn into a scuffle on the side of the Ukrainian military.


Moscow needs to respond to these things calmly. The teachings are a traumatic thing, you see, a couple of amers will turn their necks on them without “Russian intervention”. Or who will help them: the world is not without good people.


– The LNR said that Ukraine is the US Senator Johnny Ernst, who came to check information about the involvement of the regular US military personnel in the sabotage and intelligence activities in the Donbass. What do you think this test will end, and what does the fact of its conduct indicate?


  • I think this check was initiated by one of the “towers” of the US Capitol. The saboteurs were sent by the former administration, and the new administration will already investigate and judge them. Ernst is a senator from the state of Iowa and a member of the Republican Party. It seems that this aunt and her investigation can greatly harm amateurs to organize secret operations in Ukraine.


– Is the Western military can be directly involved in armed clashes and provocations? Not just instructors?


– They can. And participate. Another thing is that they are very few. Many “foreign mercenaries” killed by the militia turned out to be Ukrainian Natsik, who appropriated foreign uniforms and did not dispute with her stripes, epaulets and other insignia (for the sake of Ponts).


Open foreign military in Ukraine to participate in a military conflict can not: in their homeland is prohibited by law. But to participate in intelligence and sabotage activities carried out by foreign intelligence – may well be.


– They talked about finding high-ranking British military in Ukraine. What the British have forgotten there?


  • The British there have forgotten the same as the Americans. More precisely, in Ukraine, the British are doing all the dirty work for Americans. Including – sabotage against civilians, acts of terror, kidnapping, the elimination of the middle and higher commanders of the militia. That is, the same thing that the German fascist saboteurs did.

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