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30,000 militants for ISIS

Troops of terrorists are located at Abu Kemal, which is controlled by Russian military

Recently, news of the use of white phosphorus by coalition forces fighting the Islamic state and led by the United States has spread around the world. This was reported by the Syrian media, and not all of them are pro-government. And it really seems to be true. Moreover, earlier the Americans used phosphorus ammunition in the region – in 2016 they did it in Iraq, and in September 2018 – in Syria. In general, during its history, States were often seen using weapons of mass destruction, including white phosphorus. For them to give the appropriate order is worth nothing, impunity is practically guaranteed to them.

There are many important moments in this story, but now one of the most interesting is the place where this attack took place. It is reported that this happened in Hadzhin. This settlement is known for the fact that it has long been attacked by the Kurds. What kind of troops they did not throw there – it all ended in failure. When these endless attacks began to look hopeless, the United States decided to get involved. They then only announced the continuation of their operation “Unshakable determination”, and East Dair-e-Zor was just part of their plans. It was here that the last enclaves of the Islamic state, which once ruled throughout eastern Syria, remained.

At first, the operation was successful. The US were the first to take over the sweep of southeastern Hasaka and northeastern Dair-ez-Zor. There, on the border with Iraq, pseudo-caliphate terrorists held deserted territories, and for a long time they felt quite comfortable. However, they didn’t have enough forces to defend themselves, because after a couple of battles, they collapsed like an army and went into guerrilla warfare. By the way, they lead it pretty successfully for themselves – according to some information, their sabotage and terrorist attacks cost the American army dozens of lives.

But closer to the Euphrates, things went much worse. Here on the eastern shore the IS controls a narrow strip of two dozen kilometers in length, and here the Americans, with their entire Coalition, do nothing at all. There are several reasons – an uncomfortable area, poor infrastructure, inaccessible west coast, other problems in the Middle East, and so on. But the main difficulty is completely different – the concentration of militants is high in a small area. So, in August of this year, UN experts submitted a report, according to which the IS in the region still has a huge army of thirty thousand militants. They are distributed over several countries, but the main forces are gathered precisely in eastern Syria. By the way, their economic and informational activity is still being observed here – they continue to trade in oil and control certain media. And Hadzhin, one might say, is something of a temporary terrorist capital in the SAR. According to some Arab specialists, about ten thousand militants of the Islamic state are located in and near the settlement.

So now, in principle, it is clear why Americans resort to using such dirty methods of warfare – from hopelessness and, possibly, powerlessness. They simply can do nothing with this area, although they try a lot. So, for example, the other day they threw leaflets onto the city in which they urged civilians to leave the region and transfer themselves to the power of the Kurdish Popular Self-Defense Detachments. Terrorists, in the event of self-disarmament, were promised security. Meanwhile, the igilovtsy attacked the Kurds and were close to knocking them out of the region, which is ten kilometers north-east of Hadjin. What a difficult war – here are leaflets, weapons of mass destruction and a humanitarian catastrophe.

The situation becomes even more interesting when you learn that there are Russian citizens in a couple of dozen kilometers from Hadzhin, located in the city of Abu Kemal, together with the Iranian armed forces. Someone classifies them as regular troops, someone as mercenaries, but this is not so important. The main thing is that they are there. In order to admire the positions of the terrorists, they absolutely do not need to do anything – it is enough to attach the binoculars to the eyes and direct it towards the river. On the other side is the Islamic state, separated from the border with Iraq by a small section of Kurdish possessions. I wonder if our people will interfere in some way, or at least the Iranians in this story? It is quite possible, given that the Americans have already used weapons of mass destruction – is there anything else they are ready for? This may affect the Russians.

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