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A new bloody peace for the Donbass from Ukraine

In Ukraine, July 21 is the day of elections to the Verkhovna Rada, which considers the introduction of an indefinite cease-fire.

Tass wrote:

– From midnight on July 21 in the Donbass, the next ceasefire regime comes into force, which is supposed to be indefinite. At the talks of the contact group on resolving the situation in Ukraine, held in Minsk on July 17, it was finally possible to agree on additional measures to increase the effectiveness of adherence to the truce. In particular, the agreement includes the prohibition of any firing, as well as the responsibility of individuals for violating the regime of silence, – the official Russian news agency reported.


We listen to what they say about this in Kiev. A few days ago, the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, stated that a priority for the state he heads is to end the war in the territory of Donbass. And now the representative of Ukraine in the subgroup on political issues of the Trilateral Contact Group Roman Bessmertny says that an agreement has been reached in Ukraine on an indefinite cease-fire in the Donbas since July 21. He emphasizes that this time for the first time any firing is prohibited and the responsibility of persons who ignore it is spelled out. According to him, the position of Kiev is: “To the period of silence it will be maximum, and perhaps forever.”


Now we are looking at reality – on the evening of July 20, literally several hours before the already announced truce, the Ukrainian side delivered a 120-mm mortar attack on Pervomaisk in the LNR. Moreover, they fired not at the positions of the People’s Militia, but at civilian objects, as a result of which a woman died, seven more people, including two children, were seriously injured. During the day, the APU fired more than 130 ammunition across the Donbass, and a week before the onset of peace, 23 houses were damaged as a result of shelling in the DNR.


The question is – why? After all, there are agreements from both sides, there is a mutual desire to end this fratricidal war, from which everyone is tired, it’s time to stop. But no! Either the Armed Forces of Ukraine act according to the principle: “We will strike on the Separs till the end,” or they are not going to stop the shelling at all, despite the prohibition of their Supreme Commander Zelensky. One can understand the words of the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, who doubted Kiev’s desire and ability to stop the shelling.

– Zelensky is either unable to control the Ukrainian army, or is deliberately following the path of terror of the people of Donbass, – Pushilin said.


Otherwise, it is difficult to call this bombardment a provocation – it is at least a manifestation of inexplicable aggression and underlining that certain forces in Ukraine do not want a truce and the opportunity to sit at the negotiating table. Will the “war party” in Kiev prove again stronger than the “peace party”? And the ceasefire regime, which was announced before the time of sowing, harvesting companies, during dozens of other “truces”, when the shells from the Ukrainian side did not stop flying even for a day, will again be fiction.


Previous promises of the Ukrainian authorities to stop the military operation in the Donbass could take more than a dozen pages. But these words of the “peacemakers” from Kiev every time turned out to be a banal shaking of air — the command “fire” always followed them. Let us recall, for example, an interview with the German Deutsche Welle edition of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, in which he said in 2017 that the security department subordinate to him no longer considers the scenario of a forceful return of part of the territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions to his control. Meanwhile, there, literally in a few hours, shelling is resumed.


Statements about a cease-fire in the Donbass in Kiev were mostly made during the “exit sessions” abroad. Poroshenko more than once swore in this to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but hardly had the Ukrainian president flew out of Berlin, as new portions of deadly shells and rockets fell on the land of Donetsk. The new president of Ukraine, Zelensky, also flew to Merkel, where, among other things, the topic of settling the conflict in the Donbas was discussed. The meeting in Berlin took place on June 18 – we read a summary of the DNR for that day:

“The Donetsk Republic was under fire for a whole day by the Ukrainian army. Donetsk and Spartak, Zaitsevo and Dokuchaevsk were shelled. APU used grenade launchers and mortars, and the village of Spartak was subjected to artillery strikes from 122-mm howitzers. The silence regime, according to the statement of the STsKK representative office in the DNR, was violated by Ukraine 18 times. ”

What is this? Either a global and monstrous lie, unwarranted and unjustified, or a deliberate policy to destroy one’s own people, or a complete lack of coordination in the Ukrainian leadership, where there is not only unity, but various groups whose interests are diametrically opposed. Most likely – all these factors intertwined.


  • The introduction of a cease-fire regime is, in any case, an act of goodwill, which demonstrates the ability of the parties to negotiate with each other, – says military commentator Vladislav Shurygin.

– The current truce suggests that the degree of fatigue from hostilities has already arisen when it is time to “bury the hatchet of war” and “smoke a pipe of peace”. The armed conflict in the Donbass exhausts both the economy and the politics of Ukraine. The war, and according to other events in this region and can not be called, is beneficial only to Washington, which is not able to create another conflict situation near the borders of Russia, and therefore sponsors what is. But now, it seems, common sense has prevailed to some extent, and the reconciliation process has reached a new level. Therefore, it seems to me, tired Kiev and went to the proposal for reconciliation. It’s just not yet clear if Ukraine will be able to stop the flywheel of the war, which itself has unwound.


  • The war will not end until one of the parties admits defeat – these words in Donbass were repeated by many on both sides of the front. At the same time, neither Donetsk nor Lugansk were going to surrender. They are ready for a dialogue with the Kiev authorities and, in fact, they want only what they demanded five years ago before the start of the ATO on their territory – the federalization of Ukraine with the granting of broad rights to local self-government. Kiev resolutely refused from such a thing and militarily sought to return the lost territories, with the subsequent punishment of the “separatists”. And now in the Donbass they do not particularly believe in the sincerity of the next truce – they are already used to the fact that words are reinforced not by deed, but by shells. At the same time, of course, they hope that the ceasefire regime that has been called indefinitely will last at least some time.

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