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Americans are guilty of crash of Malaysian “Boeing”

Germany accused the United States of involvement in the two largest air crashes in 2014

The United States can be directly implicated in the crash of the Boeing-777 Malaysian Airlines in the Donbass in the summer of 2014. This is written by the chief editor of the German magazine World Economy political analyst Alexander Sosnovsky. He is convinced that the disaster occurred because of the general maneuvers of Washington and Kiev.


Sosnovsky is also confident that the United States is related to the incident with the disappearance of the same Malaysian “Boeing” in March 2014 over the Pacific Ocean.


As an argument, the political analyst cites the recently announced negotiations between the Chancellor and the German Minister of Defense, Angela Merkel and Ursula von der Leyen. It follows from them that the Chancellor refused to provide military assistance to Ukraine in passing through the Kerch Strait, which was allegedly asked by United States Vice President Michael Pence at the Munich Conference in February. France, which also had to participate in this maneuver, considered this move inappropriate, calling it “provocative”.


From the correspondence of Merkel it follows that she expressed doubts about the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be silently watching what is happening. In addition, according to the Chancellor, in this case, the German ships, most likely, would have suffered the fate of the Ukrainian courts.


– And if he does the same thing with our ships, what has he done once with the Ukrainian ones? Do you suggest the Germany to fight, Madam Minister? Why do we have to neglect the interests of Germany for the sake of the interests of the United States?, – Israeli political scientist Solomon Mann quotes Merkel.


Alexander Sosnovsky is convinced that this information did not appear by chance. In his opinion, the reason for the refusal was the realization that the Ukrainian military are actively involved in joint provocations with the United States.


He also recalled that about four weeks ago, documents appeared in the media indicating that the naval forces of Ukraine were accompanied by NATO Avaks aircraft during the incident in the Kerch Strait.


– In general, if we talk about some possible results, if Russia, which probably knew that the Avaksas were on patrol at that time, responded “adequately,” this could lead to a direct clash between NATO and the Russian Federation, which, of course, Germany does not want, – said Sosnovsky.


It is not by chance that the political scientist also considers that the other day the NT-Fau resource published material, which shows the details of the loss of a Malaysian aircraft in March 2014. It says that, according to some experts, the plane was in the area of ​​maneuvers, which then conducted the United States and Malaysia. A similar situation, according to the authors of the material, has developed with the flight MH17 in the sky over the Donbas.


Sosnovsky points out that the role of the United States in these plane crashes is indicated for the first time, albeit indirectly. He is sure that this is evidence that in Germany the understanding of this situation has changed, and that in the future it will begin to show more and more clearly.


– This means that there is no place for Ukraine in NATO, one hundred percent, Germany will not interfere in any military provocations of Ukraine in the East, and especially between Ukraine and Russia.


And you need to understand that at the moment Ukraine in Europe does not represent the interest that it was until 2014, – concluded Sosnovsky.


We will remind, earlier, an international investigative team investigating the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing over the Donbas refused to take into account Russian data on the crash, accusing Moscow of shooting down an airplane from the Buk installation assigned to the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Russian Armed Forces from Kursk, allegedly illegally smuggled across the border.


The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly stressed that they consider the results of the “investigation” as “politically engaged,” since Russian specialists did not take part in it, and besides, no answers were received to numerous questions to the “investigation” from the Russian side.


– There was too much unclear about the Boeing MH17 catastrophe, – said Eduard Popov, director of the Center for Public and Informational Cooperation Europe.


  • For me, the fault of Ukraine did not cause doubts. The very fact of sending a side over the territory of a belligerent Donbass looked like an invitation to a catastrophe. If Ukraine has allowed the passage over the territory, which it officially considers its own, it means that it is responsible for security. Harder to prove the guilt of a third party, the same Americans.


The United States rushed to blame Donbass militias for the death of the liner, now they themselves are facing an accusation. I hope this accusation has a serious evidence base. And it will be presented in the media.


I, however, do not believe that the US will suffer any punishment, even if their guilt, direct or indirect, in the death of the Boeing will be proved. Even a weak Ukraine did not incur punishment for the death of two civil aircraft in its airspace. Americans will get away with it all the more. But you can still cause a serious information wave and greatly spoil the image of the Americans. The only pity is that the dead people will not return.


– How realistic is the version of the US involvement in the collapse of both “Boeing”? It turns out that US actions are dangerous for the whole world?


– I am not an aviation expert and it is difficult for me to judge technical issues. Again, from the very beginning I was not in doubt about the fault of Ukraine in the death of MH17. Let the experts understand the involvement of the United States in the two air crashes. I hope this statement will give impetus to the objective investigation – at least to the conduct of a journalistic investigation. For more, we can hardly count.


The American authorities will not incur any punishment, even if their guilt is proved. And the fact that the United States is the main terrorist threat to the whole world has long been commonplace. Where Americans appear, terrorism and state terror appear. They organized a coup in Ukraine – the genocide of the people of Donbass and the “soft” genocide of the Russian-cultural population of Ukraine began. Occupied sovereign Iraq – ISIS arose. Examples can be continued.


– Why did Merkel refuse to participate in the Kerch provocation, and did the United States really expect to provoke a war of Russia with NATO?


– Without having secret information, I can only argue on the principle “who benefits from it”. Does Angela Merkel benefit from yet another worsening of relations with Russia, the trade turnover with which is growing despite sanctions, and is the launch of the Nord Stream II pipeline expected early next year? And I am only talking about some economic issues of cooperation, omitting political ones. Obviously, the answer is: a categorical “no.”


But Poroshenko is advantageous hot war in the Kerch Strait with a large number of victims and with the international circle of participants. As the fires in military depots hide the facts of theft and black trade in ammunition, so did the provocation in the Kerch Strait Poroshenko hoped to hide the traces of his criminal activities as head of state. Had this happened, he would have been granted indulgence in the West. Similarly, Saakashvili received an indulgence because he launched the war against South Ossetia and Russia.


It is beneficial for the Americans to break the strengthening economic contacts between Russia and the “old Europe”. Therefore, they are also interested in provocations. I have long been saying that it is Ukraine that can act as an instrument of American policy on breaking Russian-European economic cooperation. Therefore, I do not consider this opinion an exaggeration.


– Does this mean that Germany will avoid participating in any provocations aimed at confrontation with Russia? Or does Washington have ways to drag Berlin against his will?


– Washington will use various ways to draw Berlin into confrontation with Russia. And we must pay tribute to the restraint Angela Merkel, a policy that everyone scolded, but which is consistently not amenable to pressure. I am only afraid that the Americans have some forbidden and very radical ways to achieve what they want. But this is better to keep silent. I hope it will not come to that, or the American plan will not succeed, as it has not been possible until today. Anti-Russian sanctions are a forced concession of the “old Europe” to American pressure.


– The opinion expressed by the German political scientist can be attributed to the typical conspiracy of speculation, which does not help to clarify the real causes of the tragedy, – said Pavel Rodkin, associate professor at HSE.


– The fact that now this statement is anti-American, and not anti-Russian, does not make it realistic and convincing. Clinging to various public statements, as an argument for identifying those responsible for both plane crashes, means giving what is desired for real and accepting the rules of the game and the logic of modern fake news. This version will be happily accepted by anti-American circles, just like Russia’s analogous accusations are convincing for the anti-Russian strata.


This whole “scandal” is based on a completely oppositional opposition to the current agenda. But these accusations do not bear any serious consequences and influence on real politics or even public opinion, they are not even any noticeable on a global scale information mainstream.


  • And the appearance of several publications at once is a coincidence.


– Materials of this kind appear in the world media regularly enough to look for serious political coincidences in them and to make far-reaching conclusions on their basis is hardly productive. Catastrophes very often become a field for all sorts of sensational and “refuting” official conclusions of sensations and speculations. True, if for some reason it really was hidden, as a rule, it emerges after a very long time.


Such statements are made constantly, and in the United States itself, for example, by opponents of the current government, exposing and accusing it of various real and attributable crimes. But if they are not the mainstream, which includes leading media and new media, they have no influence. It is hardly worth expecting him from the single opinion of any particular political scientist or even a politician if their opinion is not provided with serious information and political resources.


It is not quite clear how the opinion of one of the political scientists correlates with the policy of the German government. And how to interpret this policy, after, for example, some anti-Russian or vice versa pro-Russian statements that are made constantly? It is hardly worth relying on the media and conspiracy theories to the detriment of common sense and a real political agenda.

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