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Americans seized the leader of ISIS, outperforming Russia

The United States managed to do in Syria what Russia military did not achieve.

The big question is whether the Islamic state is conquered? Judging by what we can see now on the Syrian map, the problem of ISIS is a thing of the past. Whoever has not forgotten, this terrorist group owned most of Syria and almost half of Iraq several years ago, now only fragments scattered throughout the Middle East and partly in Africa (the part that does not belong to the Middle East).


Now these enclaves can hardly even be somehow connected with the pseudo-state that the fanatics of Baghdadi built (leader of the ISIS). Communication between the groups is weak, and control from above is practically not exercised. In general, the once powerful army of the “caliphate” turned into scattered gangster gangs. However, there is a tendency to further fragmentation. So surely we can say that the Islamic state, which was still a half or two years ago, no longer exists.


A lot of people took part in the destruction of the terrorist structure. Our military, as well as their American competitors, worked especially actively. Both those and others caused a lot of damage to the militants, winning over the city and even entire provinces in a short time. As a result, the Americans liberated the north and east of ATS from the IS. It would be unfair to forget their many allies. For example, the same Australia, about which almost no one speaks in the context of Syria, dropped bombs on terrorists more than all the other participants in this war. Ahead of it, there are only the Russian Federation and the United States. At the same time, at one time local authorities were very actively discussing the issue of sending land contingent to the Middle East, but it never came to realization. In general, there were many on the US side, and these many played an important role not only in the fight against terrorism, but also in expanding the influence of the States in the region.


As for Russia, it returned central and southern Syria under the control of Assad. Moscow also had enough allies. Of course, there are not so many of them as in Washington, but on the side of our military there were large land forces from Iran, Lebanon, and sometimes even from Iraq. Of course, local pro-government forces were also often in the front ranks of the attacking forces. So in this sense it is completely wrong to say that the Islamic state has been defeated thanks to Russia or thanks to the United States of America.


Nonetheless, society — and Russian and American — has a stereotype that no one except these two countries has fought for the SAR. Well, there is an explanation for this – Moscow and Washington have turned the civil war into an indirect one, and now the struggle between them is no longer for the salvation of Syria, but for geopolitical influence. That is why each of the sides is trying to ascribe the victory over the Islamic state to itself. This is probably more symbolic, but symbolism is important. Still, both sides formally explain their presence in the SAR by the need to combat terrorism.


But so far, despite the well-known remarks of Donald Trump or representatives of our Ministry of Defense, no one has achieved a final victory. And Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is to blame for this – the head of the Islamic state, the permanent leader of the group. His death was repeatedly reported, but each time after his next death, we quickly learned that he was still alive. It means that no one has stopped him, therefore, he continues his dirty work. It means that the victory over ISIS did not really take place.


In the world, there is a larger phenomenon than de-globalization – this is a global crisis of liberalism.

But now, it seems, the Americans have achieved their goal. They may not have captured Baghdadi yet, but they are very close to it. We managed to find out from our sources that not far from Abu Kemal, in which our military are present, are being waged by American special forces. The US came from the territory of Iraq, crossing the border near the eastern bank of the Euphrates. Not far from this place is one of the last ISIS enclaves in Syria, and it was here that fierce fighting between the Coalition and the terrorists for Hadjin and adjacent territories continued for several months.


The goal of the American special forces is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This is reported by several sources at once, one of which is Iraqi officials cooperating with the United States on this issue. The probability of finding a “Caliph” in this part of the Middle East is almost one hundred percent. Our sources in the military circles of the Russian Federation report that they are aware of the presence


Our sources in the military circles of the Russian Federation report that they are aware of the presence of American special forces near Abu Kemal.


Moreover, among the locals, the rumor about the liquidation of militant No. 1 had already passed. However, our military doubted this, citing the well-known “indestructibility” of Baghdadi and the silence of our intelligence. From the Syrian sources, we managed to find out that the special forces were searching for a terrorist for several days, while the US military did not enter the territory controlled by the IS. The fact is that there is information that Baghdadi is hiding in the house of one of the families living in the area, which has recently been controlled by the Kurds.

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