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Americans will not forgive Trump talking to Putin on equal terms

For what “American hawks” pecked their president?

Donald Trump, after the Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin, which managed to achieve a serious breakthrough on many issues … was the target of criticism in the United States. Even his yesterday’s allies took up arms against the president. In the absurd intricacies of American politics the Free Press tried to sort it out.

USA came from love to hatred.

“Russia once again entered the international arena as a strong player … We strive to build stable, meaningful, multifaceted relations with Russia based on mutual interest. The United States is interested in a strong, peaceful and prosperous Russia.

Bilateral relations between the US and Russia will be crucial for building broader cooperation in areas of mutual interest … And we will seek new trade and investment arrangements to improve the welfare of our peoples, “all this is enshrined in the US National Security Strategy, signed in May 2010 by President Barack Obama.

Obama, we recall, was elected from the Democratic Party. Today, Democrats in the United States brand the shame of the current president (a Republican) who dared to talk with him on an equal footing with Vladimir Putin.

The “shame” of Trump, according to his many critics (among them politicians, journalists, experts), was that he did not resist the pressure of Putin. For example, he took for granted his assurances that Russia did not interfere in the course of the presidential elections of 2016.

The topic of “Russian intervention” is perhaps the most sensitive for the American establishment. Meanwhile, Trump himself has long (and unsuccessfully!) sought US intelligence services to access the server of the National Committee of the Democratic Party, which was allegedly hacked during the campaign.

As a result of hacking, the internal correspondence of the party members became the property of the public. From it it became clear: the leadership of the Democrats tried to cheat with inner-party primaries. So that the candidate from the party is Hillary Clinton … and not the one whom ordinary party members will choose. Is it democratic? Of course not!

After the leakage of letters, the American press immediately began to cast a shadow over the fence, figuring out who had cracked the servers. Although it was necessary to yell about another – Clinton herself and other high-ranking party members undermine the foundations of American democracy.

Creator WikiLeaks Julian Assange denied every “Russian trace”. According to him, the documents were drained by one of the staff of the Democrats’ headquarters, the 27-year-old Seth Rich. Two days after the leak of secret letters, he was shot dead on the threshold of his house – not a single witness, much less suspect in this matter, is still not there. Which, naturally, leads to all kinds of conspiracy theories.

Why is the American press not ringing all this today ?! Its only “target” was its own president, who dared to question the hacking of the pre-election server “Russian hackers.” No, well, what a rascal!

American politicians after Trump’s meeting with Putin as soon as they did not “stamp” on the president. The fiercest critic was the deadly sick Senator John McCain, who has long and openly harbored hatred for Russia.

However, there were also lonesome voices of politicians who supported Trump. Say, Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul, who gave several interviews to various media outlets, and in them he repeated the same thing: instead of looking for “Russian hackers”, American society should be concerned with the democracy of elections. He also criticized the mythical might of the US special services, who are able to spy on every citizen – but are unable to protect the secret correspondence of the future president.

With the words of support for Trump, the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz also spoke. “The meeting in Helsinki is a signal that global challenges can only be resolved through dialogue. Expanding the cooperation of the two superpowers, Russia and the United States, is indispensable, “the Austrian leader wrote in his tweet. In his view, there are many points of contact – from nuclear disarmament to the peaceful resolution of the Syrian conflict.

The American press has degraded

On the reaction of the Western elite to the outcome of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, “Free Press” asked our permanent expert on geopolitics, a senior researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies Prof. Mikhail Roshchin

Now in the West there is such anti-Russian hysteria that any politician who tries to call his colleagues to common sense in relations with Russia (whether Labor leader Jeremy Corbin or the president Trump) turns out to be a kind of Chatsky.

As for Trump, then, I think, for his opponents in the United States, the main thing is still to prove Russia’s interference in the presidential elections. They do not want to believe that Trump could have won honestly, because his program was more positive than that of Clinton. Even the questions to Trump at the press conference in Helsinki from American journalists almost did not concern the progress of the talks and the issues that were discussed there. Everything is about the same presidential elections that took place in 2016, and what Trump thinks about Russia’s interference in them. In my opinion, such an approach testifies to the loss of a sense of reality by a significant part of the journalistic community of the United States. And this, of course, is sad. Indeed, the election history of 2016 still outshines everything! After reading a lot of American publications, I noticed that almost no one had covered the results of the talks on Syria and especially the fate of the Golan Heights. During the press conference after the summit, there was impression that the international problems did not worry American journalists at all. Trump actually achieved serious progress in understanding what to do together in Syria and how to achieve a relaxation of the situation on the Syrian-Israeli border in the Golan Heights. It is no coincidence that on the eve of the Helsinki summit Putin once again held talks in Moscow with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I am sure that both leaders managed to talk seriously about Iran:

I think the first concrete steps in Syria will be, firstly, the establishment of more strict control in the area of ​​the Syrian-Israeli border, and secondly, further strengthening of the interaction between our and the US military in the areas of possible contact in Syria. By the way, this interaction is actually going on for quite some time.

Before the Presidents meeting in Helsinki, Russia tried to “concretize nuclear parity” for Trump for his supposedly soft position regarding the Donbass and the Crimea. But even the adviser of the American president, John Bolton, during his recent visit to Moscow admitted that Russia and the US have diametrically different views on the Crimean question. Bolton for this statement, no one reproached in conciliation. Trump is not much concerned about the problem of Ukraine. For him it is (in general, just like Syria) – the negative legacy of Obama. By the way, Kiev understood this well, and Ukrainian media commented on the minimum the results of the Helsinki summit. But it is interesting that immediately after the meeting, Naftogaz changed its previously bellicose rhetoric towards Gazprom and made a conciliatory statement. And this is a direct proof that the summit has already yielded positive results. The Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz actively supported the outcome of the talks. He has long advocated a dialogue between Russia and the United States. But, alas, the older and more experienced European colleagues do not hear him. Why?

Kurtz is a young politician of the new generation, the youngest leader in Europe. He seems to have a more open and balanced approach to contemporary problems. And I am sure that leaders of this type will gradually appear in other European countries.

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