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An american springboard in Ukraine for an attack on Russia

Having lost the ability to deploy military bases in the Crimea, the Americans decided to settle in nearby Ochakovo.

Interest of USA to the Black Sea basin has always been viewed in Washington as an opportunity to get close to Russia at a distance of “direct shot”. The best option was the Crimea, where the US military planned to deploy its missiles and military airfields. Having lost such an opportunity, strategists from the Pentagon did not abandon plans to encircle Russia and are now actively established in Ukraine – not somewhere far near Lviv, but in Ochakovo and Nikolaev, close to the Crimea.


How Russian intelligence monitors this situation is unknown, but Chinese military experts are confident that the US Army has begun to modernize old bases in Ukraine. And, according to the publication of Sohu, a strategic base for an offensive against Russia will soon be created here. It is primarily about the city of Ochakov, or rather about the airfield located there and the proximity of the naval base. The meticulous Chinese found out that the specialists of the 133rd construction battalion of the United States Navy are working there on the reconstruction of the runway capable of receiving heavy bombers. At the same time, Chinese experts believe that an operational command center for the US Navy can be located at the bases in Ochakovo and Nikolaev. The choice of location is not accidental – it is determined by the close proximity to the Russian Crimea.


Plans for the United States in the Crimea were really very serious. Actually, the whole Maydan hype of 2014, promises with European integration, promises of Ukraine’s entry into NATO, were connected only with the Crimea. The Americans hoped to settle on the peninsula with one specific goal – to place their missile defense system here, and at the same time the Patriot air defense system, to control not only the airspace of southern Russia, but also block all launches of Russian ballistic missiles on a vast territory.


They did not hide their plans. US Vice President Joe Biden then explained to the American media why the United States does not recognize Crimea to Russia and insists on returning the peninsula to Ukraine: “The United States is interested in further developing cooperation with Ukraine, just as Ukrainians want to cooperate with the United States. The key interest for us is the Crimea, which was controlled by Kiev until 2014. This region could serve as an excellent military base for NATO and the US troops themselves. It is not a secret to anyone that Ukrainians want to join NATO and we are ready to meet Ukraine in the matter. But now this process is frozen due to a conflict with Russia. After the conflict is resolved and Kiev will resume control over all regions, we will begin a dialogue on further Western integration of Ukraine. ”


It is no coincidence that the Crimea is compared with an aircraft carrier — the territories of all countries of the Black Sea basin are controlled from the territory of the peninsula. Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia. Well, Russia now controls all this space by itself. However, if the Crimea did not return to the Russian shores, now star-striped flags could fly over it. It is no coincidence that the entire widely publicized project of the European missile defense system, which badly patted the nerves of our politicians and the military, was blown away like a soap bubble just after the restoration of the status quo in the Crimea.


By the way, even before 2014, Americans in the Crimea had already begun to create infrastructure for their navy. It all started with the repair of one of the Sevastopol schools by the American military. It was supposed to be reconstructed not for students, but for use as an engineering base for the US Navy. On the Resource page of the public procurement Federal Business Opportunity for a long time hung the announcement of this tender. In the attached document, the Americans described in detail the reconstruction of the building and attached plans, maps, photos of toilet bowls, and the roofs of the rooms. They did not even forget about toilets with tablets in English and Ukrainian languages ​​(by the way, the words “toilet” and “latrine” in Ukrainian are written in Russian, as opposed to the English “toilet” and “latrine”). It was also supposed to screw the board with the inscription: “The reconstruction of the school was made possible thanks to donations from the people of the USA to the people of Sevastopol with the support of the military cooperation department and the US embassy in Ukraine.” It, naturally, was not hanged.


  • The Americans prepared very seriously and thoroughly for entering Crimea, – said State Duma Deputy Dmitry Sablin.

– Even a year before the events on Independence in Kiev, they made an estimate for the repair of a number of buildings in Sevastopol and in Simferopol, where they planned to deploy staff and reconnaissance units. Military airfields and garrisons, which then belonged to Ukraine, they considered as their military facilities and even sent instructions for their conversion to NATO standards. The plans of the US military April 2014 was listed as the time of the beginning of the arrangement in the Crimea. It seemed to them that the issue had already been resolved. But all the cards were confused by the referendum, and on March 18, Crimea again became Russian, overseas guests were no longer expected. The Americans themselves later admitted that the Russians had outplayed them in all respects. It is likely that now in Ochakovo they are preparing to replace their failed Crimean dream – they are building a new military base.


The fact that the Americans were planning to create a powerful military base in the Crimea was spoken even by Western experts, who cannot be blamed for their friendliness towards Russia. And if we take into account the fact that in 2017 the term of the agreement with Ukraine on the lease of the Russian fleet of Sevastopol as a naval base expired, the United States would have complete domination of the Black Sea.


America now asks Tehran for permission to strike in a deserted desert, so as not to “lose face”

What could the Americans deploy in the Crimea? It is likely that intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) “Minuteman III” and ICBM “MX” are land-based. At the airfields – strategic bombers of two types (B-52H and B-2), as well as F-22 fighters and A-10 Thunderbolt attack planes. European non-strategic nuclear weapons could also find storage here. “Patriot” air defense missile system, capable of carrying nuclear warheads as well. And, of course, the Aegis missile defense system, which is considered to be the main one in countering the Russian ICBM – from such a short distance as in the Crimea, it could act much more efficiently.


NATO plans to deploy its bases in the Crimea were announced as early as the early 1990s. The Americans in every way “spud” Kiev involvement in joint exercises, both on land and at sea. And the Ukrainian military rushed to the maneuvers, where they were assigned a very mediocre role for suhpayki (packed launches) and pink toilet paper. They and the ports of Sevastopol and Theodosia were to let in American ships. In the plans of the United States, Crimea was already considered as an unsinkable aircraft carrier next to Russia. And they were going to fill it with weapons thoroughly. What can I say, if American officers inspected the then Ukrainian military facilities in the Crimea, as if in Florida or Miami? They even looked beach areas for the rest of their servicemen after the South Coast.


Now the US military are actively settling in Ochakovo. Unpleasant neighborhood, to say. It should be understood that the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy and the forces and facilities of the VKS, air defense and coastal defense located in the Crimea are ready for the arrival of American “guests”. Again, the Montreux Convention, according to which ships of countries that are not part of the Black Sea basin, can stay here for no more than 21 days.

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