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Asad surrounded the important US base in Syria

Scandalously known formation of the Coalition of At-Tanf will disappear

The Syrian province of Homs has long been a scene of fierce fighting between various armed forces in Syria. At the outset of the civil war, battles were fought between the opposition, which was still not really formed, and government forces. Then came the era of the Islamic state, which, having begun its campaign from the east, in a short time captured more than half of Syria.

After the intervention of the Americans and their allies, the situation did not change much, except for a couple of selected ISIS settlements in the province of Homs. A real breakthrough occurred with the arrival of Russian troops, and this fact is not disputed even in the West. Russia managed to recreate the practically destroyed Syrian army, and then start its victorious march to the east. As a result, Homs was quickly released, and almost nothing reminds of the presence of ISIS in this governorate. However, the terrorists continue to control a small area on the border with the province of Dair-ez-Zor. These victories seriously influenced the alignment of forces in almost all of Syria, but until now the presence of the American military base of El Tanf in the south of Homs remains unchanged.

The Coalition base of At-Tanf has long been famous for the fact that the States, together with their partners, trained militants here for the subsequent struggle against Damascus. Thousands of people have gone through this drill, then to give their lives in hopeless battles for them. All the groups formed here under the leadership of the Americans were defeated, so that this project of Washington can surely be called failed. Nevertheless, the base continues to function to this day. However, it is likely that soon it will cease to exist. The Syrian media are disseminating information about the active promotion of government and pro-government forces to the south of Homs, and now the American base is actually surrounded.

It’s hard to say whether anyone will dare to storm this place, but it’s hard to believe that Assad, who for so long did not allow himself anything against the Americans, will suddenly decide on the heroic expulsion of the invaders. But this does not mean that At-Tanf will still be liquidated.

Turkish expert Ender Imrek now sees the most suitable opportunity for such bases to disappear in Syria.

“The regime’s forces have long been trying to get close to this territory, and there used to be many cases when Hezbollah or other detachments were in the immediate vicinity of At-Tanf. But it always ended in failure. The US is applying excellent security measures, and monitoring of the perimeter of the monitored territory occurs not only inside the base itself, but also in the US. Any potential threat is destroyed, so all attempts to disturb this territory now look meaningless. Dozens of supporters of the regime died here.

No, there can be no question of storming. I mean those people who, during an expedition to the east, along with Hezbollah or other forces, got a bit out of their way. For example, such cases were during an operation to strengthen the forces that stormed the T-2 (pumping station in the southeast of Syria, for which several fierce battles were fought – the author). In such situations, there were always few survivors.

And how are things today? Is it possible that Assad will be able to somehow liquidate this base?

Assad does not have the resources to eliminate it. His army is now really close to At-Tanf, but it’s standing. The soldiers have been standing there for a long time, but no attempt was made to attack. Because it will be a suicidal operation. The US will not allow even an approximation, and Russia will never agree to support the regime in this matter – it will turn out to be a big problem for it. But now there really is a possibility that the base of At-Tanf will be closed. And it’s not about Assad and his people, but about the fact that the Americans simply found it unprofitable to keep it. It has lost its usefulness. In this part of Syria, such objects are completely useless – the territories are strictly distributed. They can be useful only in the long run, but as we know, the current US leadership prefers a quick result. So the probability of closing this base by order from Washington is high today.

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