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Assad soldiers captured Americans

Washington will not end the war in Syria until it releases its fighters

As a result of the Syrian war, many lives were killed. Hundreds of thousands of victims, millions of refugees. This also affected foreigners who, by the will of the powerful, were involved in this meat grinder. For example, many Russian citizens have disappeared in Syria, and no one even knows where the remains of many of them are. Someone helped the terrorists or the opposition, and someone spoke on the other side.


The same story is with the Americans. They came to the country as aggressors, of course, were greeted accordingly – no matter what anyone said, but most of the Syrian patriots take a negative view of the interventionists. And this was, perhaps, the main reason why Washington still cannot find many of those who were sent or left voluntarily to the SAR. Of course, there are many dead, but they are no longer so valuable that Uncle Sam was hard for them. Where people are more important or captured, or whose fate is still unknown.


The main claims for this part of the United States have to Damascus. Everything is simple here – Damascus captivated only those foreigners who supported the separatists or were simply hostile towards the local authorities. Unfortunately, the mentioned support was mainly in arms. So in this case, there is no treachery in the actions of the Syrian Arab Army – it simply eliminated another threat to its state. But for Washington, who often declares the illegitimacy of the Syrian regime, the situation looks somewhat different. According to him, Damascus commits crimes, keeping American citizens in captivity or in prison.


According to official statistics, there are currently less than a dozen of Americans in Syrian dungeons. One of them, by the way, at one time made a lot of noise. We speak about the journalist Austin Tays. It’s just that his profession and the goals of his trip to the SAR enabled the United States to launch another campaign against the “bloodthirsty” Assad. It does not work with the military, so the disappearance of a journalist was only on the hand of Washington propagandists.


But according to our information received from both Turkish and Russian sources, the total number of Americans who are in Syrian prisons is somewhat higher. The states do not disclose information about members of private military structures and volunteers. For example, we learned about the cases of the active joining of the Americans and Australians to the ranks of the Kurdish Popular Self-Defense Detachments even before Washington made the final decision to invade Syria. If we talk about Americans, they are mostly former soldiers who served in the past in Afghanistan or Iraq. Moreover, from the middle of 2000, similar processes took place and continue to take place in the north of Iraq – there the Yankees also cooperate with the Kurds, joining the Peshmerga.


As a result of the hostilities in 2012-2014, the Syrian military has repeatedly fought with multinational opposition brigades. In some cases, the detachments were led by the Americans. During this time, according to rough estimates, the Syrians have been able to capture and release the Americans more than twenty times. These are the only cases reported to us. And here the fact is that at that time, none of them had been held for a long time – Assad did not want any extra problems. This concerned not only Americans, but also citizens of other countries.


The situation changed after some time, when people from all over the world, including from the USA, began to flock to the ranks of the Islamic State.


According to our Turkish source, the majority of Americans who wanted to join the terrorists, arrived in the SAR through Turkey. Some of them were detained by local law enforcement officers, and then sent to the United States. But this did not greatly affect the mass character of the American reinforcements of ISIS.


And here the attitude of the Syrians to the armed Americans has changed a lot. Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain accurate information about the total number of American terrorists captured and killed by local military. We even tried to get information through the Czech Embassy in Syria, because it incidentally deals with US foreign policy issues here, but nothing happened. Our sources in the military circles of the Russian Federation and Turkey do not possess such information or hide it.

Federation, to solve the problems of the release of seven of its citizens. Certain agreements have already been reached – Russia is moving forward in this direction. It also discusses the transfer of terrorists from the US to the US military. Probably, the situation will soon be resolved, all parties of the conflict count on it.

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