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Avakov found a common language with the Donbass

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs breaks the state trend for Ukrainization

In Ukraine, an unexpected stir. Chief policeman Arsen Avakov unexpectedly advocated an easing for the inhabitants of Donbass and offered to return them to communicate the Russian language, restoring his regional status.

Actually, this status of the Russian language was fixed in 13 of 27 regions of Ukraine in 2012 by the law “On the foundations of the state language policy”. But after the February 2014 coup d’état, the Rada, on the initiative of the nationalists, voted to abolish it. Which, in the long run, in many ways provoked a wave of popular protests of residents of the eastern regions, which the new Ukrainian government, in fact, effectively deprived of the right to speak in their native language.

And now all Ukrainians are trying to turn into Galicians.

Four and a half years at the state level (and not only) the country is aggressively propagating hatred for everything Russian. To Russian literature – it is not published and is prohibited from being imported into the territory of Ukraine. To Russian music and songs, the audition of which is equated with “separatism” and threatens with SBU (Security Services) dungeons. To Russian films, which for the most part have long been banned. And to the Russian Orthodox Church, whose temples are burned and ruined, and parishioners are harassed and oppressed.

For the Russian speech today on Ukrainian central television channels offer to break the jaws. Or sent to prison for eight years, denied work and infringe on civil rights.

And here, this change of mood. One of the most odious representatives of the “war party”, the curator of Nazi punishers from Azov Avakov, who recently called for “sweeps” of the People’s Republics “Grads”, suddenly proposes to discuss the status of the Russian language in the Donbass as a regional on a temporary or permanent basis. True, this is served as an “acceptable compromise” for the Ukrainian society for a period, as the minister points out, “de-occupation” of areas beyond Kyiv’s control.

“Avakov’s statement should be considered in the context of future presidential elections in Ukraine,” said Eduard Popov, director of the Center for Information and Public Cooperation Europe. – There pre-election race has already begun, albeit unofficially. And Avakov, in my opinion, tries to just draw his attention with his statements.

And his statements are very different – from the fact that the Donbas can be “deokkupirovat” for two or three days by the forces of the police alone, before this – about the language. The question is, which audience does he want to like more? Internal, or the one that is currently running all the processes in Ukraine from across the ocean?

It’s no secret that Poroshenko in Washington has very bad promotions. And Avakov simply does everything possible to make a better impression on the hosts.

– And the language question, what role does it play here? After all, given the nationalistic sentiments in the country, it is not very credible that Avakov’s proposal will work for him in the “plus”. Yes, and the Donbas is unlikely to succumb to these promises …

– The main thing is that this proposal was to the heart of the Americans. For this, just Avakov and draws himself as such a wise politician who tries to choose the principle of the “golden mean”. In the eyes of overseas curators, he, as it were, makes an attempt to calm down the inhabitants of Donbass, so that they return to Ukraine.

That is, trying to appear before the Americans a more robust alternative to Peter Poroshenko, without risking anything at the same time.

Why? As far as we know, he is not his competitor, in contrast to the same Yulia Tymoshenko, who has already announced her presidential ambitions.

There is still time before the official start of the presidential race in Ukraine. And it’s dangerous to start before – you can attract attention and cause a flurry of criticism in your address. Therefore, Avakov can join the fight as close as possible to the time of the start of the election campaign.

Avakov also had a “puncture” – he, as we remember, insulted Trump when he was still a presidential candidate. But in the US it is now, rather, a plus than a minus. Therefore, in my opinion, he has a chance to view himself as the future head of the Ukrainian state.

That is, Avakov, is this “sleeping” candidate for president of Ukraine? You can say so. It’s possible.

But it is unlikely that he will be able to buy residents of the Donbass with his promises, let alone the inhabitants of the People’s Democratic Republic and the Czech Republic. Because there people perfectly understand that this is his promise, nothing more than a “carrot”. And what is behind it, also perfectly imagine.

A year ago in Lugansk I talked to one local resident. He said the following: “If Ukraine comes here, then everyone will be killed and” cleaned “, not just the supporters of the Lugansk Republic. For us, the return to the jurisdiction of Kiev, is death and expulsion from our native land. Therefore, we are both hands for the republic. “For its part, the politologist Alexander Asafov, with his upcoming elections, unites Avakov’s statement in the last place:” Despite the fact that all events and statements in the Ukrainian political space are now considered to be part of the pre-election race, I it seems that the essence of Avakov’s proposal is not in this. All his latest proposals are part of the so-called “De-occupation strategy of Donbass”, where he describes the steps that should be taken in areas beyond Kyiv’s control after the introduction of peacekeepers there. This is a whole military-ideological operation in his eyes. It is difficult for the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, let us say, to suspect in sympathy for the Russian language or its speakers, nevertheless, in the framework of his program this all logically enough fits. Avakov himself, as a not very good carrier of mov (he did not learn how to speak Ukrainian) apparently understands that if these plans are implemented and his “warriors of light” enter the Donbas, people there simply will not understand them. The communication medium will be absent. But they will need to bring certain ideologies and certain thoughts to make them, at last, at least a little Ukrainians. Again, communicate with prisoners, interrogate them. Therefore, as an interim measure, Avakov proposes, accordingly, to give the Russian language there some status. To be, so to speak, technical – communication – a tool for communicating with the local population. In this you can even see an advance – they say we will not kill you for the language, we will temporarily solve it. Does he seriously think that someone will allow him to carry out these plans on the territory of the republics? It does not matter. It thus strengthens certain political positions and is affirmed on the platform of the “hawk” – i.e. “Piles” to itself the foundation, which can be useful to him and in the electoral struggle. Of course, now Avakov does not look like a certain candidate in the run for the presidency, but it is obvious that he is working in this direction.

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