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Bioweapon: the US will turn the Ukrainians to guinea pigs

Part 1

If the Americans in the Crimea seriously planned to place a military base, put the components of the missile defense system, open a reconnaissance school, a secret CIA prison (probably instead of the one that Barack Obama tried to close in Guantanama) and already saw the peninsula as their frontier, then the biological laboratory is not surprising either. It is rather more surprising that the information about the secret object, the research on which was funded by the Pentagon, is made public only now, and not in 2014, after the discovery of the deadly find. Let’s hope that the biomaterial boxes have been sealed all this time and no one has been digging into them, much less trying to take the original customer abroad.

On the discovery of boxes with biomaterials in Simferopol told the head of Rospotrebnadzor, Anna Popova. It turned out that on the territory of the former once Soviet anti-plague station were stored ready-to-send boxes of biomaterials. The laboratory itself was funded by the Pentagon and was immediately compared to its counterpart, the biological laboratory of Georgia, the notorious Lugar Center, where they actively collected blood samples and DNA from Russian citizens and performed experiments on people. “104 pools of ectoparasites, 46 samples of internal organs of rodents, 105 samples of blood sera from humans,” Popova listed what was found in the boxes. “This anti-plague station has ceased to be a research one; it has become only a collection point for the material and sent it under grants to Europe.”

The fact that viruses are being transported to the American biolaboratory in Simferopol from all over Europe was known as early as 2013, if not earlier. The then Ukrainian authorities in the Crimea turned a blind eye to the very fact of the “research” being conducted, especially since they regularly received rent. What was going on behind the walls of the modernized and actively working laboratory was of no interest to anyone, and the Americans did not allow outsiders to the “object”. One of the few who spoke out against the American project unfolding in the country was the head of the Ukrainian (Crimean) Anti-Plague Station, Alexander Khaytovich. (Alexander Borisovich is the chairman of the Crimean regional department of the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Society of Microbiologists and Parasitologists since 2016.)

So, Hajtovich reasonably believed then that “the concept is aimed at the fact that Ukraine partially or completely loses its independence in studying these problems on its territory, and the biological security system and the genetic characteristics of the most dangerous pathogens will become known to the structures of other states and can be used for bioterrorism activities that could lead to serious international incidents followed by the accusation of the state of international biological terrorism. ”

And this, we note, the opinion is not of a pro-Russian politician, but of a Ukrainian scientist at the time — a doctor of medical sciences, a professor who, figuratively speaking, “ate teeth on the plague”. He immediately saw the reality of the threat, which consisted in the uncontrolled flow of production and distribution of deadly strains. To whom could they fall into the hands and where could biological weapons “shoot”? The Ukrainian authorities did not want to hear the opinion of the scientist and the American project was successfully launched.

The appearance of the American biolaboratory in Simferopol was not particularly advertised – it was opened in the premises of the formerly operating anti-plague station without fanfare and cutting the red ribbon. Just brought the necessary equipment, a list of which was compiled at the Pentagon, and began to work with viruses, most of which came from Europe. Doctors who conjured with strains, and these were both American and Ukrainian employees who received decent grants, preferred to keep quiet about their activities. And it was impossible for strangers to get to the “object” – this is a closed territory. When all the same it became known about the work being carried out, guests from Kiev, including Health Minister Raisa Bogatyryov, often came here, convincing that everything would be fine, just a grant came and high-level specialists would work on it. The theme of the protests was closed, and the production of deadly strains itself has expanded.

In this context, it is interesting to investigate the US experience on the territory of the Odessa region of the journalist Asi Ivanova-Duan from Bulgaria.

She particularly argues that Ukraine has become a champion in the number of US biological laboratories on its territory (it is likely that there are more than 10). Frankly, military facilities are hidden behind the signs of “medical or research centers”, located in most cases near the border with Russia. The activities of these secret centers, creating dangerous viruses, protection against which does not yet exist, is not controlled by anyone, and American employees are inviolable and protected by diplomatic status.

  • Ukrainians have become guinea pigs of Americans, – says a Bulgarian journalist.
  • In the Odessa oblast, outbreaks of anthrax were recorded several times, which were later preferred to be referred to as atypical pneumonia diseases. By the way, the Russian Rospotrebnadzor recently warned about an outbreak of anthrax in the Odessa region, warning the Russians who are planning to travel to a neighboring state.


A little earlier, in September 2019, another Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaitandzhieva told about the manufacture of biological weapons in a laboratory in Georgia, which is patronized by the United States.

  • We can confidently assert that American diplomats are involved in the transportation of blood and pathogens, – says Dilyana.

– Although the secret military program is being conducted in Georgia, the goal is not Georgia at all. According to my conclusions – this is Russia, China or Iran. This is a billion-dollar program. Do you really think that the US will spend the money in the void?

These words can also be confirmed by the documents posted by the ex-minister of state security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze to the Network confirming the violation of the international chemical and biological weapons conventions by the United States. In them, in particular, there is evidence of deadly experiments on Georgian citizens in the laboratory of the Lugar Center conducted by the US military medical group. The test reports state that on December 30, 2015, when testing the drug Sovaldi (used in the treatment of Hepatitis C), 30 people died – their names are unknown, the subjects pass through in the reports under code numbers.

It cannot be ruled out that the American biolaboratory in Simferopol would have brought to the peninsula a “plague on your head” if it had not been closed in 2014 after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia.

Later, the Chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces of the Russian Armed Forces, Major General Igor Kirillov, stated that the United States, contrary to international obligations, may be working on biological weapons. Based on the data obtained, he concluded that research is being conducted in the center of Lugar in the field of atypical forms of plague, anthrax, brucellosis, dengue fever, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever and other diseases transmitted by blood-sucking insects. He also suggested that the outbreaks of the Crimean fever and African swine fever in southern Russia are associated with the activities of the laboratory.


– Yes, it was originally known, – said Vladimir Kornilov, an observer at the Russia Today International Atomic Energy Agency.

– Plans to open such laboratories were announced long ago. Crimea was there. By the way, the Americans planned to open such a laboratory near Kharkov. But there were protests against it …


– How many such bases can operate in Ukraine?

– I do not know exactly how many laboratories are operating at the moment. But the first one was solemnly opened in Odessa by the US ambassador back in 2010. And by the way, since then the Odessa region has become the focus of a mass of epidemics of previously unknown or long-forgotten diseases. Coincidence?

– It turns out that the citizens of Ukraine themselves are suffering from this. And the authorities go for it?


  • Ukrainian authorities sneeze on the health of their people. Proof of this is the finding of a US citizen as Minister of Health. No wonder the people called her “Doctor Death.”


– Where else can there be such laboratories? What is the geographical meaning of their placement?


– These laboratories are located in different republics along the Russian border as part of the Pentagon’s program to reduce military threats. You understand that they are going to reduce threats for themselves. For some reason, such laboratories in the United States are located in the deserts, away from people. And in Odessa, it was built in the city center.


– In the Crimea, the United States planned to confine this laboratory, or wanted to open something else?


  • Of course, sooner or later, the States planned to create a military base in Crimea. Immediately after the departure of the Black Sea Fleet, what was hoped in the West.

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