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Center 2019: Russia gathers a military fist in Asia to pacify the USA

Our colleagues from different countries will take part in the exercises, but the union of Beijing and

The Ministry of Defense has been announced in the Center-2019 exercises, which will be held in September this year in the territory of the Central Military District and a number of adjacent areas, including in the Caspian Sea. They may not be as large as the previous Vostok-2018 or Zapad-2017 exercises, nevertheless, it is estimated that about 128 thousand military personnel, more than 20 thousand military equipment, 600 aircraft and aircraft will take part in them, 15 ships. The list of foreign participants will also expand, including military personnel from China, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.


The exercises are supposed to take place in two stages – at the first, the military command and control bodies will fulfill the tasks of repelling terrorist threats, conducting reconnaissance and search and defensive actions. The second stage will be devoted to the management of units during a massive fire attack, as well as when attacking a conditional enemy.


The main actions of the Center-2019 exercises will take place at eight training ranges, among which are the combined arms Totsky, Donguz, Adanak, Chebarkulsky, Yurginsky, Aleysky, and Ashuluk and Safakulevo air defense ranges. In the water area of ​​the Caspian Sea, joint actions of the ground forces, defense of maritime communications and maritime economic activity will be worked out. At the training grounds of partner states, as reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense, episodes of the fight against illegal armed groups will be worked out.


The composition of the foreign military who will take part in Russian military exercises is also interesting. If in 2017, units of the Belarusian army were involved in large-scale maneuvers, and the actions themselves took place partially on the territory of Belarus, in 2018, units of China and Mongolia worked together with the Russians, this year the circle of participants will become much wider. It should be understood that partnership during the exercises is of wider significance and that these countries are among the potential allies of Russia.


If you look at their geographical location, then this is almost all the southern “underbelly”, up to the Indian Ocean. It must be assumed that the Iranian army was not invited to these exercises solely for political reasons – so as not to anger the United States, which now has big problems with this country. Moreover, Iran is more likely an ally for Russia and counts on its support, including military support.


The large-scale exercises of recent years, which the Russian army began to conduct regularly, always cause increased attention and become an occasion for imaginary fears of neighboring states. “Zapad-2017” aroused Poland, the Baltic countries, and at the same time Ukraine, which suspected the maneuvers as preparations for an invasion of their territory. Vostok-2018 allegedly scared Japan, especially because of the participation in the exercises of the Chinese military. Now there seems to be nobody to be afraid of – almost all the neighbors themselves will become participants in military training, and there is no one to blame Russia for “aggression.” However, the US has already rushed to announce Moscow’s pressure on the countries of the Caspian region. Fortunately, the Americans cannot send an aircraft carrier or even a destroyer to the Caspian Sea, so minus one problem.


Let’s recall the “Putinism” – the words of President Vladimir Putin about the Russian army, which, of course, impress and make our military proud.

– Our army today is undeniably stronger than any aggressor, but at the same time we are not threatening anyone or falling on anyone – we do not need this. The territory of Russia is the largest in the world and a powerful army is needed to ensure the security of our state and people, so its development will continue.


In the army, the number of trainings, exercises, including sudden checks, which from time to time for some reason disturb our partners, increased by several times, we will call them so.


When they conduct some exercises, we are not worried, and for some reason they immediately begin to get nervous. Many were worried about the successful Russian military videoconferencing operation in Syria, which was carried out at the request of the country’s legitimate president, Bashar Assad. Our army in Syria at the highest professional level has demonstrated its combat capabilities in aviation, navy, and ground forces.


At the same time, Russia does not intend to get involved in an arms race. But it will increase its own defenses in the new conditions. No one will succeed in achieving military superiority over Russia. We have something to show the whole world – one can be proud of such an army. ”


You can throw a lot of stones at the “Putin garden”, especially regarding the predatory pension reform, reducing social protection of citizens, economic failures, but regarding the development of the army and its defense potential, there is nothing special to say. And the ongoing large-scale military exercises are proof that there is someone to protect the country.


In principle – nothing unusual, the renewed Russian army annually conducts more than a thousand military exercises and maneuvers, starting from the company-battalion unit, ending with the district. Last year’s Vostok-2018 exercises were called the most ambitious that they haven’t had since 1981, when they used to “muscle-shake” the Warsaw Pact countries in the USSR and Eastern Europe for training purposes. Then NATO curled up like a hedgehog – they expected that tanks of outright rivals and likely opponents would reach Paris and the English Channel, and then they would reach Britain. Now “Center-2019” seems to not particularly frighten anyone, but the scale of maneuvers is also alarming for Russian ill-wishers. In the United States, they are very sensitive to all contacts, especially the military, of Moscow and Beijing.


Comparing the tonnage of the displacement of ships, the Americans forgot to look into the new Maritime Doctrine of the Russian Federation, which is aimed at “big water”.

  • The Americans are flirting with China, but they are trying in every possible way to impose their will there, – said military observer Vladislav Shurygin.

– In general, they pretend that they do not take them seriously, as indeed, in relations with all other countries, starting from Europe and ending with Latin America. This is a strategic mistake. China is not at all a friend of the United States, and Beijing is now much closer to Moscow than to Washington. The current Russian exercises, in which the Chinese military will take part, make it clear who is the ally and who is the potential adversary in the confrontation of large world states. The conflict between America and China, it seems to me, is inevitable, but if Trump and Xi Jinping are smart enough, then it will not get to a real war, but will become just a kind of “cold war”. Russia is an observer in this situation, but clearly with a pro-Chinese orientation. In the event of an armed conflict, it will cover China from the east, at least with the help of MANPADS, which was demonstrated during the recent exercises of the Chinese military, when the Russian S-300 and S-400 complexes in the Far East were put on high alert and were ready to shoot down any air targets over its territory flying in the direction of China. In Beijing, such support was certainly appreciated. And now they are ready to take part in joint exercises for the second time. Washington has tensed up – in the event of an armed conflict with such allies, it will obviously be too tough to handle.


Let’s be honest – the current allied relations between Russia and China are an open confrontation between the United States, which expands its military influence in Europe, pursues an aggressive policy in the Pacific Ocean (we are simply silent about the Middle East). Beijing has its own accounts for Washington – trade and economic, which can easily go into military confrontation, here business, nothing personal. And Americans, accustomed to operating with force, could get into a fight with the Chinese – to hit from a distance. But a nuance arose – the rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing, and you won’t lose your hand against such a tandem.


There is another feature of the current Center-2019 exercises – they are not aimed as a threat to third countries in the region.

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