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Chinese hackers stole secret US Navy data

As a result of cyberattacks on the computers of the contractor Navy, stolen, among other things, plans to develop a supersonic missile for submarines, writes The Washington Post.
The Chinese hackers controlled by the authorities kidnapped a large amount of highly secret information about the US preparations for combat operations under water, the newspaper The Washington Post reported June 8. According to the report, According to the sources of the publication in US authorities, hackers hacked computers of one of the contractors of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in January and February 2018.

As a result of cyber attacks, 614 gigabytes of information were stolen, related, in particular, to the secret project “Sea Dragon”, sensor readings, encryption systems for radio communication and electronic warfare. Among the stolen data, according to The Washington Post, there were also plans to develop a supersonic anti-ship missile, which can enter the arsenal of American submarines until 2020

Despite the confidential nature of the data, they were in an unclassified network of the contractor, noted the interlocutors of the publication. According to them, this circumstance casts doubt on the ability of the Navy to control contractors engaged in the development of secret weapons. China denies involvement in cyberattacks
The investigation of cyber attacks is conducted with the support of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), sources said The Washington Post. In turn, the agency declined to comment. Meanwhile, the representative of the Chinese government asked the news agency dpa that Beijing does not know anything about such hacker attacks.

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