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Deal with Putin

сan the Americans withdraw troops from Syria?

President of the United States Donald Trump intends to discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin the withdrawal of US troops from Syria at a meeting in Helsinki. This is reported by CNN, citing sources.

According to the channel, Trump is ready to withdraw US troops and pro-American associations from southwestern Syria, if Russia closes Iran’s access to these areas. As noted, Trump believes that the US military should leave Syria as soon as possible, so he is ready to give the south-western areas under the control of the government forces of the SAR.

It should be noted that it has been known for a long time about the desire of Trump to withdraw troops from Syria. “We pushed the IS [terrorist organization” Islamic State “]. We will leave Syria, probably very soon, “Trump said during a speech in Richfield, Ohio, on March 30.

At the same time, the head of the White House stressed that he was going to do it after the IS was completely destroyed.

The subject of a possible withdrawal of US military from Syria was raised earlier in private Trump talks with advisers, Reuters reports citing two anonymous sources from the presidential administration.

According to the Pentagon, at the moment there are about 2,000 US servicemen in Syria. This is less than in a number of other countries in the Middle East. For example, according to Pentagon data for September 2017, the largest contingent of the United States is located in Afghanistan, where 15 298 military and 1 202 civilian employees of the Defense Ministry are deployed, 8892 soldiers serve in Iraq. According to the US National Security Strategy, the US Army is called upon to maintain a balance of power and ensure the security of America and its allies against possible terrorist attacks in the Middle East region.

Most of the US military is concentrated in the south-west of Syria, where the de-escalation zone is located. The problem is that these territories are controlled by the “Syrian opposition”, supported by the United States. The official Damascus seeks to regain control over these territories.

The State Department warns that any military actions by the Syrian government against the southwestern zone of de-escalation may lead to an expansion of the conflict.

However, just a week ago in the United States they said that the responsibility for escalating the conflict in the south-west of the country lies entirely on Russia.

Such a statement was made by the permanent representative of the American side to the UN Nikki Haley. She also stressed that Russia should help to end the “violation of the Syrian regime by a truce in the south-west of Syria.”

According to Haley, Syria has stepped up military operations in the region. It is a de-escalation zone created by Jordan, the United States and Russia. “We expect that Russia will use its influence to stop violations and further destabilizing actions on the part of the Syrian regime in the south-west and across the country,” said Haley. She also added that UN data indicate the deaths and displacement of over 11,000 people due to the recent operations conducted by Syria.

It is not known whether the alleged deal in Syria is the same concession the White House expects from the Kremlin – previously Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke about this.

According to him, Trump regards Moscow’s return to the international community as “inevitable,” and “concessions” on its part can allow it to join the G7. The Secretary of State was not able to say which steps are expected from Russia, but stressed that Trump still considers “illegal” the entry of Crimea into the Russian Federation in 2014, which led to the expulsion of the country from the club.

Trump himself expressed the hope that his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin would reduce tensions in relations between the two countries.

This was said by the representative of the White House, Lindsay Waters, stressing that Trump believes that the meeting with Putin will lead to constructive interaction. She also noted that Trump wants to meet with Putin in the interests of US national security.

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