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Does Trump s impeachment threats to the Kremlin?

13 months before the next US presidential election, the Democratic Party announced the beginning of the impeachment procedure to Donald Trump. This was stated by Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. “The president should be responsible for his actions. No one is above the law, ”the politician said.


The reason for the removal from office of the American president was Trump’s alleged attempt to use the Ukrainian authorities to compromise his main rival in the upcoming elections – Joe Biden. In addition, Trump tried to hide these actions, Democrats assure.


Trump denies these allegations and considers what is happening “a total witch hunt.”

– They didn’t even see the transcript of the conversation, – he rebuked his opponents, referring to his conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, who blamed him. The White House later published this transcript. And by order of Trump.


Recall that the American media, followed by the Democrats, accuse Trump of trying to convince Zelensky of the need to start an investigation against Hunter Biden (son of Joe Biden), who worked with considerable personal benefit for himself in Ukraine, using his father’s official position. Zelensky, as follows from the transcript, agreed to do so.


Until recently, Biden Sr. was considered the main contender for Democrats in the presidential election. His rating was 50%, while Trump – 42%. However, after accusations against his son, the politician lost the lead to party colleague Senator Elizabeth Warren.


Thus, the impeachment of Trump pours water on the political mill of Joe Biden. It is not surprising that he strongly supported the beginning of this procedure, urging Trump to unveil a transcript of the conversation with Zelensky. Trump rival in the last election Hillary Clinton also rejoiced.


Since Biden was the curator of US foreign policy during the period of the exacerbation of the Ukrainian crisis and is in this respect a greater “hawk” than Trump, Russia, wishing to end the conflict in its interests, is preferred to re-elect the incumbent president for a new term.


In addition, Trump is a supporter of a certain isolation of the United States. He just delivered a speech at the UN, where he called on peoples and countries to abandon globalism in favor of nationalism. For Russia, aspiring and actively building a multipolar world, such a line of Washington is rather beneficial.


The consequences of the impeachment process to Trump could threaten our country with the words of the experts of the joint venture.


American political scientist, expert at the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Konstantin Blokhin believes that the goal of the Democrats is not to resign the American president, but to weaken his position before the upcoming elections.


– To begin the process of impeachment does not mean an opportunity to execute it to the end. In order to remove Trump from the political podium, you need to collect two-thirds of the support votes in the Senate. And the US Senate is now the Republicans. It is called the “trump party.” If they subscribe to this, it will become political suicide for them.


In addition, there is no real evidence of Trump’s guilt. If there were films during Watergate, now these are just fakes. Someone somewhere allegedly heard that Trump was pushing Zelensky. It should also be borne in mind that the impeachment procedure is extra long in time and lasts a year and a half. And this means that Trump will sit until his presidency.


– Why then all this started only now, and not earlier?

  • Most likely, in order to try to inflict image damage on Trump before the election. And this will increase the prospects of Joe Biden. Democrats mostly bet on him, considering Biden a political heavyweight. Although he is not the only one who is ready to challenge Trump. The impeachment initiators believe that it will not be easy for the Americans to vote for the president against whom such a procedure is announced.


– This seems to be a considerable reason. And so, according to polls, Biden beats Trump …


  • Yes, Biden is leading now. But Trump’s rating has always been low, as the media keep on attacking him and constantly scandals are being discussed. But when the hour of voting breaks out, when voters have to make a choice, Trump’s rating may change.


– One way or another, the process has begun … What do you think the United States will lead to?


– This may undermine the confidence of voters, citizens in the effectiveness of American institutions. The United States is already in a systemic crisis. Their military power, economic influence in the world, in the state apparatus, personnel leapfrogs, scandals, leaks, etc. are being reduced. But before all this worked as a coordinated clockwork.


Trump would have long been let down for impeachment if there was a consensus in American society about him. And he just isn’t there. There is a split. Plus, Trump himself strengthened his domestic political position: Muller’s report turned out to be a soap bubble, the president enlisted the support of the military-industrial complex, the influential pro-Israeli lobby, the Republican party itself and the strong over-party trend of the neoconservatives. Despite Bolton’s resignation in the Trump administration, many more of their representatives.


According to political analyst Alexander Asafov, Russia, in order to end the Ukrainian conflict in his interests, Trump as president of the United States is preferable to John Biden.


– The likelihood of impeachment is close to zero. Throughout the history of his presidency, this word sounds constantly. Now in the context of the investigation of the prosecutor Mueller, later in the context of the wall with Mexico, then in the context of refugee children from Honduras, etc. But there are no results.


Recall that eight previous attempts to bring the US president to impeachment ended in vain (Nixon resigned himself). Actually, the democrats themselves do not hide that they only want to try out this procedure.


– But the reason they chose for this is Ukraine, we Russians are not indifferent …

– Trump is going to use the factor of Ukraine in his election campaign. The conversation between the US President and Zelensky obviously contains materials against his main opponent, Joe Biden. Tightening this intrigue, Trump forces Congress to demand the publication of this transcript, drawing additional attention and excitement to the topic, rather than doing it himself.


But even regardless of Trump’s attitude to the Ukrainian dossier, it will sound loud in the upcoming election campaign. I think the whole format of the US-Ukrainian discussions will be asked by this. Trump will demand from Kiev the publication of information about Biden Jr.’s adventures in Ukraine and show that something is unclean there. I do not think that there is evidence of any serious corruption, but it will create a negative context in which Trump will simply drown his opponent.


– How important is the figure of the future US president for ending the conflict in Ukraine? Trump or Biden – does it really matter?

– Of course it is important. Despite the fact that Ukraine is used to put pressure on Russia, much depends on the president in this regard. So, the shadow manager of Ukraine Kolomoisky (although they deny this in Kiev) under Trump will be a non-grata person in the USA. There will be criminal cases against him. This will cause serious difficulties in relations between Kiev and Washington.


And perhaps then it will turn out to begin to agree. Now this opportunity is limited. The President of Ukraine has to listen to Americans on the one hand, and Kolomoisky on the other. This prevents him from wasting efforts on anything other than the inertial continuation of Poroshenko’s policy towards Russia. The new reality will create certain opportunities for us.

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