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Donald Trump called on Tehran to sign a new agreement on the nuclear program

The US president demands that Iran to let American experts to access the nuclear and military facilities.

The first of the sanction volleys on Tehran has been made. From a report on the website of the US Treasury, it follows that the US imposes restrictions on six people related to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and three companies related to the IRGC. The author of the plan “B” (as they call the sanctions in the White House) found news about them in Indiana, where Donald Trump went to mobilize supporters before the midterm elections to the Congress. However, the leader of the Republicans declares himself the winner today.

“I will meet with Kim Jong-un on June 12 in Singapore to ensure future peace and security for the whole world. Relations with the DPRK are very good, but remember how everyone in the fake news said that it would lead us to a nuclear war? Leads to a nuclear war that leads to other wars? ”  “I think that we will have a huge success, but if I do not, I will not get it if it does, but it will be done, but we need to hold a meeting because we do not enter into a new Iranian deal when John Kerry refused to leave the negotiating table, “Trump said.

To the inhabitants of the American backwoods, which is far more concerned with unemployment and wages than with the international situation, this is likely to impress, but neither Russia, nor China, nor Washington’s European allies (that is, all those who worked with the United States on Iran’s nuclear transaction) devoid of logic construction can not be reassured.

“President Trump believes in the world through force, and, coming out of the nuclear deal with Iran, he let the world understand that we will not enter into a deeply flawed agreement that will not achieve the goals,” said vice president Michael Pence.

A more explicit synonym for “peace through force” in American foreign policy in the last decade has generally been the expression “then we fly to you.” But the president of the United States, it seems, even likes to be a man without brakes.

“The important thing about getting ready for the meeting is Trump’s plans to be more insane than Kim Jong-un. That’s what Trump’s advisers mean when they say that the president’s strategy is his unpredictability.” Trump talks about people who are trying to analyze he does not really know what I’m going to do, he loves to watch journalists try to predict his actions, ” – said journalist Mike Allen.

A significant part of the president’s argument was that he said that Iran could not be trusted. Iran does not comply with the deal. And the IAEA said it was not. The head of the Pentagon, James Mattis, said at a congressional hearing that this was not the case. Is this a good reason in such a situation for the president to make such statements, which are refuted by his own defense minister and the IAEA?

“Well, I’ll let the defense minister answer the journalists’ questions himself, I’ll say this: the administration’s position is that the agreement on Iran was a serious mistake.” The president was right, “Mattis said.

“The IAEA is monitoring compliance with the deal, and they have far more observers at the scene than we do, but again, that’s not enough.” They do not have access to military facilities. “The president received relevant intelligence from the US intelligence.”

But why then did Britain, France, Germany and other allies in the region not support this decision? After all, if there is a threat, then this is a threat to all?

“I can not comment on what intelligence data in these countries, they decide to make public.” I can say that the president is fully aware of the situation in Iran. ”

In this, however, his domestic political opponents doubt.

“I think that the president made a mistake and our goal is to make sure that Iran never had nuclear weapons and take measures against their non-nuclear violations in cooperation with our European partners.

“Exit from the nuclear agreement isolates America, “he said.

But Trump continues to go to the gap with the speed of the clip, switching attention to another tweet.

For example, recently Trump wrote

«The five most wanted leaders of ISIS have just been captured!»

After explanations from the American Colonel Ryan Dillon, who writes in the same microblog on behalf of the leaders of the operation “Unshakable determination,” it became clear. In Iraq, five leaders of Islamists were actually captured. That means Trump has clearly exaggerated. There is no one with the surname of Al Baghdadi among the arrested.

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