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Donbass, without waiting for the mercy of Moscow, he goes to her

Republics of the DNR and the LNR begin the active phase of integration into the Russian Federation.

The process of integration of the Donetsk People’s Republic of the DPR with Russia has entered an active phase. This was announced on Monday, January 28, by Denis Pushilin, elected last November as head of the republic.

– Judging by the aggressive and negative rhetoric on the part of Kiev, the Donbass will move away from Kiev, respectively, approaching where we are going, – he stressed.

As an example of integration, Pushilin cited a number of planned events, including participation in exhibitions of companies from the DNR.

At the same time, according to him, it is too early to say that integration will be completed soon.

It is worth noting that all this time Donbass actually, in fact, integrated into Russia, starting from the synchronization of the legislative base, ending with the introduction of the Russian currency, the transition to Russian goods. And this is really, in many respects the merit of Ukraine, which all these years has done everything to prevent the return of Donbass from the blockade, to the education of hatred among the inhabitants of the region to itself. At the same time, the economic recovery of the republics takes place exclusively with the help of Russia.


What new phase of integration is Pushilin talking about? What will it be? And are there any limits to this integration? After all, the goal of Donbass residents in 2014 was to mark their entry into Russia, but in Moscow even today, despite the obvious inconsistency of the Minsk agreements, they continue to try to push the republic into Ukraine.

Recall in mid-January that the main possibility of overcoming the crisis is the implementation of the Minsk agreement, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. At the same time, he admitted that the conflict could be frozen for many decades, if the “party of war” remains in power in Kiev.


– Pushilin, as a new head of the DNR, thus formulates the agenda for his term, – said Igor Shatrov, deputy director of the National Institute for the Development of Modern Ideology.

– Before, in the period of active hostilities, it was not so much about integration, but about assistance to Donbas from Russia. Now there is an opportunity to engage in defense and economy. The task is to harmonize the economic processes in the Donbass and Russia. This is an objective necessity, because the republics will not be able to develop without foreign economic contacts, and relations with Ukraine are interrupted by the initiative of Kiev. Russia remains the only possible choice. Kiev itself pushes Donetsk and Lugansk into the hands of Moscow.

– What is the general integration with Russia? What is its ultimate goal?

– For Donbass, the goal is to join Russia. This was repeatedly stated both by the former and the current leadership of the republics. However, this is a very difficult decision for Moscow. It can only be taken in conjunction with a set of circumstances.

– Judging by the aggressive and negative rhetoric from Kiev, the Donbass will move away from Kiev, respectively, approaching where we are going, – said Pushilin. That is, the integration of the DPR with Russia is due solely to the behavior of Kiev? Otherwise it would not be?

  • Of course. Do not be aggressive behavior of Kiev, would not have happened and the war in the Donbass, would not have arisen DNR and LC. Donbass could be developed within Ukraine on the terms of a subject of the federation, a republic, autonomy with special rights.

– In Kiev, they understand that their behavior alienates the Donbass and speak directly about it. Why then continue?

– Paradoxically, Kiev is satisfied with the integration of Donbass and Russia. The devastated Donbass is not needed by the Kiev authorities. Ukraine will not be able to restore it. But at the same time, he cherishes hope afterwards with the help of the USA and Europe to return the already restored Donbass. However, the final separation of Donbass is also considered by Kiev as a convenient, promising scenario. This will continue to blame Russia. Also in Kiev, they expect that this option will allow infinitely long to receive funding from the West to protect the eastern border of Europe from “aggressive Russia”.

Norwegian Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen said that the possibility of starting a war in Europe “is no longer unthinkable.”

  • In Moscow, despite the obvious failure of Minsk, they continue to talk about its lack of alternative. – That is, about the need to return Donbass to Ukraine. At the same time, the Donbass is actually integrated with Russia by the efforts of Moscow itself. How does it fit?

– Moscow, for reasons of humanity, helps to restart the economy of the republics in order to remove them from the needle of humanitarian aid, making it self-sufficient economically. At the same time, Russia is aware that the Minsk Agreement is the only international document on the Donbass issue. But there are norms of international law, and there are real politics and economics. Unfortunately, very often these are parallel worlds. You can appeal to agreements for a long time, demand their implementation in a pure, distilled form, but people should live and work, eat here and now. Therefore, Russia on a daily basis and restores the economy of Donbass, without waiting for Ukraine, France and Germany to recall their obligations.

– Integration of Donbass with Russia has no alternatives, – the historian, publicist, permanent expert of the Izborsk club Alexander Dmitrievsky is convinced.

– This is due to the fact that the gap between the Donbass and Ukraine has acquired irreversible features for a long time. For example, in humanitarian terms, it occurred even in the summer and autumn of 2014, when Donetsk and Lugansk finally left the pro-Ukrainian intelligentsia. I will note that these people in the absolute majority of them are not going to come to Donbass even as guests, and even if he is again under the control of Ukraine!

In economic terms, the gap process lasted somewhat longer, until the beginning of 2017, when, as a result of the transport blockade unleashed by Bandera, the assets of the Ukrainian oligarchs were finally taken under control by the republics. In fact, now the republic of Donbass with Ukraine continues to be linked only by the problem of water transit, but sooner or later the gap will happen here. As for the rest, the miner has no contact points with Ukraine.

– Integration of the DNR with Russia is due solely to the behavior of Ukraine?

– Only this, and nothing else. It should be understood that the gap between the Donbass and Ukraine has become many times larger than the gap between Ukraine and the Crimea. Such an example: information about what is happening in the Donbass, on the territory of Ukraine almost comes through the Crimean media. Why not directly? Yes, because the Crimean Internet resources Ukraine so ruthlessly does not jam, as the same Donetsk and Lugansk. Or, for example, he was recently invited to one very prestigious scientific conference. So, during the feast, some of its Sevastopol participants, having, by the way, relatives with big stars on epaulets (namely with Russian five-pointed stars, and not with the recently introduced Ukrainian “cubes”!), Under the influence of the wine vapors revealed how they continue to maintain creative contacts with their Lviv and Kiev colleagues. And they go to them at scientific conferences and make presentations there. For comparison: now there can be no talk about any contacts between scientists of the republics of Donbass and Ukraine, and many researchers living in the DNR and of the LNR do not have any academic degrees or titles in Kiev. Oh, yes, I almost forgot: for a trip from Ukraine to the DNR or the LNR, you need a special permit issued by the Security Service of Ukraine, and for a trip to the Crimea you don’t need anything except a passport.

In other words, today the ties between Ukraine and the Donbass are at the level of private contacts. There is not even a direct transport connection with Ukraine, with the exception of half-legal cabbies on passenger cars. There can be no talk of any serious cooperation between businesses located on opposite sides of the demarcation line. The Ukrainian goods that fall on the Donetsk shelves come to us either through Belarus and Russia, or smuggling. Donetsk and Lugansk industry is now fully tied to Russian suppliers and Russian sales channels, gas comes from Russia, Donbass power plants are connected to the Russian power systems. Is there an alternative to Russia in such conditions? The question, I think, is rhetorical …



– How would you generally rate the level of integration of the DNR with Russia at the moment?

  • It is impossible to give any single assessment: in each sphere, the processes proceed differently. In the power block, for example, integration is almost one hundred percent: everything there has long been built according to Russian standards, Donetsk security officials from the Russian differ only in chevrons on the sleeves. Approximately the same level in the education system: in schools and universities – Russian programs, as well as Russian or local, but created according to Russian standards, textbooks. Culture and sport are fully integrated into the Russian space. Slightly slower is the transition to the Russian standards of medicine: the sphere is conservative, quick changes do not bring any benefit there. The slowest sphere in this respect remains jurisprudence: the change of the legislative base is an objectively long process.


– Donbass has something to show: despite the war, we managed to save a significant part of our production capacity, including even high technology. It is considered that Donbass is coal and metal, but this is not all. However, for example, even now, the DNR successfully exports a whole range of equipment for the mining industry through Russia. Another fact: in Donetsk, established its own assembly of buses and trams …

– What is the ultimate goal of this integration? Does this process have a final point?

  • The final point of this process is one – joining Russia. Donbass rebelled not for Ukraine without Nazism: Ukraine for Donbass is a foreign world, and only the Ukrainian people should choose to live with Nazism or without it. Donbass rebelled for reunification with Russia, and they are not going to turn off from this path!

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