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Edward Limonov: Performance on the border between the Koreas

What did the meeting of two presidents really mean?

They shook the world. And it was very cheap. For several seconds Trump’s shoes stepped onto North Korea and for several minutes Trump’s shoes were on the plates of the demilitarized zone.


Then for about half an hour Trump and Jong-Un stayed in the demilitarized zone in the South Korean sector and seemed to be talking. Behind their backs, prepared in advance, the state flags of the United States and North Korea were draped on the wall. North Korea on the territory of South Korea – a hostile Northern state !!!


However, Trump and Un were already the number one news in world news, so these half-hour “talks” did not add anything. Unless it was a distracting maneuver, to tell the philistines of the whole world that there was not only a performance, but they were “talking to each other”.


– I am glad to see you again, – Un told Trump at the meeting. Just not adding as a prefix “Dad”!


And later, explaining himself and what had happened, UN said: “We have excellent relations with the US President. Do not be them, I do not think that we could agree on this meeting in just one day. I would like to use these strong relationships to create even more good and unexpected news for all. ”


Trump, in turn, argues that the meeting was prepared for several months, but an invitation from Un to set foot on North Korean land, he, Trump, expected, but was not sure that Un would invite him to set foot. Somewhere I lost a quote where Trump speaks out, what I expected, you forgive me, and believe me.


Trump promised a NEWS occur.

  • We will go to the demilitarized zone tomorrow, for a couple of minutes, to shake hands and say hello.

And Un spoke directly with the text “create news”, I quoted him about the news a little higher. Well, Un will be the simple pne of these two, because truth flew from his tongue.


After what happened yesterday, Trump dropped it: “It was a beautiful day.” “This is very legendary, no one expected it.”


Indeed, it was legendary, all the headlines of the world media mentioned exactly this – an unprecedented thing – the American president in American shoes stepped onto North Korean land.


The last touch added, most likely, the ingenious Jared Kushner – the husband of Trump’s daughter Ivanka, he was yesterday in Trump’s retinue along with Ivanka, and the state secretary of Pompeo. It is unlikely that such a clever trick with a few steps of American shoes carrying the carcass of the American president on North Korean soil was invented by the Pompeo. Rather, it was Kushner is.


In February, Un and Trump did not agree, did not agree, you all remember how Un escaped from Vietnam, shaking with anger.


Trump brazenly hit him in Vietnam, typically American painful admission, trying to immediately put Un on his knees, disarm and subdue. Americans always bump at first with all the power and uncompromisingly, if the counterpart is not bent, then they begin to negotiate. Believe me, I have lived with them for just under six years.

At that time, UN became indignant and used the means of intimidation available to him, namely, he jerked on an armored train to Russia (I wanted to write “to the Soviet Union”, since the gesture of UN was absolutely traditionally North Korean — that was what his dad and grandfather did).


Trump accepted the signal, it was clear that he would not achieve the denuclearization of North Korea from such a low, stubborn burger, therefore, I suppose, he suggested that I should pretend that they agree.

So they agreed to arrange this performance?

In my opinion, – YES.


Un, however, said in plain text “to create good news.” He did not say that they are aiming at “agreeing on the conditions for North Korea to join the family of countries possessing nuclear weapons.” No, he did not say so.


Here they go on the plates of the demilitarized zone, between the military barracks, the old Trump and the young Un. One is tall and prenatal, this is Trump, the other is prenatal, but not high, this is Un.


If we forget about the indisputable fact that they are presidents, they look like comic book characters, so grotesquely they are exaggerated by their nature.


Un has the face of a boy from a rich family, capricious, self-righteous, and, well, cruel, I once observed young Japanese hipsters in the Paris fashionable cafe “Flor” in the eighties. They drank French champagne from the cap of one of them. He looked very similar to the Korean Un those young Japanese whose cap it was. And this cap from which they drank champagne was quite deep.


As for Trump, he is a caricature billionaire of the American epic, “dirty-rich,” a lover of tall, busty blond, scabrous vulgarity. (Well, what to do, he has such an appearance, especially those of his lips, folding and the extra grimaces and winks that he allows himself to be very often.


Now there is no need to start wars (wars have that unpleasant side circumstance – the coffins covered with the American star-striped flag will arrive in the American hinterland and the inhabitants of one-store America will not vote for the candidate Trump), otherwise they would unleash the war …


Instead of starting a war with North Korea, and judging by the information we have from North Korea, such a war will surely be a long and bloody one, so it’s cheaper to arrange a play.


Walk for a few seconds on the North Korean plates, on the plates of the demilitarized zone for three minutes (the journalists all jealously counted, apparently with chronometers). However, this performance is a hoax.


But deception is deception, even if done with the best of intentions.

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