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Europe saw fascism in Ukraine

The scandal around the antics of “Svidomo” thugs in Rome is changing the attitude of the West to the Ukraine. Part 2

Did Nishchuk answer for his public insult to millions of Ukrainian citizens? Not at all.

Even the organizational conclusions did not follow – both just sit in his chair. Although in any civilized country an official after such maxims would instantly fly out of the office chair with a “wolf ticket.” Larisa Nitsoy and Irina Fahrion appear on Ukrainian TV channels almost every day. The theses publicly proclaimed by them, as for me, more than a dozen times should have been the basis for a criminal case under art. 161: “1. Intentional actions aimed at inciting national, racial or religious hostility and hatred, at humiliating national honor and dignity or insulting citizens’ feelings due to their religious beliefs, as well as directly or indirectly restricting rights or establishing direct or indirect privileges of citizens based on race, color of skin, political, religious and other beliefs, gender, ethnic and social origin, property status, place of residence, on linguistic or other grounds – shall be punished a fine of up to fifty non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens or correctional labor for up to two years, or restriction of liberty for up to five years, with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to three years or without one.

  • Language discrimination and the ethnic principle expressly is prohibited by Part 2 of Art. 24 of the Constitution of Ukraine: “There can be no privileges or restrictions on grounds of race, color, political, religious and other beliefs, gender, ethnic and social origin, property status, place of residence, language or other grounds.” But the above does not interfere with Mrs. Fahrion regularly publicly urge: “Social lift will help. Do not give education and work! Chirp instantly. And do not respond to the Russian language. It must be incomprehensible in Ukraine. Then they will start talking.

Or a recent passage by Oleg Barna’s BPP deputy on the“ Pryazhaya ”TV channel about Russians: “It’s hard to call them people, because this is a settlement without a history. As my grandfather said, this is not a people, but bastards of the Tatar-Mongolian hodgepodge. This refers to a settlement – a people without history, without faith, who constantly stole from someone. ”While there are millions of people in Ukraine from among the representatives of the very“ non-people ”-“ bastards of the Tatar-Mongolian jumble ”, the so-called law enforcement system of Ukraine found nothing seditious in the words of Barna. He was not expelled from the BPP faction either — therefore, they were in solidarity with the cited ones. By the way, the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting, so meticulous in other situations, didn’t have any complaints about the Pryamoy TV channel because of Barna’s statements. This, for example, was announced in June of this year. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov at the Formula of Ukraine’s Security Forum in Kiev: “But we must impose a moratorium of 3-5 years on elections in the occupied territories to the central government … We need to calm this society down a bit, allow the new civil institutions to settle down , normal discussions, the press, and then calmly hold elections.

– Is this a call for anti-constitutional discrimination at least on the basis of «on the grounds of political … and other beliefs … of place of residence» ? Nobody even chided the Minister for his, to put it mildly, odious proposals. Like many others who voiced the same ideas. In the summer of this year, the former consul of Ukraine in Hamburg, Vasily Marushchynets, burned up on anti-Semitism. While his Nazi writings on social networks were seen by many fellow diplomats, Marushchynets worked without problems in the diplomatic field — until blogger Anatoly Shary brought it to light and until there was an international scandal. Only after that they noticed in Kiev, expressed a conviction on duty and recalled Marushchynets. And that’s all. No criminal case. Moreover, not so long ago Marushchynets expressed his intention to run for the presidency of Ukraine – if he collected the necessary amount for the pledge: “They decided to“ shake old times ”and save the state and the people – literally, and not by chatter or flash mobs. If such a decision is made and if this decision supports our great UKRAINIAN people, on the altar of the Great Victory of which he laid his entire adult life. So far, dear friends, I am deep in thought, ashamed of my poverty. ” For Marushchynets it is like water off a duck’s back. Save the Ukrainian people gathered! All because the power did not strike a finger to save the Ukrainian people from the like of Marushchynets.  Recently the social networks attention was caused by the videos of Hieromonk of Ukraine Orthodox Church Bogdan Kostyuk with the propaganda of Hitler’s speeches. An annotation to one of the videos suggested finding out the “strengths of the Hitler-orator.” Kostyuk himself replied to angry comments that, he says, he was trying to understand history without ideological overlays. Videos with Hitler, however, were deleted. But the main thing: Bogdan Kostiuk serves as a “chaplain” in the military unit of the 3056 NSU and together with the fighters from this unit is engaged in the patriotic education of youth. Needless to say, what is this “patriotic education of youth” in the speeches of Hitler? .. Such examples can be cited for a long time. And after that, we want to prevent national extremist manifestations? It is ridiculous to demand that a drunk person behave decently, do not use bad language, do not make trouble, do not fight – if you buy him alcohol and you actively drink. Similarly, after pumping the population of quite a certain sense, ideology should not expect that Ukrainians will behave like residents of civilized Europe (where Ukraine is supposedly so eager and in whose eyes it is afraid to drop its reputation), where such antics are strictly suppressed, and politicians who have allowed imagine even a hint of xenophobia, forever becoming unshakeable. And the last. What happened in the Roman metro, as well as what happens in the information space of Ukraine, is the “new life” that Poroshenko brought to the country. He – as the guarantor of the execution of the Constitution and laws, as well as the rights and freedoms of citizens – is primarily responsible. It was he who by his action or inaction led to the establishment of an atmosphere of hatred and intolerance in the country. In this sense, during the reign of the current “guarantor”, Ukraine not only did not approach, but became significantly farther from Europe.

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