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Europe saw fascism in Ukraine

The scandal around the antics of “Svidomo” thugs in Rome is changing the attitude of the West to the Ukraine. Part 1

The other day, Italian Carabinieri detained two Ukrainians who attacked an Indian in the Rome metro station and tried to rob him. By itself, the case would not have caused much resonance – a lot of crimes of a similar sense are being committed in Italy, writes columnist of the Ukrainian weekly “2000” Sergey Lozunko. However, the attackers at the time of the offense shouted fascist and racist slogans. They boasted of their belonging to the fascists and even substantiated by this (with their fascist views) their right to beat and rob a person of the “wrong” nationality.

Leading Italian media spread a video in which two guys, cursing in Ukrainian, cling to one of the subway passengers, trying to take away his bag. One of them shouts loudly: “I am a fascist! And you came from Bangladesh. I’ll hit you right now … Go outside, you, … “.

The incident occurred on November 1 at about 9:30 pm on the Rome-Lido railway line. The attackers, who were drunk, were detained by Ostia Carabinieri right at the station. It turned out that they were immigrants from Ukraine, 23 years old, now live in one of the districts of Rome. One of the men had already come to the attention of law enforcement officers.

Immediately it should be noted that not all Ukrainians living in Italy behave like that fascist. And even in this incident, a 57-year-old Ukrainian woman named Galina, who was trying to intercede for the Indian, suffered at the hands of these two fascists. She received a blow to the head, the video shows that her face is bloody. Galina has been living in Ostia for several years, returning from work in Rome by subway. Her testimony played an important role in the investigation. “I understood what they were saying. It was something like “I am a fascist, and you came from Bangladesh. I will hit you now, ”she told the Corriere della Sera.

In Italy, this case has caused a tremendous resonance – they talk about it on central TV channels and discuss it in the leading print media.

The scandal turned out so loud that even the Ukrainian ambassador to Italy, Yevgeny Perelygin, was forced to respond publicly, explaining to the Ukrainian public the seriousness of the situation, which caused great damage to the country’s image: and further legal assessment will be provided for the actions, including with exclamations of the participants of the fight in the car of the Roman metro. At the same time, it is already possible to state now that the nature and content of the discussion in the Italian segment of social networks of an attack in the Roman metro testifies to the enormous harm to our country’s image from such actions.

It should be noted that many commentators do not focus on the incident itself in the Roman subway, but raise the question about the trend towards an increase in manifestations of extremism, racism and intolerance within Ukraine. At the same time, examples of corresponding exclamations, gestures and attributes during mass demonstrations in Ukraine, attacks on political opponents or those belonging to various minorities are given.

In this regard, prompt and effective suppression by law enforcement agencies and condemnation of any manifestations of extremism and intolerance in Ukraine is the key to effectively combating any provocative actions and attempts to present particular cases as an established practice or irreversible trend. ”

As you can see, this is not the mythical Russian propaganda that disseminates information about the growth of extremism in Ukraine and the frequent use of a quite definite sense of “cries, gestures and paraphernalia during mass demonstrations”. This is the opinion that has developed about Ukraine in one of the largest countries of the European Union – Italy. And the fact that it has a foundation is recognized by the Ukrainian Ambassador, Mr. Perelygin.

True, Yevgeny Perelygin could not help but repeat the theses of the current regime and its media services on “provocative actions” and “special cases” (from the category “if someone has a place in our place sometimes …”). But who in the Roman subway provoked two scumbags to attack an Indian, but to introduce themselves as fascists? Really the Kremlin? On the other hand, if such situations were rare, really “special cases”, they would not have discussed in the Italian media what Perelygin himself wrote about — far from being isolated and far from private “examples of corresponding exclamations, gestures and attributes during mass demonstrations in Ukraine, attacks on political opponents or those belonging to various minorities. ”

It is this kind of position, when the authorities try to justify the extremist manifestations in Ukraine by “Russian provocations” (along with, of course, with complete impunity), and leads

to relapse – they, as we see, are increasingly becoming transboundary in nature. The problem of the growth of national extremism is not eradicated, but is obscured, shifted to external factors. Of course, one can only agree with the Ukrainian ambassador in Italy on the need for law enforcement agencies to suppress any manifestations of extremism and intolerance in Ukraine. However, this is clearly not enough. After all, extremist manifestations, physical violence are a consequence, external manifestations of the disease. As Professor Preobrazhensky used to say in “Dog’s Heart”, the disruption is primarily in the minds. Therefore, it is necessary to start treating this disease with a struggle for the minds. Alas, in Ukraine, not only did they not begin treatment, but they did not even make a diagnosis (the causes of extremist manifestations are usually attributed not to internal factors, but to external factors – to “Kremlin provocations”). Moreover, the infection of the minds by national extremism continues actively – without any adequate response from the authorities. “At the beginning was the Word …” As stated in the very first line of the Gospel of John, “At the beginning was the Word …”. And Ukrainian national extremism, already emerging on an international level, grows out of those words that are regularly heard from television screens, and from the mouths of very famous and often high-ranking people. And these are words that you can argue with the great Fyodor Tyutchev, who wrote: “ We are not given to predict, / How our word will respond. ” In the case of forcing the atmosphere of hatred, it is easy to predict. Let’s recall the ranting of the musician Oleg Skrypka about those who do not speak Ukrainian, whom he proposed to drive into the ghetto: “I realize this around myself – I communicate with the best Ukrainians, I take on work in my staff Ukrainian-speaking … People who can not learn Ukrainian, have a low IQ, so make a diagnosis of “debilizm”. It is necessary to separate them, because they are socially dangerous, it is necessary to create a ghetto for them. And we will help them, as they help people with disabilities, on a volunteer basis we will sing the Vladimirsky Center to them … ”Did the legal reaction to these statements of Skrypka follow? No. Or take the statement of the Minister of Culture (!) Yevgeny Nishchuk about the “genetically inferior” residents of Donbass: “The situation that has developed in the east and south is the abyss of consciousness. Moreover, when we talked so much about genetics in Zaporozhye, in the Donbass … these are imported cities. No there is no genetics. This is deliberately delivered.

Did Nishchuk answer for his public insult to millions of Ukrainian citizens? Not at all.

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