F-35: Russia is afraid of the US, and Erdogan humiliates them

Ankara decided that it had already brought the Americans to their knees, having managed to defend their interests in terms of the country’s security.

Ever since Erdogan announced the purchase of Russian S-400 air defense systems, a major campaign to break the deal was launched in the United States. The first about the impossibility of the Russian-Turkish project was expressed by numerous experts from Washington and European countries. Various arguments were cited – from the inconceivability of cooperation with “barbaric” Russia to the inability of the S-400 to interact with NATO systems.


After them, this song was picked up by officials of various levels. They stated that Turkey, of course, can buy weapons from Russia, but this will entail certain consequences. Both NATO representatives and the US supreme military leadership tried in every possible way to press Ankara and still persuade her to abandon the deal with Moscow. But Erdogan was adamant, no one’s arguments seemed convincing to him, and it’s unlikely that anything could change his mind about this issue – it’s after all about the defense capability of the country. In general, the issue is resolved, and resolved finally. It seems that the US realized this.

Among American politicians, the issue of restrictive measures against Turkey has been discussed for a long time. At first it all seemed like an attempt at pressure in the hope of forcing Ankara not to buy the S-400. When everything became clear, US lawmakers first sharply criticized Turkey, and then took up the procedure for agreeing sanctions against it. Yes, they want to “punish” Erdogan, who, in their opinion, became the second Putin. In general, the other day the US parliamentarians have banned the supply of F-35 fighters for the Turkish army. But the last word was behind Trump, and he did his own way, or rather, did what the reality demanded of him.

The US is losing its position in the Arab Republic, but is not yet ready to respond to the opponent

The fact is that the American-Turkish relations have long been strained, and now the president of the USA refuses, everything would have become much worse. And this is not the first concession to which Washington has gone. Earlier, the Americans agreed with the Turkish plan for the Syrian city Manbij, which has long been under the control of Kurdish People’s Self-Defense Forces (in Turkey recognized as a terrorist entity – author). In general, the Kurds leave the settlement, and it goes under the joint control of the United States and Ankara.

It would seem that the countries managed to establish relations, which means that the level of interaction should increase, however, Turkish expert Keram Yildirim advises not to rush to conclusions.


– The US was in a difficult situation, and Trump could not refuse Erdogan in this deal. Everything was agreed much earlier than these problems began. Turkey participated in the development of these aircraft, allocated funding, as well as others. So the US refusal would be an insult. Erdogan successfully built his foreign policy after Washington began to show disrespect. It all started with Obama, there were hopes for a new administration, but nothing happened. Trump promised to stop sending weapons to Syria for YPG (the abbreviation of the People’s Self-Defense Forces from Kurmanji), but support continued, and it continues now. Another member of NATO could be embarrassed, but Erdogan found in himself the confidence to speak out against an ally in the Alliance. If this did not happen, then the Americans would continue to ignore Turkey. But now everything became clear. The US agreed with the position of Turkey, and recently researches are developing as it should without aggravating the problems between the parties. The situation with the F-35 confirms this.

It turns out that the relations between the countries have come out of the crisis, and further progress will be made?

You can not predict accurately, because there are many factors affecting what is happening today. Erdogan said many times that regardless of the actions of the US Kurdish factions should be expelled from Syria, to the very borders of Iraq. Of course, this is not entirely consistent with what is currently happening in Manbij. The militants (Kurds) were moved slightly east, and if necessary they would easily enter the city. In addition, there is information that the military leadership of these groups continues to be in Manbij under the guise of the Americans. If this is true, then Erdogan can not not know about it. Sooner or later, others will learn about this, then a lot of questions will appear before him. It is better for him to understand everything before they start asking questions. He knows it, but is not going to change anything yet. This is due to the elections (presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey), which will soon take place. For Erdogan managed to retain the presidency, he will continue the policy that we are seeing now.

That is, the operation against YPG will continue most likely, it should to happen, because today in the representation of many Turkish citizens it is Erdogan who is responsible for their safety. He himself built such a view, and he himself imposed the idea that after the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party), the YPG associated with it is most dangerous (in general, these formations are not often shared in Turkey, and the media print their names side by side through a slant line — author). Therefore, it will be wrong for him to abandon his attempts to expel them from Syria.

It is unlikely that the US will be pleased. With the US, one can also speak from a position of strength, Erdogan demonstrated this and his decision proved to be correct. He defends the interests of his state, and not of the US, and therefore his right to deny Americans their whims. Will this not exacerbate the crisis in US-Turkish relations? Of course, this will not lead to war between countries. Whatever Turkey does, the US will remain indifferent. Erdogan can even send these F-35s to Syria, and this will not entail any consequences. The US is concerned about its hegemony, and NATO plays a very important role in this respect. Therefore, choosing between YPG and Turkey, the choice will always be made in favor of the latter. It’s bad that Washington understood this only now.

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