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France hires Chechens to fight Albanian mafia – the horror of Europe

“It seemed that even Heaven turned away from the Greeks: when on the night of May 24, 1453, the Icon of the Mother of God” Hodegetria “was placed on a stretcher and carried around the walls, there was a Lunar eclipse, and then, in total darkness, the icon fell to the ground. It seemed to be filled with lead and did not succumb to human strength, and in the morning over the cupola of Saint Sophia they saw a mysterious glow, as if the Holy Spirit was leaving the temple and the city itself. ”

This description of the storming and seizure of Constantinople made the thought of the future of his own country one of the best French experts in the field of combating organized crime, the teacher of the Department of Criminalistics of the Paris Conservatory of Professions and Crafts, the adviser to the head of the internal French intelligence Xavier Raufer (official pseudonym, ).

He believes that, like the Byzantines in the last years of the existence of their kingdom, the French tend to deny an increasingly aggressive aggressive reality. The specialist refers to his experience with Albanian mafia structures, the founding fathers of the Italian “Camorra” and “Cosa Nostra”.

Mr. Bongen told that the French authorities hire Chechens to maintain order in the Algerian and Moroccan neighborhoods of Nice. Themselves, the French continue to taste the wine and talk about the beautiful. Is it a feast during a plague or a doomed foreboding of an end?

He wrote the books “Albanian Mafia”, “Cybercrime” and others about criminal Europe.

For almost 30 years now he has a summer cottage in the south of Greece, solid Albanians live around them, they are good friends. The Albanian population is no more guilty of what the Albanian bandits are doing than the Sicilian population in what the Sicilian Mafia is doing. During the zero years there was a serious problem with the Albanian mafia. The special danger lies in the fact that Albanians historically are very clearly hierarchized, structured people.

Many officials in the Ottoman Empire were of Albanian origin. They are born managers; unfortunately, this is now manifested in a criminal environment. When Yugoslavia began to disintegrate, we stated that we were opening a Pandora’s box, but no one wanted to listen to us. Since the zero years, Albanian mafiosi have spread throughout Europe.

Even when the Ottomans arrived in the Balkans, many Albanians, unwilling to convert to Islam, went to the south of Italy. They form a compact group in Calabria – several hundred thousand people. And it is possible that their clan traditions allowed to create the phenomenon of the South Italian mafia. The Albanian mafia has deep roots in Switzerland too, most of the money there is under its unofficial control.

In the 1990s, Yugoslavia collapsed and disappeared in the flames of civil war, independent countries appeared. Neighboring Albania in those years turned into a nest of all terrorism. There was a case when the mayor of the city and the head of the mafia were the same person. Now the situation is somewhat settled, but there are still dangerous people in the country.

Ninety-nine percent of Albanians living in Albania profess Sufism, which is deployed towards ecstasy, personal prayer and the creation of personal space. Other Muslims find them strange. They have a crucifix that is hanged as one of the main symbols of God, a golden stream flows from his mouth and so on. Of course, they also have fanatics, but their role is not very great. Many of the younger generation are not religious people, perhaps even forget what kind of religion their ancestors professed.

The American and other Western embassies are well aware that there is an insane number of Islamist extremists living in the Balkans, gathered from all over the world who turn moderate Muslims into their faith, but they can not do anything about it. There are also Orthodox Serbs with a very sharp mood.

Where else do extremists come to Europe? Their main supplier is ISIS. Now it is confronted with the fact that the borders are closed, because Turkey no longer allows ISIS s envoys to Europe. Then ISIS began sending its militants to Western Europe through the Mediterranean. ISIS still appear to be refugees. Having lost the possibility of passing through Turkey, they are now storming Europe from the south.


Now France invites the Chechens to itself. Why, why?

They now control a number of discotheques and places in the southern cities of Provence and maintain order there, managing to contain the population of Maghreb origin.

It turns out that now the Chechens have established their law in Provence. But if to speak about the danger of the Muslim mafia and terrorism in the territory of Western Europe …

These are different situations. It’s completely different. The Chechens were invited to France so that they could take root in the heavy quarters,

with the high crime rate of immigrants from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, much hooliganism and crime.

Chechens who live in France behave normally, they understand that they can be extradited, and they absolutely do not want to be exposed. They are often instructed to take care of security in private enterprises, private security companies.

These guys are usually tough, with good preparation, a steady psyche and a sense of elbow. From them there is no crime. We have many problems of this kind with nomadic tribes that create an unstable situation. There are fights between the Caucasian peoples in the neighborhoods of the resettlement of the south of France, sometimes with the Maghrib, but they themselves are able to maintain order, everything very quickly comes to the right state. Raufer had various telephone conversations of the Albanian mafia and were shocked that these extremely cruel guys are very afraid of the Chechens.

Raufer has introduced the term “Byzantine syndrome “, which is now observed in France and almost throughout Europe. What does it mean?

We must remember what happened in the last decades of the Byzantine Empire. There was a certain desire to pupate inside of their own society, adopt the embryo pose and deal only with their problems. Then there was a lot of anathema – they easily betrayed people anathema, they were excommunicated from the Church. In the midst of these Christian persecutions, clarification of the relationship among themselves, the Byzantines refused to help the Serbs, because they did not fully accept all the integration provisions of the Byzantine Orthodox empire.

As a result, the Serbs recoiled and found themselves on the side of the Turks. There was no rigid division in religion, on the side of the Muslim conquerors there were also Christians, and, conversely, it happened that the Byzantines supported the Muslims. Rather, the division by interest was more than religion. Therefore, I call Byzantine syndrome the desire to pupate, deny the reality that is around. According to legend, on the last day of Byzantium, the emperor talked with the people about the theological question about the sex of the angels. They were interested in who the angels were boys or girls. The sentries standing on the fortress wall went to the basileus and said that the Turks were already under the walls, and the emperor replied: Do not you dare to disturb me with minor problems when I solve a serious question.

Three days later Byzantium was gone. The same is now in Europe. In Sweden, there is a terrorist attack, and in three days all of Sweden is interested in a completely different problem – inter-relationship relations. So we in the West because of our inability to take an interest in modernity and solve problems very soon risk to repeat the fate of the Byzantines. We do not know how to resist the danger.

It is necessary to pay tribute to the intelligence and ingenuity of the authorities of the countries of Europe who understood the psychology of the Chechens and treated the Chechens so that the benefits of relations between the authorities and Chechens in European countries benefited both Chechens and citizens of those European countries where Chechens compactly settled. that the French authorities settle the Chechens in the most criminogenic neighborhoods of France and thus introduce order there. To this information, we need to add how the Chechens behaved in the terrible pogroms that shocked France a few years ago. The French ambassador to Russia, came to Chechnya to express gratitude from the French authorities for how the Chechens guarded the quarters in which they live, from the rioting and burning cars and buildings. Although the police did not dare to look there. Every time Chechens are used in dangerous periods for the country, and every time treacherously acting against Chechens, trying to suppress them when they won t be needed. They will supressed both physically and morally.

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