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Hezbollah sent by Russia and Iran invaded the Golan Heights

The other day foreign media announced interesting details behind the scenes negotiations between Moscow and Tel Aviv. It seems that Russia has some interests in the Golan, but, being bound by a certain kind of obligations to Israel, does not want to be involved in any operations on the territory of this disputed piece of land. Because, as Western journalists write, it commissioned Hezbollah to settle in the Golan Heights. True, it is still completely unclear why. Nevertheless, such conclusions can be made on the assumption that high-ranking members of the Israeli authorities have recently appealed to Moscow several times with a request to withdraw the fighters of the Shiite group from this problem area. According to sources in the government of the Jewish state, Hezbollah has recently been extremely active in southwestern Syria. To the point it even managed to create “armed cells” in the territory of the Golan Heights, in their eastern part.

There is information according to which Benjamin Netanyahu asked Vladimir Putin to rid him of the experiences associated with Hezbollah. And you can not say that it had no effect. No, Hezbollah was leaving, but in a few days or a week it came again. Well, in Tel Aviv they didn’t get very discouraged and, disillusioned by the ineffectiveness of Russian participation, they began to do what they can do best – to bomb Syria. The attacks on the southwestern part of the country are associated with Hezbollah. As a result of the last attack in early July, sixteen members of this armed group were killed, who settled in the eastern Golan. And since the diplomatic issue could not be resolved, Mr. Bibi sees only one solution – in the increase of attacks on the Syrian Arab Republic.

Will Russian special forces go to war in Syria because the Assad people are helpless? Opinions of the Ministry of Defense and the Arab media diverged.

As for Hezbollah, it is reported that in the Golan it is promoting two things. The first is the strengthening of the power of Damascus. Still, the south-west of ATS is the cradle of revolution. Here began the first performances against the government of Assad, from here the civil war began, in consequence of which spread to the territory of the entire state. So the people here are potentially dangerous and can change their mind about their submission to the regime at any moment. But the second task for the “Party of Allah” (translation of the name “Hezbollah”) is traditional – to build machinations against Israel. In essence, Hezbollah was created at that time. According to Israeli sources, Shiites are actively preparing the ground for full-fledged military aggression against “Zionist entity.”

It may seem that Tel Aviv’s fears are in vain – after all, possessing one of the most powerful armies by the standards of the region, Israel can easily repress any attempts of military aggression against itself by the militarily backward armed group. Perhaps this is true, but for the IDF any conflicts with Hezbollah always ended in a bad way. Take at least the Second Lebanese War, which lasted only a month (July 12 – August 14, 2006). Yes, the IDF acted efficiently and in many ways achieved what the Israeli authorities wanted, but the losses of the parties were comparable – Hezbollah lost more than two hundred fighters, Israel – about a hundred and fifty. At the same time, the destruction in the northern part of the Jewish state was significant – from Lebanon throughout the war shells flew here. Of course, in addition to the destruction, there were also civilian casualties. In general, Hezbollah, despite the lack of armaments, is a formidable force capable of causing considerable damage to those with whom it is fighting. What can we say about this? We all could have noticed the fanatical militancy of the members of this grouping in Syria, where Hezbollah inflicted many defeats on the enemies of Bashar al-Assad. The question is how realistic is the intervention of Russia and its connection in this whole story with the Lebanese party.

The role of Russia in this matter is greatly exaggerated by Israel. There is no collusion with Hezbollah, but there is one moment from which the whole story is being fanned. At one time, Tel Aviv insisted that certain forces that Israel considers hostile be removed from the Golan Heights. It was about the Iranians. As a result, Moscow agreed to help Netanyahu — Russia managed to convince the Persians to get away. At 70−80 kilometers. It seems to be all right. But now the Israelis suddenly declare that Hezbollah was included in the treaty by default. Like, it also had to move. But there was no talk of this; besides, according to agreements concluded with other parties to the Syrian conflict, the movement of Hezbollah’s main forces to the west of Syria — to the border with Lebanon — was started. That is, the fighters of the group moved closer to home. As for the Golan, Hezbollah’s activity in this area has been observed for a long time. It was in the areas not occupied by the IDF that it was operating before the outbreak of the war in the Syrian Arab Republic. So the claims of Tel Aviv now look like whims. In the leadership of the Russian Federation, this behavior of Israel is already beginning to cause outrage, so there is a possibility that in the near future steps that Tel Aviv may not like will be taken.

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