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How do You do in Ukrainian: Zdorovenki boolyi

Trump left Poroshenko with his hand out

Peter Poroshenko in Paris, who was ignored by the American President Donald Trump as a person no to shake hands, was a good laugh to all and sundry. An embarrassing course, but maybe the translation difficulties just arose and Trump didn’t understand the crony phrase: “Zdarov bu!” – BE Healthy. From the mouth of Poroshenko, who instead of the official good moning or informal hello, grumbled something on the Ukrainian mova. A foreigner, not versed in the intricacies of the Ukrainian language, could take it as an insult, like: “Hello, big guy!” In general, Trump went to shake hands with Putin and other heads of states.

In Ukraine, they diligently stamp out everything that is related to Russia. The Russian language was banned; in the Donbas, this led to a long-term civil war, the streets, called historical characters from both Soviet and Russian history, were renamed, pulling mossy nationalists from the trunk. But in the same Kiev, many now still speak exactly Russian.

I remembered something from the “Golden Calf” by Ilf and Petrov with the words of Mikhail Panikovsky. “Go to Kiev! He said unexpectedly. – And then you will understand that I am right. Be sure to go to Kiev! – What is there Kiev! – muttered Shura. – Why? – Go to Kiev and ask there what Panikovsky did before the revolution. Be sure to ask! – What are you pestering? – said Balaganov gloomily. – No, you ask! – demanded Panikovsky. – Go and ask! And they will tell you that before the revolution Panikovsky was blind. If it were not for the revolution, would I go to the children of Lieutenant Schmidt, what do you think?” The monument to Panikovsky in Kiev, erected in 1998 at the corner of Khreshchatyk and Proreznaya Street, is still preserved, but the book itself “The Golden Calf” in the Ukrainian translation of Mykola (Nikolai) Lyubchenko, released in 1935 with a print run of 7800 copies, never was reprinted again.

Maydan’s “revolution of dignity”, which was based on the idea of ​​reviving nationalist movements in Ukraine, was held under the “chants”: “The one who is not jumping – is Moskal (Russian)”, “Moskal to Gilyaka (hang him on the tree branch)”, etc. Almost all the leaders of the Maidan appealed to the crowd either in bad Ukrainian, not even like “surzhik”, or in Russian. The same Poroshenko spoke on the Mova (State language) at first with difficulty, neither Ukrainian mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko, nor Interior Minister Avakov, let alone ex-Georgian President Saakashvili, “promoted” to the post of governor of the Odessa region, spoke Ukrainian. At the same time, “Ridnu Mova” was obsessively set as the only official language in Ukraine. The Hungarian language, which the Magyars living in Transcarpathia speak among themselves, was also banned. Is that in Lviv, you can still “pshekat” in Polish, in which there is some similarity with the Ukrainian language. But not in Russian.

Language embarrassment happened recently on the Ukrainian plane of the company YanAir, which flew along the route Kiev – Sharm el-Sheikh. It made an emergency landing at Cairo airport because of a language dispute between the crew and passengers. The fact is that the pilot communicated and made announcements only in Russian, which was not liked by several passengers. As it is reported with the “chubs on the head,” such Zaporozhye Cossacks with an oseledets and embroidered shirts, who demanded that the crew communicate with them exclusively in Ukrainian. As a result of the conflict on board, the crew commander (the airline is registered in Zhytomyr and makes regular and charter flights, including from Kiev Borispol and Zhulyany airports) decided to make an emergency landing in Cairo. They called the local police, seven “lads with chubi” were removed from the flight, which, after the proceedings, only the next day reached Sharm el-Sheikh. In general, expensive. But the pilot, it seems, will either have to quit, or hastily sit down at the Ridna Mova textbook. It does not fit into the current “political course”, which is aimed at fashionable clothes.

You can laugh, you can be ironic, but the actions and statements of the current political elite of Ukraine are at least surprising. There is not a phrase – a kind of pearl, which is worthy of the study of psychiatrists. “Hochmachis”, which in recent years have been practiced as unlucky speakers in Ukraine, are a dime a dozen. And the matter is not in the tongue-tiedness of the “Maidan creators” who ascended to the Ukrainian political Olympus, but in their manic desire to speak exclusively on one topic – the topic of hatred towards Russia. Well, the “teacher” didn’t put something else in the head, because it’s not to talk about internal problems, although here, there’s not a phrase, it’s a blunder.

One cannot help thinking about the adequacy of people who by chance happened to be the so-called elite of Ukraine. It seems that a certificate of mental disorder.

Looks like diagnosis for mental illness the speaker of Rada Andrew Parubiy (former commandant of the Maidan) received as a child, serves as a diagnosis for the entire current political stratum of Kiev government. And the question arises: “And who are these people?” – The Ukrainian Cossacks, which is now a national fetish, throughout its history has been a movement of beggars, beggars, mob and commoners, focused on armed robbery, – says the St. Petersburg historian and expert in the field of comparative political science Alexander Zimovsky.

  • That is, the Zaporozhya army at all times was a completely anti-elite conglomerate, ruled by more or less talented tactical field commanders. Nowadays, people who for some reason think that they are making some incomprehensible decisions in Ukraine are just such a pseudo-goat anti-elite conglomerate. The genuine Ukrainian national elite was created twice: by the Russian tsars, starting with the empresses Elizabeth Petrovna and Catherine the Great; Russians, again, Communists, who were concerned about the formation of party cadres of national suburbs. After the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine experienced several stages of degradation of elites. First, the last Soviet party Ukrainian functionaries headed by Kravchuk left.

Then it was the turn to get rid of the Soviet strong business executives whom Kuchma personified. The period of Yushchenko’s rule was characterized by the collapse of the remnants of the Ukrainian elite of intellectual defeat. Simply put, Yushchenko pulled the Ukrainian perestroika demshizu to the bottom. The last straw degradation of the remnants of the Ukrainian elite was the presidency Yanukovych. Separate topics deserve quotes from representatives of the Ukrainian elite, who, apart from laughter, do not cause anything. Let us skip the president, Peter Poroshenko, whose “quote pad” will certainly be published as a kind of handbook on stupidity and lies. Take others – selectively. Arsen Avakov, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, after the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council (Council for National Security and Defense), thoughtfully uttered: “I will reveal the secret – Putin, according to the results of the National Security and Defense Council, as he learns about its contents, he will be befallen to a complete all-consuming perdimonocle (slang – surprise).” While still a speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Vladimir Groisman spoke about folk lustration with garbage cans: “Garbage cans are a special project of the FSB of Russia.” And at the Lubyanka they didn’t know … Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Valery Gontareva back in 2014, speaking of the unstable hryvnia exchange rate, issued the following absurdity: “I will tell you when everything is stabilized – when you answer me when we finish the war.” The ex-president and ex-negotiator Leonid Kuchma on the situation in Ukraine issued the following: “Everyone understands what condition we are in: ax-noggin, the ax has already been brought, and if someone lets him go, amen.”

Leaders of the countries of the world with spouses in Paris at the invitation of Macronas share of erotic fantasy Poroshenko’s adviser Yuriy Lutsenko in a statement that the coalition of the new parliament should be formed even before the elections said: “This is a big Ukrainian political Kama Sutra, where everyone has their own ambitions”. Ex-deputy of the Rada Irina Fahrion, known for her Russophobic statements and a ban on pronunciation and spelling of “names similar to Russians”: “This is not the ATO, this is war. Perhaps the third world, only it still no one calls. And it is very important that in the third world war Ukraine became the point from which a great victory would begin. ”Ex-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk also deserves titanic work of bibliographers who can start with these gems:“ If he (Poroshenko) does not take advantage of this chance – I will not live with shame. Tomorrow we will go forward together, and if a bullet in the forehead is a bullet in the forehead. ” The bullet passed Arseniy: “I was three steps behind people because they walked much faster.” Kyiv’s Mayor Vitaly Klitschko is also potential for publishing the best-selling book of his statements: “To turn cold water into hot, you need to warm it up,” I have two deputies, four of whom are in the cabinet. ” “If a person put on an SS uniform, that is, a clear one, he painted himself in the colors in which he painted himself. And those people who … There are a lot of points about this. I clearly adhere to and clearly understand that those manifestations, if you are already so sharply raising the question that we are supposedly. ”- All these particular cases actually yielded rather sad results: the current ruling stratum of Ukraine is the social bottom of Ukraine that unexpectedly appeared on the surface society, – continues Alexander Zimovsky.

– For the most part, these are poorly educated people with experience in obtaining criminal income, as a rule, having experience with legal problems. They are easy to manipulate, and it is easy, if necessary, to put them on the Kukan (to execute).

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