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How Merkel pushes Germans to Nazism with her “migrant-philosophy”

Police was  on the side of the ultra-right forces of Germany was the police, whose hands are down from impunity of visiting criminals.

On Thursday, June 27, in Berlin, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Germany Horst Seehofer presented the report of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (internal counterintelligence, German abbr. BfV) for 2018. In his speech, he focused on the growth of right-wing extremism in Germany.


As the minister noted, the number of officially registered right-wing extremist parties in the country is very small. Thus, the number of members of the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) decreased from 4,500 in 2017 to 4,000 in 2018. The number of the other neo-Nazi party – “The Right” (“Die Rechte”) decreased from 650 to 600, and its counterpart “The Third Way” (“Der III Weg”) increased from 500 in 2017 to 530 in 2018. But at the same time, the number of demonstrators who took part in public events of the right-wing radicals in 2018 was a record 57,950 people, an increase of more than 3 times as compared with 2017 (16,400).


In addition to registered parties, other groups and movements belong to the ultra-right camp in BfV. The number of so-called “Reichsbürgern” and “self-governed” (“Selbstverwaltern”) has increased from 16,500 people in 2017 to 19,000 in 2018. Of these, 910 people had official permits to own firearms.


(Necessary explanation: “Reichsbürger” believe that Germany is still occupied by the Western allies. They do not recognize the existence of the Federal Republic of Germany as a state, and therefore do not recognize its institutions, laws and government representatives. “The Reichsbürger refuse to pay taxes and fines and form such own “state actors”, such as “Principality of Germany” (Fürstentum Germania), “Government of the German Reich in Exile” (Exil-Regierung Deutsches Reich), “Free State of Prussia” (Freistaat Preußen), etc.)


In total, as the minister said, the total number of right-wing extremists in Germany in 2018 was 24,100 (in 2017, 24,000). Of these, every second counterintelligence qualifies as “inclined to violence.” Right-wing extremists consider refugees, Muslims, and politicians who support Chancellor Merkel’s “migrant-philosophy” position on these issues to be their enemies.


For some reason Minister Seehofer paid special attention to questions of right-wing extremism. For today’s Germany, this is a very hot topic.


On the night of June 2 of this year, the president of the district government in Kassel (federal state of Hesse), an active leader of the CDU, Walter Lübke, was found on the terrace of his villa with a gunshot wound to the head. Without regaining consciousness, he died in hospital two hours later.


All-German fame he acquired in October 2015. Then at a meeting of residents of the Lochfelden community, where supporters of the PEGIDA movement (an acronym for “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the Old World”) protested against the establishment of refugee centers in Hesse, Lübke said: “Living together in Germany is based on Christian values ​​- such as helping people in need. Anyone who does not share these values, who does not agree with them, can leave this country at any time. This is the free choice of every German. ”


After that, he received numerous death threats for a long time, and therefore the politician was temporarily under police protection. Militiamen suspected the right radicals, including “Reichsbürgers”, to be the authors of these threats, but in the end, no one was brought to criminal responsibility.


After the murder of Lübke, this version became a priority for the investigation, the production of which was undertaken by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Germany. Political Berlin, and with its filing, the media immediately started talking about right-wing extremist motives in this matter. Their next step was the accusation of the party “Alternative for Germany” (ADG), which they had previously called right-populist, xenophobic, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic and racist, of inciting hatred and incitement. After the assassination of Lübke, the AdG was openly called the ultra-right and neo-Nazi, putting on a par with the scumbags from the NDPG, the “Third Way” and the movement of the Reichsbürger.


And after all, such statements were made not by some regional leaders – no, this was the current political elite of Germany. Thus, the chairman of the ruling party of the CDU, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, accused the AdG “of creating a spiritual climate in which the murder of Walter Lübke became possible.” And the former chairman of the SPD, the former vice-chancellor in the 3rd government, Merkel Sigmar Gabriel, with the directness of the Roman, cut off: “AdG is jointly responsible for the murder of Lübke – the neo-Nazi group expressed itself.”


Yes, even in “AdG” it is not without freaks. One of its leaders agreed to the fact that he called the Germans “to be proud of the feats of German soldiers in the First and Second World Wars.” Another called the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust in Berlin “a monument of shame that the Germans planted in the heart of their capital.” The third carried on a demonstration mock gallows with the image of Chancellor Merkel.


But it’s not at all for this that the AdG “was honored” with the epithets “anti-Islamic”, “xenophobic”, “ultra-right” and “neo-Nazi”. With its hatred on the part of the consolidated parties and pro-government public organizations, it evokes its firm stance on immigration policy pursued by the ruling CDU / CSU and SPD parties with the full support of the “green” and “left”.


As for the accusation of anti-Semitism, the AdG is the only pro-Israel party in Germany demanding Hezbollah to be added to the list of terrorist organizations and the prohibition of the BDS transnational movement in Germany (from English Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, Boycott, Deprivation and Sanctions), whose goal is to isolate Israel economically, culturally and politically.


When the Bundestag, on the initiative of AdG, considered the bill on the prohibition of Hezbollah activity in Germany on June 6, the Lefts with the Greens, concerned about the “inalienable right of the Lebanese people to resist,” as well as Christian democrats swearing adherence to the security interests of Israel and sotsdemy united efforts failed AdG initiative, routinely accusing it of Islamophobia, racism and … anti-Semitism! Given that the AdG is the only party in Germany in which the Jewish section operates. It is called “Jews in the ADG”.


A week before Horst Seehofer’s presentation of the counterintelligence report, some data from this 384-page document “leaked” to the media. Immediately, the former leader of the CDU faction in the Bundestag, Friedrich Mertz, who did not give up hopes of returning to big politics, said in an interview with the tabloid Bild that “there is a shift to the right in the Federal Police and the Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) .


Of course, Interior Minister Seehofer and German Defense Minister Ursula von der Lyayen immediately rejected this accusation. As Seehofer said, “from the point of view of approach, the statement of Merz is initially erroneous. Merz should not use the Federal Police as a backup for his political career. ”


However, professionals Merz words have caused a different reaction.

So, the long-term deputy of the Bundestag from the CDU, ex-chairman of the parliamentary commission on internal affairs, lawyer for education, Wolfgang Bosbach, supported Merz: – Many policemen have told me in recent years that they are disappointed with the political mistakes of our government, – he said.

– Not the politicians, but our police are feeling the consequences of these mistakes on themselves every day. Noting the growing disrespect for the police in the society and the lack of political support for it, Bosbach summed up: “Therefore, it is not surprising if some policemen turn away from these parties and put their cross on the ballot papers opposite AdG.”


Similarly, responded to the words of Mertz and the police unions. So, deputy. Chairman of the Police Union (GdP) Jörg Radek, confirming that “the police sympathize with the right-wing parties,” said: – The federal government never explained to the police why in 2015 (at the beginning of the migration crisis), despite the tense situation at the border, our employees retreat from their legal obligation to prevent unauthorized entry (of migrants) into the country. This developed into sympathy for AdG among the policemen, the political consequence of which is that today our employees run for elections on the AdG lists.


But the opinion of the chairman of the German Police Union (DPolG), Ernst Walter: “I have been worried for a long time that more and more colleagues, without feeling support from these parties, are increasingly thinking about “Alternative”. As long as this party is the only one that picks up topics affecting the police, one should not be surprised that sympathies towards it are growing. ”


(And how, it is asked, do not increase these sympathies, if policemen, thousands (!) go to protect public order during demonstrations and rallies of the ADG, hear all the speeches of party speakers with their own ears and relate what they hear to the everyday situation in which they are cooked? ..)


Extremely cautiously touched the DPolG leader and another sore subject: “If, for example, a policeman at the station every day catches the same pickpocket or drug dealer, and the courts immediately release him due to an allegedly good social prognosis, this causes disappointment with our employees, ”said Walter. But if the courts allowed only “their” German pickpockets / drug dealers!


Behind the words of Ernst Walter lies a huge problem: the helplessness of the German police in front of the crimes of those who came in. After all, every single day police reports are full of reports about the detention of migrants from Afghanistan and Algeria, Iraq and Syria, Ethiopia and other Middle Eastern and African countries for murder, rape, robbery, theft and robbery, beating and stabbing. But when it comes to court, which is far from happening in all cases, the perpetrators, as a rule, get off with ridiculous deadlines! Here is a recent example: on May 17 of this year, the District Court in the city of Köthen (Saxony-Anhalt) sentenced two young Afghans who had killed a local resident to less than two years in prison! And this is despite the fact that the court specifically noted in its verdict that “the accused have no respect for human life”. Is it so surprising that in the evening of May 19, following the appeal “For justice – against tender justice towards those who trample death to death with knives”, which was widespread in social networks, about 300 demonstrators took to the streets of Köthen? It is not surprising that the leading German media immediately habitually dubbed the participants of this protest march “supporters of right-wing extremists.”


The “right-wing” threat in the FRG does exist — after all, out of 24.1 thousand people classified in the counterintelligence report as the right-wing radicals, every second, according to its classification, is already set on violence. And out of 19,000 “Reichsbürgers” and “self-governing”, 910 have permits to own firearms (another question is why they were issued and why they are not annulled). But if the ruling politicians of the country continue to see the whole root of evil in the “Alternative for Germany” alone, then the murder of Walter Lubke can only be the first. In any case, the chairman of the Police Union (GdP), Oliver Malkhov, thinks so:


  • At present, the statements of extremists on the Web carry such a charge of malice and hatred that they can give the necessary impetus to those who are ready to use force, – he said last Friday in an interview with Die Welt.

– The murder of Lyubka can cause an imitation effect not only among other right-wing extremists, but also among people with a different motivation. If the right-wing terrorist background of the murder of Lyubka is confirmed, then for Germany this will be a turning point in history.

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