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How Syrians become gay for life in Europe

They are ready for anything to get a ticket

The migration crisis in Europe was largely due to refugees from Syria. For a while, European countries massively accepted everyone, then, when the situation got out of control, local lawmakers began to invent various methods of restricting these endless flows. Some countries refused to accept people at all, others created such bureaucratic barriers that it was almost impossible to get to them, and still others resorted to the help of Ankara. Yes, the European Union gives Turkey money so that it does not let the refugees go beyond its territory. Well, refugees are also people, and among them there are many resourceful ones. They began to invent new methods of circumventing all sorts of restrictions. For example, many men and women from Syria came to Germany and other European countries only because they took a couple of years from their real age. That is, they pretended to be underage, and for a while it worked perfectly.


True, if you look at the photos of some of the “minors”, then the question immediately arises how the services that dealt with their questions managed to take a 30-year-old man with a wrinkled face as a child or a 25-year-old woman who most likely already had several? True, then this scheme ceased to be effective – no one believed in the word of refugees, and learned to recognize fake documents.


But now a new method has appeared. Our sources report that among refugees it is now popular to pretend to be homosexual in order to get asylum from some EU countries. So far only men adhere to this line.

Syrian Salih, who previously helped journalists to prepare materials, now usually resides in Aleppo. Before that, he managed to get to Turkey for some time, but he returned, because the life of a refugee in Turkey, in his opinion, is worse than the life in his own humiliated, plundered and torn country. According to him, almost all Syrians, who are now in Turkey, are seeking to get into the European Union. The cherished dream of many is Germany, Britain, France. In Turkey itself, the living conditions of such people are unbearable – there is no work for them, the locals treat them with contempt, and the kopecks they are given are enough for a couple of meals. By the way, this is one of the reasons why the Syrians are now returning to their homeland. Salih is an example. However, the majority of those fleeing still hopes to break into a civilized country. And the method with a fake coming-out became for some the key to the cherished doors.


Salih says that such refugees with a non-traditional sexual orientation are much more likely to be sheltered and get asylum, for example, than even old men who have fled from their bombed-out houses. In the EU, they are considered separately, and in order to be considered a refugee, it is not necessary to flee the country where the war is going on – it is enough that in your country they are intolerant to homosexuals.

And for the Syrians it is even simpler – in their country they are intolerant of LGBT people, plus the war is going on. Three acquaintances of Salih have even already been granted asylum in Germany precisely because of their orientation. In fact, in Syria, they were married and had children. When they moved to Turkey, they fought for a long time for the right to be accepted in Germany. It did not work – they suffered for about a year. But here’s an interesting way they were prompted in the refugee camp. Some Somalian told about his brother, who went to Finland, pretending to be gay. They accepted him there and didn’t even check him out. The bottom line is that the EU is obliged at the legislative level to accept such people, only here the snag is that it is almost impossible to check the orientation. At some point, European lawmakers offered to entrust psychologists and psychiatrists to work with such problem asylum seekers. But the courts considered such a method of sorting too humiliating and ineffective. Like, by means of some tests, it will not be possible to find out, but it is possible to offend a person. As a result, nothing sensible was invented and they allowed the states to decide for themselves how to distinguish a homosexual from a straight person. And this was the reason that in most cases all issues are resolved at the level of employees of migration services or special agencies dealing with refugee and asylum issues.


Friends of Salih, quickly got the bright idea, they turned for help to the Turkish defenders of the rights of the LGBT community. As a result, they didn’t even have to do anything – activists fighting for the rights of sexual minorities were so willing to help that they took over all the paperwork and other work. The Syrians had only to appear at the right time for an interview. As a result, after a short conversation, the employees of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees concluded that the asylum seeker is indeed a homosexual. And this in memory of Salih happened three times.


It is funny that later one of these guys brought his wife to the Federal Republic of Germany and began quietly to live with her. No complaints about him yet. And no one is embarrassed that a homosexual leads a lifestyle that is so uncharacteristic for him.


You can’t say anything, an interesting experience, except that it exposes the absurdity of excessive European tolerance. These simulators were among the first to whom the EU rushed to help. But among the refugees a huge number really extremely needed help. Many orphans, many sick people, infants and old people. They are all hostages of the situation, but such smart guys live and feel great.

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