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How will Moscow respond to American missiles near Kharkiv and Poltava?

Kiev is substituted for the Russian hypersound

After entering the United States and Russia, they must be prepared for new challenges in order to gain experience and intelligence worthy of their speeches. This statement in an interview with the TV channel “Voice of America” ​​made the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin.

This week, the Ukrainian minister visited the United States, where there was a conversation with national security adviser John Bolton.

The meeting with Bolton was held in a “warm” and “friendly” atmosphere. Termination of the rocket agreement between the Russian Federation and the United States.

It is worth recalling that when Trump just announced his plans to “applaud” in November, it is stated that this refers to such a step of the American government “with understanding.”

Now, when Moscow answered this question in a “mirror way”, he said that “its behavior led to new races of the armed forces,” since “after the termination of the agreement with other countries, medium-range and short-range missiles were also deployed in Europe”.

The minister recalled the achievements of the Ukraine in the field of rocket production, stressed that in the future, Kiev itself will decide which rocket it needs.

But since then, much has changed …

Alexander Zhilin, for example, is convinced that today Ukraine cannot develop its own missiles as a result of the degradation of the military-industrial complex, the difficult economic situation and the shortage of specialists.

As they say, an ally and assistant.

After leaving the INF Treaty, the Americans may well place their attack missile systems on the territory of Ukraine. That is why the appearance of Klimkin in Washington right now, when the fate of the treaty has actually been decided, does not look at all accidental.

In order to transfer their missile systems to Ukraine, Americans do not even have to agree with its reports, because the country has long been under their full control.

For example, because such a “neighborhood” is completely undesirable in our country, Zhilin admits.

According to the expert, this is a very complex security system.

The question is, what preventive measures can we take so that events do not unfold according to the worst scenario? – commented on the situation of military expert magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Alexei Leonkov.

– Soon they joined NATO, and so on. D. This did not happen.

In addition, everyone understands that they trust this “partner” with something serious in management (and even technical support). The military-technical assistance that they provided, in fact, disappeared somewhere.

The US military are studying at the Yavoriv training ground.

Anyone who calls for American missiles in Kiev is simply cheap populists. American nuclear weapons are deployed in their countries.

These representatives of the authorities absolutely do not care for their own people. It is clear that if such complexes appear, they immediately become targets for our missiles.

If the situation really begins to evolve according to such a scenario, then I think Russia will find adequate answers that, firstly, will prevent the deployment of such missiles. And if they still appear there, they will be destroyed.

It is important to understand here that the flight time from such positions to our largest cities in the European part of Russia will take a few minutes. And with such a blatant circumstance, of course, we will not put up.


– That is, to play tatters with Kiev, as we have been doing for the last five years, in this case we are not going to?


– Of course not. In addition, all these screamers who call for the hosting of such complexes do not take into account one significant thing – that the army is no longer of the Soviet type. Everything turned to other management principles.

We are now relying on automated command and control systems, the response of which is almost instantaneous.

The second. The air defense complexes, which are now in service with us, have already been merged into an echeloned air defense system, to which a space component will soon be added.

That is, we will have a layered aerospace defense. And the reaction time of this system will be significantly less than those of the missiles that will launch to us.

Do not forget that Russia now has the technology of controlled hypersound. And it is clear that all the missile systems that will be deployed in the Baltic States, Poland, Romania and even in Ukraine will be targeted by such complexes. Flight time they will have even less, at least two to three times. As soon as there something tries to move in our direction, it will be destroyed almost instantly.


– And if we talk about preventive measures, what can we oppose?

– Let me remind you that our new military doctrine provides for a reciprocal nuclear strike.

But in order to protect ourselves, we have the right to take preventive measures and in the ultimatum order to prohibit the deployment of such complexes with all the ensuing consequences. The new Caribbean crisis in the “ala-American” version, we will not allow at our borders. This must also be understood.

When the weapon is placed, you will have to take completely different measures. Therefore, this cannot be allowed, up to the ultimatum order with all the ensuing consequences. Not only was NATO moving eastward, now they want to rock us, which can really carry nuclear parts.


Americans need to understand that when placing missiles in Europe, they expose not only Europe, but also themselves. Because we will answer both there and there.


Vladimir Yevseyev, Deputy Director of the CIS Institute, in turn, doubts that the United States in this sense will be useful to the Kiev regime.


– Ukraine can place American missiles on its territory. The question is, do the Americans need it?


As a military expert, I believe that the United States will not find it necessary. And for this there are a number of reasons.

First of all, Ukraine is a state extremely unstable in terms of the internal political situation. No one can rule out repetition in some version of the Maidan.

Even their Minister of the Interior Avakov, who even promises to extinguish any unrest, considers such a development of events possible.

The question is, should the United States go to large financial expenses (the creation of a military base is a large investment) in a politically unstable country where radical sentiments are so strong and civil war continues?

Of course, in this case it is inappropriate.

In addition, the radius of firing of medium-range missiles is sufficient to accommodate such missiles on the territory of Romania or Poland. And there is no urgent need to place them on the Ukraine territory.

I would rather consider other opportunities for Americans. For example, the deployment on the territory of Ukraine near the Russian borders of points of military-technical intelligence of the USA.

This is the most realistic development of events. Since the creation of such objects of collecting intelligence information is of very great interest to the United States. But the creation of missile bases on the territory of Ukraine is of no interest to the United States.

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