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Hungary against Soros

The George Soros Foundation leaves the homeland for the billionaire Hungary: there he is accused of the threat to national security because of programs that helped migrants to legalize in the European Union. About how the conflict of the Hungarian government developed with the famous philanthropist – in a report by Dmitry Novikov.

The decisive stage of the struggle of official Budapest with billionaire George Soros: the Hungarian prime minister is Victor Orban, who is expelling Soros from the country. Critic and irreconcilable opponent, consistently conducting through the parliament “laws against Soros, literally uproots from Hungary all that is associated with the name of Soros: its funds, structures and educational institutions. And if the prime minister with the final closure of the Central European University belonging to a billionaire in Budapest did not work (tens of thousands of protesters came out on the streets of the Hungarian capital in April of last year), now, on the eve of the adoption of the law on paying taxes from foreign subsidies, that it’s time to leave Hungary.
Party members of the Hungarian prime minister do not regret words with regard to Soros.
Sylard Nemeth, “Hungarian Civil Union” Party: “False social organizations of the Soros empire receive money for serving the interests of global capitalism and maintaining the primacy of the principles of political correctness over the interests of national governments.” The head of government in the meantime tries to adhere to diplomatic language: he believes that “there is no place for those who interfere in politics” in the country.
Hungary is not the only country whose authorities expel American lobbyist Soros. The Czech Republic, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Russia have already accused the financier of interfering in the internal affairs of their countries. Poland – in the destruction of national identity. Macedonia – in the fanning of ethnic conflict. The Austrian authorities, after Soros transferred $ 18 billion scattered around the world to the branches of his fund, openly accused the billionaire of “striving for global control and obtaining world-wide political influence.”
In 2016, thanks to the leakage of a huge number of documents from the Open Society Foundation, the world learned how Soros distributed his money, in order, as his opponents say, to “manage and influence”. In an interview with CNN, he openly stated that the branch of his foundation in Kiev played an important role in the development of revolutionary events on the Maidan in 2014.

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