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In the fight against Russia, the United States has given Ukraine the role of a suicide bomber

Americans will help Kiev to stop the “North Stream-2”

The United States will start working with Kiev to stop the construction of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline. This was announced by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a press conference after negotiations with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin.


Pompeo assured Klimkin that his country would not allow Moscow to put pressure on Ukraine.

– We don’t want our European friends to fall victim to political and economic manipulation that Russia tried to use in Ukraine after it got rid of the Soviet chains, – he stressed.


The US Secretary of State expressed confidence that Nord Stream II would undermine the economic and strategic security of Ukraine and would question the sovereignty of European countries dependent on Russian gas supplies.


In addition, Pompeo promised Klimkin help in the fight against “Russian aggression.”


  • The spirit of courage and determination continues to direct Ukraine, which is fighting for its sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russian aggression. In this regard, Ukraine has no greater friend than the United States. We will continue to ensure the corresponding consequences for Russia until Moscow fully implements the Minsk agreements and regains control over the Crimea to Ukraine, – he said.


The head of the American diplomacy also said that he had discussed with the Ukrainian counterpart democratic reforms and the independence of the courts, the rule of law, corruption, Ukraine’s relations with its neighbors, and human rights.


Recall, on November 13, President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko announced that the parties had agreed during the negotiations with US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry to confront Nord Stream II.


– The need for further opposition to the Nord Stream II project, as well as diversification of energy sources, in particular, by expanding opportunities for the supply of liquefied gas from the United States, was noted, – the report said on the website of Poroshenko.


The Ukrainian leader also noted “the crucial importance of cooperation with the United States in the field of energy for strengthening the energy security of Ukraine.


Earlier, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Andrei Parubiy, said that Europe could lose the most important element of security and become dependent on Russia if it does not refuse to participate in the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. He also urged the EU to invite the United States to use Ukraine’s gas transportation system to protect it from Moscow.


– The Ukrainian parliament, the government and the president speak out and warn Europe against participating in the Nord Stream 2 project. Because, like no one, we know how Russia can use the energy whip to corrupt and influence the political elite, ”Parubiy said at the conference“ Lessons of the hybrid decade: what you need to know in order to successfully move forward. ”


– They can come up with anything, – political analyst Alexander Dudchak believes.


– Why is Pompeo’s statement that“ European friends of the United States can fall victim to political and economic pressure that Russia has tested in Ukraine since it was freed from Soviet bondage? ”- a cocktail of cynical lies and propaganda nonsense. Is pressure a gas supply at a price much lower than American suppliers offer? And nonsense about the “Soviet chains” is not even worth commenting on. The states impose sanctions under completely far-fetched pretexts; these are methods of dealing with competitors used by the United States that have nothing in common with fair competition. They may try to impose sanctions against companies participating in the project, but their effectiveness depends on the leadership of European countries – to the extent they agree to infringe their sovereignty at a loss.


– What does it mean to “work together”? What is the role of Ukraine?


– Ukraine’s unenviable role is a suicide bomber who has agreed to suicide for the sake of geopolitical and economic interests of the United States.

  • Earlier Poroshenko noted “the crucial importance of cooperation with the United States in the field of energy to strengthen the energy security of Ukraine.
  • What can it be? Kiev will buy American LNG (gas)?


  • This “cooperation” has nothing to do with “strengthening the energy security of Ukraine”. There is no way that cooperation is a political and economic suicide of Ukraine. Buying American LNG in three ways, having a common frontier with the gas supplier, is a diagnosis.


  • Pompeo also promised Klimkin help in the fight against «Russia aggression». What will it be?
  • Again, new sanctions or something else to come up with?

– Assistance in the “struggle” in an American way is an accelerated utilization of the population of Ukraine, as an extra consumer of non-renewable resources. They are already “helping” with weapons, and not at all for free, “helping” in the construction of a storage facility for nuclear waste, where they plan to store their own waste, merge various rubbish, while not only not spending on its disposal, but also earning – as in history with the supply of Ukraine boats, decommissioned by the US Coast Guard, etc.

– Pompeo also said that he discussed with Klimkin democratic reforms and independence of the courts, the rule of law, corruption, Ukraine’s relations with neighbors and human rights. Can Washington be satisfied with Ukraine? Do they need this Ukraine at all, and for how long are they willing to «defend its interests?»

– Typical, traditional talk about democracy is the traditional package of US criminal actions in the territory of the colonial states under their control. Washington may well be satisfied with the state of Ukraine and its position in the world – separation from Russia, a hot spot in Eastern Europe and directly on the borders with the Russian Federation, a source of contrived reasons for anti-Russian sanctions, while eliminating high-tech productions that competed with Western manufacturers.

– I want to read and reread Pompeo again, – the political analyst’s leader Igor Ryabov says ironically.

  • This is Orwell’s mix and comedy show. The US imposes its hegemony on Europe to the detriment of economic interests and calls the Nord Stream 2 project Europe’s dependence. And here, Ukraine is completely unclear, since if you do not want Russian gas supplies through northern Europe, how will the southern Ukrainian republic help you with this? According to this logic, Ukraine should block the transit of Russian gas on its territory. However, Ukraine’s basic contribution to the fight against Nord Stream -2 is a shout that transit through Ukraine should remain. Where is the logic here? There is not. Ukraine is used as usual to give the “fight” with Russia at least some visibility. No other country is so actively involved in such a struggle. Even the Poles have become silent, the society is simply tired from this fiction.

– What kind of actions can the US still take? Will they give something? Like Europe clearly made it clear that the “SP-2” will not give up …

– Now, no other arguments other than statements are not visible. There are still endless lawsuits, but this is all extremely unproductive.

– Pompeo also promised Klimkin help in the fight against “Russian aggression.” What can it be? The current “help” is not enough? – The United States is providing all kinds of assistance to Ukraine to maintain a degree of tension in the zone of Russia’s vital interests. Now they need to include one more direction of this support: help Poroshenko re-elect as president of Ukraine. With US resources, it seems to be possible, but the patient is almost dead. Will the Americans be able to revive him, it is even interesting.

Something has changed? Washington is not planning to change anything?

  • Ukraine is important for the United States as an irritant against Russia. Inside the USA, nobody cares what happens there. Trump does not deal with the Ukrainian issue; it is the prerogative of the State Department and those financial structures that have invested in Ukraine as a septic tank and repository of toxic business, such as storing nuclear waste and growing agricultural products on the basis of GMOs. As a result, we can expect power support for radish Poroshenko, if the crisis will take radical forms. The main thing is to preserve the anti-Russian bridgehead.

– According to Pompeo, they “will continue to ensure the corresponding consequences for Russia until Moscow fully implements the Minsk agreements and regains control over the Crimea to Ukraine.

  • Do they really still believe in it? Especially in part of the Crimea. Or is it inertia?

– This is a statement that the sanctions “because of the Crimea” will always be. This is just operating with virtual reasons for sanctions.

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