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Iran responds to 12 Points of Trump’s Ultimatum, it has its own 7 Points

Leader and supreme spiritual authority of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, voiced Tehran’s demands for Europe on a nuclear deal. Iran demanded that European banks guarantee continuation of trade cooperation, and from European countries – guarantees for the purchase of Iranian oil, Tass reports.

“If the US manages to prevent the sale of our oil, we must be able to sell the desired amount of fuel. Europeans should – in the form of guarantees – compensate for this and buy Iranian oil, “Khamenei said.

Tehran demands that the talks do not concern Iran’s missile program and the country’s policy in the region.

In addition, Europe should issue a resolution against violations of the United States,

Khamenei said that Iran does not want to fight with France, Germany and Britain, but, “as history has repeatedly shown, Europe follows the United States.” Iran demanded from Europe “to stop the silence and prove” that the European countries are “working on a nuclear agreement”.

If Europe hesitates with an answer, Tehran “reserves the right to start its nuclear activities,” the spiritual leader of Iran said.

Recall, on May 8, US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of Washington from a nuclear deal with Iran. The newspaper VZGLYAD analyzed this decision in detail:

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei presented to the European leaders seven demands, under which Tehran is ready to remain in the agreement on the atom, according to its official website on May 23. Here they are:


“Over the course of two years, the United States has violated the SVAP several times (the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan), While the Europeans remained silent.

These three European countries (the European trio – Britain, France, Germany) must prove that they will not behave dishonestly and unreliably, “- said Khamenei in his Twitter.

1) Europe, according to the supreme leader, should issue a resolution condemning the actions of the United States,

2) must ensure that it does not raise the issue of the missile program.

3) and will not interfere in the regional policy of the republic.

4) Iran also demanded the sale of Iranian oil.

5) In addition European banks “must guarantee the conduct of business transactions” with Iran.

6) “If the US manages to prevent the sale of our oil, we should be able to sell the desired amount of fuel.” Europeans should in the form of guarantees compensate for this and buy Iranian oil, “he said.

7) Khamenei also said that Europe should “oppose” the US attempts to impose sanctions against Iran.

US President Donald Trump announced on May 8 that Washington is withdrawing from an agreement with Iran on the nuclear program reached by the six international mediators (Russia, the United States, Britain, China, France, Germany) in 2015. Trump also announced the restoration of all sanctions, including secondary ones (in relation to other countries that conduct business with Iran), whose actions were suspended as a result of the deal reached.

In Tehran, they threatened to resume enrichment of uranium up to 20% in case of failure of European countries from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (VCPD). Such a statement was made by the head of the Organization of Atomic Energy of the country Ali Akbar Salehi.

According to a number of American and European media, the White House overestimates the power of sanctions in changing the identity of the Iranian government and underestimates its will to resist external pressure.

In this regard, it is appropriate to recall the words of John Sovers, one of the British negotiators in 2005, and then head of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), who once said that “Tehran will begin enriching uranium even at the cost of war.”

Of course, Iran is under enormous economic pressure. A member of the economic committee of the Iranian parliament recently said that prices in the country soared by 30-40%. The main reason is the depreciation of the Iranian currency, which has lost 50% of its value over the past eight months.


Large European corporations, such as the French Total and Airbus, leave the Iranian market because of fear of the return of US sanctions, as well as a ban on doing business in the US if they maintain relations with Tehran.


“With the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal, the banks no longer want to finance Iranian projects because of fear of sanctions,” Danieli, the Italian steel giant’s CEO, said on May 17 that he signed a $ 1.8 billion contract with Iran.


This trend indicates that the efforts of European authorities to prevent the collapse of the SVAP do not have a significant impact on the decision of the leaders of European companies. What can not be said about American threats.

According to Khamenei, European banks should provide trade with the Islamic Republic, European countries should continue to buy Iranian oil and not seek negotiations on the Iranian ballistic missile program and its regional activities. The last two points were not included in the nuclear deal, but Washington is insisting on them today. Khamenei warned that if the Europeans do not comply with these requirements, Iran will resume enrichment of the uranium that was terminated as part of the deal and begin testing ballistic missiles to increase their range and power. In this case, Europe will have no choice but to side with the US in order to stop Iran. Perhaps this is what the White House is trying to achieve. In response, a journalist who called Washington’s new strategy against Iran “a fantasy … because Europeans will not support American sanctions,” Pompeo said he “is sure that there is … a set of common values and interests, “which ultimately” lead us [the United States and Europe] to a unified approach to threats from Iran. “

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