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Iran threatens to destroy Israel in half an hour, if Moscow does not interfere

Tehran claims that Russia is interested in Iran losing the war

Now Iran has hard times. This is especially noticeable by the way his relations with the United States of America are developing. Washington recently intended, as Donald Trump said, to strike at targets inside the Persian state, but then canceled the attack. Tehran was not embarrassed by it, and the mercy allegedly shown by the American president did not touch at all. Instead, the Iranians respond with rudeness to rudeness and emphasize the most precious thing the United States has in the region – Israel. So, the other day, the head of the local parliamentary committee on national security and foreign policy, Mojtaba Zonnur, said that his country is capable of destroying Israel in half an hour. According to the official, Tehran will certainly do this if the States suddenly decide to attack the Persians. These threats are also interesting because Zonnur, besides overseeing security and relations with foreign countries, is also the head of the Majlis nuclear committee. And he is clearly aware of how his country is dealing with nuclear weapons. It is obvious that in his words there is a hint at Tehran’s potential to hit it in the appropriate way.

Previously, he had already made such statements. Once, he said that the first Iranian rocket would reach Israel in just seven minutes. Very quickly, given the technological level of development of the Iranian military-industrial complex.

Today, this is not so much information, but those that we see, do not speak in favor of Iran. For example, there are big doubts that he generally possesses missiles whose range exceeds 2-2.2 thousand kilometers. To get to Israel, of course, suffice, but will have to shoot from areas located near the western border, and this is not so easy to do, given the terrain. Secondly, the accuracy of Tehran’s missiles leaves much to be desired – if it makes sense to shoot them from afar, then only at large objects, that is, at cities. With such potential, it is unlikely that the promise of Zonnur will be fulfilled. But if all the same talk about the possibility of creating nuclear weapons are not exaggerated, then the Persians can afford such threats, and no one will call them groundless.

We must also recall the main fear of the Jewish state – the military power of the Persians in Syria. It is likely that this is exactly what the officials in Tehran are counting on when they threaten Israel with extermination. There is already less accurate data. It is obvious that there are Iranian missiles in the SAR, and there are many of them, otherwise there would have been no sense in those numerous Israeli strikes on Syrian territory (the score goes to hundreds, according to the IDF – author).

But even if Tehran has an impressive arsenal capable of seriously harming Iran, it will not be allowed to do so. And now it’s not about the United States, and not even Israel itself, but about Russia. Russia will not allow Israel to be destroyed, because it is its faithful ally. This is the point of view that prevails in the Muslim world.

For example, Hisham Jabar, an influential Lebanese political scientist and former military man who has completed his career as a general, believes that no one will allow any real actions against Israel, including Russia. “You should never forget that Russia is an ally of Israel, and Netanyahu has repeatedly visited Moscow.” According to him, the Middle East is now in crisis, and the balance of forces is on the side of Tel Aviv. And, in his opinion, Russia contributes to Israel in its destabilization of the region – he points to the fact that the IDF inflicts such multiple blows only after agreeing with Moscow and receiving approval from its side.

The IRGC General hinted that Russia, too, must fear the threats of Tehran.

Imad Awad, a Palestinian political expert who specializes in Israel’s international politics and who heads the think tank in Jerusalem, has similar positions. According to him, in the region there is only one state that can freely conduct military operations – this is Israel. No one either wants or can resist Tel Aviv. For example, Bashar Assad is weak, and besides, he is focused on restoring his own power in all regions of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Therefore, he is not in the mood for a reaction to the treachery of Israel. But Russia does not allow Iran or Hezbollah to act, and it will never allow it, because for its relations with Israel are most important in the region. In essence, Moscow is protecting and helping Israel.

There is also an opinion that Moscow will necessarily choose the first state between Israel and Iran. And even in the case of real threats to Iran, the Kremlin will remain inactive, indulging Netanyahu and American hawks. So the destruction of Israel is unlikely to happen. In any case, even Iran, which still claims that the “Zionist entity” must be destroyed, is beyond its power. And all thanks to Russia. So today our omnipotence is assessed in the Middle East.

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