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Iranians are attacking the Russian military to put pressure on the Kremlin

What forces are actually behind the attack on Russia convoy in Syria?

Recently, one of the Russian convoys in Syria was attacked. The incident occurred in the province of Darya between the settlements of Al-Sahwa and Busra al-Sham. On the route of the Russian military an explosive device was installed that was activated remotely. There are no casualties as a result of the explosion, and it seems that even the equipment has not suffered. This was announced by the head of the Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Alexei Bakin. The situation is standard, and in this news there would be nothing interesting if only the perpetrators of the terrorist act were not left incognito. Yes, the Russian major general did not name them when he was talking about the incident. The point is not in the names, but in what group the people who decided to undermine the Russians belong to.


It is always the first to accuse terrorist groups. But the problem is that Dar’aa, along with eastern Quneitra, has long been liberated from the militants. No, desperate daredevils, of course, can be found, but since the liberation of the territory from the Islamic state no such attacks have been recorded. In general, the rule of law here is good.


In connection with this, various versions of this incident have appeared. According to one of them, the Iranians initiated the attack. This version was put forward by the representative of the Syrian opposition and military expert Asaad al-Zuabi, who had previously served as a brigadier general. By the way, this person is very active politically – he is assigned one of the key roles in the formation of the so-called constitutional council (the organization, which will consist of representatives of Damascus and the opposition – author). According to him, the opposition has plenty of evidence that Tehran has long pursued a policy of military pressure on the Russian Federation. For example, he assures that his people have irrefutable evidence of the Iranian attack on the Russian-Syrian military base Khmeimim. As if the attacks were carried out by Iranian drones, and not Israeli, as many foreign experts assume.


– If we see who attacked Khmeimim’s base, it was an Iranian drone. A few months ago, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the UAV that had attacked the base belonged to some country in the region. Probably Iran was meant, and not to Israel or someone else, because they (Iranians) knew the frequencies and everything else, – assad al-Zuabi says. According to him, Russia is preventing Iran and “regime forces” from carrying out crimes against the local population and former members of the armed opposition, who were pardoned. In general, our military wanted to put in place.


Zuabi’s information does not contradict the statement of the representatives of the mysterious group of Saray al-Janub. The latter was accused by representatives of the Syrian Arab army in the attack on the Russian convoy, but members of the formation refute all allegations. In principle, they do not show much negativity towards the Russian Federation. According to them, they consider Iran and Hezbollah their enemies. In general, the history of this grouping is very strange – until 2019, nothing was heard about it, and it began to operate in Dar’aa after the transfer of the province to Assad’s control. By the way, this formation became famous due to numerous inscriptions on the walls of houses. In their short messages, members of the gang or, rather, sects mention the ancient goddess Allat, revered as Arabs in pre-Islamic times. Recently, more and more anti-government inscriptions began to appear, and the members of the group themselves call themselves “People’s Resistance”. Saray al-Janub, rejecting the accusations, announced that the pro-Iranian forces are the real organizers of the actions against the Russian Federation.


According to our source in the military circles of the Russian Federation, Iran is really hard going through the “transitional stage” in Syria. The problem is that so far Tehran has not received any guarantees in terms of the potential to realize all its economic plans. For example, the issue of the transfer of a container port in Latakia has not yet been settled. It should have been handed over to the Persians immediately after the French had left, but now barriers appeared. Many parties are now interested in this facility.

Including Russia. Secondly, the disruption of the nuclear deal finally put an end to the possibility of laying a pipeline to the Mediterranean. In Iraq and Syria, Iran has enough influence to promote the project, but the States by its actions made it completely meaningless. And Russia and the EU look absolutely helpless. This creates certain frictions, but according to our expert, the Persians are unlikely to commit terrorist attacks against the Russian military, because this can create serious risks for them at any time.


Skirmishes between small groups sometimes happen, but usually without victims. Of course, it comes from the soldiers themselves, and is not an indicator of the relationship even the officers of both countries. The crisis that exists between states is not solved by acts of terrorism and clashes, but by high-ranking officials. So for Tehran it’s simply pointless to put pressure on the Kremlin with similar methods. However, the expert does not exclude that such a scenario is possible. He recalls that even during the time of Bashar Assad’s father, there was a case in which a Russian warship going to the Syrian port was fired from helicopters off the coast. At the same time our military was forbidden to respond.

  • Many people became disabled, but there was no response, – says the person, who watched the shelling from the shore.

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