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Is the future president of the USA elected in Ukraine?

Another candidate to presidency of the USA Joseph Biden turned out to be involved into a huge corruption scandal in Ukraine, the consequences of which may lead to the end of the political career of “Buddy Jo”.  So, on November 20 this year, a press conference was held in Kyiv, at which the people’s deputies of Ukraine required the presidents of Ukraine and the USA Vladimir Zelensky and Donald Trump to investigate the theft and legalization of 7.4 billion dollars with the participation of ex-presidents Viktor Yanukovich and Petro Poroshenko. Besides, Franklin Templeton Investments, the US investment fund, close to the US Democratic Party, as well as former US Vice President D. Biden and his son Hunter participated in this corruption plan. People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andrii Derkach said that several facts indicate the connection of Franklin Templeton Investments with the Democratic Party:

– Son of founder of Templeton – John Templeton Jr. was one of the major donors of the electoral campaign of President Obama.

– Former national security counsellor of Obama Thomas Donilon has the biggest share in Franklin Templeton Investments through the US company BlackRock Investment Institute.

Jo and Robert Biden (right) and Devon Archer (left), the participants of the corruption scandal in Ukraine


The press conference released the facts that the Bidens and the US citizen Devon Archer obtained 16.5 mln dollars for the services within the operation of Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian gas-producing company. But what is the origin of these funds? According to the Ukrainian investigators, these are the laundered money obtained illegally. The son of the US Vice President Jo Biden was awarded for his services with the illegally obtained “laundered” money. The Bidens obtained the money, the origin of which is neither the successful activity of Burisma Holdings company, nor the genius business actions and recommendations. These are the money of the citizens of Ukraine which were stolen according to different corruption plans. And here the story begins.


As a result of this activity Ukraine is waiting for the default and bankruptcy in 2021. Bankrupt country costs cheaper. Ukraine is prepared for selling the gas pipeline, land, enterprises etc. Everything cost 8 bln grivnas will cost 8 mnl grivnas or 8 grivnas. And the Urkainian citizens will not see even these money – they will be paid for the debts. The concerned persons from the US part, such as the Bidens, actively use these possibilities for their own enrichment. On the one part, the help the Ukrainian oligarchs to plunder the country. On the other part – they support the corruption officers in the authorities of Ukraine. Unfortunately, whatever results of these plots are reached, it is much unlikely that the money laundered by the Bidens return to the budget of Ukraine.

Similar plans to bring the countries to the economic bankruptcy and appropriation of the resources by the US elites were carried out by the USA many times in the countries of the Latin America and the Middle East. And the citizens of Germany, Spain and all Europe should answer a simple question – do we need such a friend?

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