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Israel again threatens to destroy the Russian S-300 in Syria

Jews are not afraid of Kremlin

IDF General promising to introduce his powerful technique against the Russian, he is not afraid to spoil relations with the Kremlin.
Despite the fact that in Russia the story of the S-300, which seems to have been supposed to close the western part of the Syrian sky from the IDF, is forgotten, Israel is often remembered about it. For example, a few days ago an interview with local media was given by Major General Yoel Strick, commander of the Northern Military District. Recently, he had a lot of work in Lebanon — during the pre-election race, Benjamin Netanyahu used the fight against Hezbollah as a means of raising the rating. In any case, such accusations were made in the media. And now Strick spoke mainly about this, plus everything has already passed two years, as he was appointed to the post of commander of the Northern Military District. He summed up, as soon, as reported, he will be dismissed.

As is usually the case with Israelis, Strick spoke of the Hezbollah problem as one of the main problems of the Jewish state. At the same time, he noted that separating Hezbollah and Lebanon is wrong, for Hezbollah is the official part of the political system of this republic. In general, stuff like that. But his main thought can be called the statement about the obligatory future victory over the threat «from the north», that is, it is all about the same Hezbollah.

Next, the general switched to Syria. He highly appreciated the actions of the IDF in the process of combating the Iranian presence in the southern part of the SAR. According to him, it was thanks to the actions of the Israeli Iranian military that they managed to flip away from the border. It is commendable, but for some reason, no one says anything about Netanyahu’s regular trips to Moscow with requests to influence Tehran. It is hard to believe that without pressure from the Kremlin, the Persians would have decided to reduce their presence in certain areas. Anyway. Much more interesting is Strick’s position on the question of our C-300, set in the SAR.

An Israeli general asked the journalist if Tel Aviv would be restricted in Syria after the Syrians finally began to fully exploit the S-300, replied that he didn’t see any serious problems. According to him, when the S-300 finally passes under the full control of the Syrians, Israel will introduce advanced equipment into the necessary areas. At the same time, Strick recalls, the Jewish state has a great air force. He further stated that he would not disclose all the cards, but he could assure everyone that if Damascus applied S-300 against the IDF, then the Russian air defense system would be destroyed. To the question of whether this would worsen Russian-Israeli relations, the general replied that he would most likely worsen. In this case, the destruction of the S-300, he calls the legal step.

Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov believes that this is nothing more than propaganda.

– For example, the Israelis brought a commercial to Bangalore at a military exhibition, where their weapons destroy the C-300 antenna. This is targeted propaganda. As for the S-300, I can say that in Israel they don’t even know how they work now. Of course, they went to study the data of the air defense system to Ukraine and Cyprus, but in principle this does not give them anything. The complexes delivered to these countries were among the first. Since then there have been many changes. In general, our complexes are now being created so that they can be upgraded very quickly, changing parameters quickly. In fact, a modular upgrade – they pulled out one module, put another, and got to consider another complex. The antennas and rockets are constantly changing. Yes, this is another complex, even his index is different. So this is all just propaganda.
– Perhaps, the Israelis are so dismissive not to Russian technology, but to the Syrians, who will work with them?

 Yes, it is very likely. I think that after the Israelis managed to destroy the «Pantsirs» twice, such thoughts could not help them to creep into their heads. Syrian calculations have questions. It seemed to me that after the first destroyed «Shell», the Syrians had drawn conclusions, but it turned out not. Israel hopes for this – they say that the Syrians are not far away, they can do nothing and can be provoked in every possible way. For example, recall the incident with the IL-20, when Israel deliberately provoked the Syrians.
This is what the Israelis are trying to play – they hope for a lack of discipline, a lack of experience. They hope that as a result of this they will be able to destroy the S-300 complex. And in order for this to be a deafening success, they are already preparing the ground now – everyone is talking about it, and present it as an almost unrealized event. And if they still manage to take advantage of the lack of professionalism of the Syrians and achieve the goal, then this will be presented to the whole world as a great accomplishment. But here we must take it not as a confrontation of technology and technology, but as an opposition of man and man. If well-trained people are on the S-300, then they will shoot down almost any target. And if there are people who have completed short courses and did not really understand anything, then you should not expect great efficiency from the S-300 with such personnel.

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