Israel consistently and effectively fights against Iran and Syria in the Middle East

The Israeli Air Force has been consistently and effectively “countering the Iranian aggression in the Middle East in the past few years,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Israeli Air Force stroke at dozens of Iranian facilities in Syria.

Speaking at a conference of the Air Force commanders from around the world, he repeated that for Israel the military presence of Iran in neighboring Syria and the appearance of nuclear weapons is unacceptable.

“We will not allow Iran to establish military bases in Syria and we will not let it develop nuclear weapons, the Israeli air forces play a key role in implementing this policy, they have been doing this consistently and effectively over the past few years,” the head of the Cabinet said.

Two weeks ago, the Israeli Air Force conducted the largest operation in its history against the Iranian forces, bombing dozens of their facilities in the territory of a neighboring country.

Netanyahu also welcomed the tightening of US policy towards Iran with the withdrawal from the nuclear deal and a new list of demands that, in addition to tightening the non-proliferation regime, the end of support for radical groups throughout the Middle East and withdrawal from Syria.

“I can say with confidence that the approval that I have just expressed is shared by many, many others in the Middle East.” This is not only the Israeli position, “the prime minister said.

Commander of the IDF Air Force Major-General Amikam Nurkin spoke about the combat use of the F-35 fighter-bomber.

“We are flying the F-35 throughout the Middle East. This years has become a part of our operational potential. We were the first in the world who carried out the attacks on the F-35. The Israeli Air Force twice attacked the F-35 on two different fronts, “Nurkin said.

Israel was the first country outside of the US, which acquired the F-35. Only a limited number of American allies were authorized to purchase this aircraft, which, according to Washington, will continue to support Israel’s quality military advantage.

At present, there are about eight F-35 in Israel. At the same time Israel counts a total of 50 such fighter-bombers. They should be by 2024. F-35 is equipped with modern Israeli weapon systems.

As the 7th channel wrote earlier, the commander of the Israeli Air Force also told his colleagues from 20 countries that the Iranians fired 32 rockets from Syria over Israel two weeks ago. 4 of them were intercepted. The rest did not fly to the territory of Israel. When the Israeli warplanes carried out a massive bombardment in response, over 100 rockets were fired from Syrian air defense systems. And, according to Nurkin, Israeli air defense systems are successful at 85% in repelling enemy missile strikes.

Israel accused Syria of launching 100 missiles on Air Force planes.

The commander of the Israeli Air Force, Amikam Norkin, said that the Syrian air defense forces had fired more than 100 rockets by IDF pilots who bombed the Iranian military presence on the night of May 10.

All the fighters who participated in the largest-ever operation against the Iranian forces, then returned to their bases. Before that, they also struck at a number of air defense systems that fired them, including the Pantsir missile defense system and the Buk missile system of Russian manufacture, which had recently entered the arsenal of the Syrian Armed Forces.

“In the course of … more than 100 surface-to-air missiles were fired over our planes,” the Israeli Air Force commander said at a conference in Herzliya in front of colleagues from two dozens of states.

The airstrikes allegedly were a response to the rocket fire of military positions in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights from the pro-Iranian forces, which are based in Syria.

Amikam Norkin specified that the armed groups controlled by Tehran released 32 MLRS to Israel, 4 of them were intercepted, the others allegedly could not reach the border. Note that before that, the IDF was talking about a volley of about 20 missiles.

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