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Israel tries to hide its real role in the Syrian war

Israel conducted an operation to evacuate from Syria the so-called “White Helmets” – an organization which has no honest bone in its body. «No where to put stigma», as it is said in Russia. In view of the successive military successes of Assad, “white-footed” allegedly had to be saved, but in the end the Golan lost half of the number of rescued. However, this story has another interpretation. And it directly concerns Russia.

Syrian government troops occupied the city of Nawah, the last fortified settlement in the governorate (province) of Deraa, which was held by jihadists. After that, the entire interior of the province can be considered liberated – local “armed opposition” is given tickets to the “goblin reserve”, that is, Idlib.

Earlier, under similar conditions – the surrender of heavy weapons and a ticket to Idlib – the militants left the town of Mahajah, as a result of which the control over the strategic route leading from Damascus to Amman, the capital of Jordan, was completely restored. Moreover, the work of checkpoints on the border with that country has been resumed and the process of returning refugees to their homeland has begun. Mahaj, like several other large villages on the Golan Heights, is historically inhabited by “Circassians” – Mohajirs, that is, descendants of settlers from the North Caucasus. The Turks deliberately settled them on the borderlands, creating a special military class like the Cossacks. In general, Circassians did not find a common language with jihadists, therefore they were forced to flee to friendly Jordan, where the descendants of the Mohajirs are traditionally treated with respect.

In the direction of the Israeli border – on the Golan Heights – the situation is traditionally more complex. Over the past two days, the Russian Air Force has been forced to conduct a series of air strikes against the positions of “irreconcilable” west of Tafaz, after which most of the jihadists, including the former members of ISIS, nevertheless agreed to leave for Idlib. In the central zone of the Golan, government forces occupied the towns of Nabe al-Sahr, Majdoliya and Mashirfa, after which militants were ordered to retreat to the northern zone near the border with Israel. Based on the agreement with the Russian military police, within a couple of days they will also be organized in an organized way to the “goblin reserve”.

Against this backdrop, Israel stated that 827 people, activists of the White Helmets organization and members of their families, would be sent to the territory of the Jewish state in an organized manner. How all these people were on the Golan and what they did the last three to four months after the fabrication of the “chemical attack in the Duma”, the question is open. It was believed that most of this paramilitary organization, pretending to be a humanitarian organization, moved to Idlib beforehand. Now Israel has assumed the role of a “transit state”: according to the IDF representatives, “White Helmets” on Jewish territory did not stay even for a day and were organized to some extent to Jordan. Another 30 people agreed to accept Canada – it is far away, there for Foreign Minister Khristya Freeland and toothy tolerance in everyday life, which allows not to understand the political processes on the other side of the oceans. The Internet – the main “battlefield” of “White Helmets” – has long ago replaced Canadians (as well as Australians) with other windows in the real world.

Eight of the “white-haired” decided to personally pick up from Jordan, the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. Why, say, not nine? Does he have anything personal to this eight? Best Friends of the BND?

At the same time, exactly half of the declared number of “white-haired” to Israel (or rather, to the barbed wire at the advanced positions of the IDF in the Golan) miraculously did not reach and literally disappeared in the mountains – Jordan confirmed the arrival of only 422 people. Western sources say that this is a temporary delay, connected with the “peculiarities of the terrain”. That is, everyone should believe that eight-odd hundred souls literally walk from the Assad regime on foot, while their armed brethren are sent comfortably across the country to Idlib, furnishing documents, food and water. Such a human tragedy in the style of “exodus”. We will wait for the video reports.

There is evidence that the agreement on the release of those who called themselves the “White Helmets” in the Golan was reached in Helsinki, and the initiative came from Donald Trump (it is known that the “belokasochnikam” sympathizes with his daughter Ivanka, imbued with touching videos on the Web). Given the attitude to this organization in Russia, the US president believes Moscow’s principled agreement on this emigration is a great success of democracy. Apparently, the American elites themselves have convinced themselves that the Russian military police intend to outweigh the “white-haired” along the old Roman road. Details of this evacuation, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Head of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov agreed in negotiations with Israel

all accounts, Israel deftly took advantage of the situation to “clean up” itself in the Syrian direction. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel would pass through its territory “white-footed” at Trump’s personal request. But it quickly turned out that two field commanders of the Fursan al-Golani Brigade, Moas Nasser and Abu Ratab, and the field commanders Ahmed al-Nakhs from the nearby ISIS of the Sash al-Sham brigade and Alaa al-Khalaki from the Jaysh al-Ababil. ” These bearded children were recruited by Israeli intelligence a few years ago and coordinated their activities in the Golan with the IDF. It is normal for Israel to provide local security in the border zone with agreements with Shaitan himself. Of course, this does not look very nice, but in Israel itself, this practice is justified, not considering it shameful to play geopolitical games with any bandits based on their situational situation. If Fursan al-Golani and Safed Al-Sham pledged not to shoot west, they will receive Israeli weapons, financial support, and intelligence, and now asylum and protection. Going from the Golan to Israel, the jihadists blew up warehouses with weapons and almost certainly will destroy all documentation that could link them to the Mossad and the IDF. But no one has ever succeeded in clearing out all traces of such ties, and so the Syrian, and through them, Russian structures will surely get a lot of interesting data about the real participation of Israel in the intra-Syrian conflict. It is clear that now the situation is such that to make any claims to Israel publicly nobody will. Moreover, everything that happens is the secret of the Polishinel. But to have real evidence on hand is extremely useful. The specific representation of Israel about its national interests generates unscrupulous tactics to ensure these very interests. Many (especially in Europe) are unlikely to like Netanyahu’s cooperation with organizations declared by the UN terrorist for the sake of an ephemeral confrontation with Iran. Against this background, there is a reasonable suspicion that four hundred “lost” “white-footed” are conspiratorial jihadists who are at risk to present to the public to avoid scandal. Either all these people had earlier gone to Idlib, having removed their beautiful helmets and turned to the points of registration of the Russian military police in ordinary militants. On this topic, the Syrian army’s instructions are explained by the operation in the “goblin reserve”. Russian diplomacy in the Middle East is close to the biggest success in 30 The Syrian Army returned to the point where the war began. Earlier, one of the leaders of the White Helmets, Raez (Raed) Saleh, claimed that “Russia did not give permission for the evacuation of the White Helmets to Idlib.” Only who will believe him now. After the elimination of the last foci of the jihadist resistance in the Golan and in the province of Deraa, the “center of gravity” naturally shifts toward that same Idlib. It has already been reported that some jihadist groups have taken several sorties from the “reserve”, but there were bits. It’s about fighting in the mountains of Latakia, and in the east – in the direction of Aleppo. Now in the “reserve” nearly 40 thousand armed militants – 10 full-fledged divisions – have accumulated. And it does not matter that they are scattered and hostile to each other. It’s still a serious force. And it is not yet clear what to do with it.

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