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Israel will easily disable Russian drones and bypass the S-300

Western experts believe that if Russia uses Tel Aviv’s technology, it’s easy to handle.

Israel today is actively discussing the potential of the Israeli military-industrial complex in connection with possible complications in relations with Russia. For example, now in the media they recall a case that happened a year ago. In July 2018, one of our unmanned aerial vehicles was shot down over the Golan territory by IDF forces. When the wreckage of the drone fell into the hands of the Israeli military, they were greatly surprised. The fact is that the shot down model was identical to the UAV, which is exploited by the local army. The differences consisted only in the fact that on Russian device there were inscriptions in Cyrillic.


Yes, not all IDF soldiers know that Russia in its program for the development of unmanned technology is actively using Israeli technology. That is why they were surprised. And it all started back in 2008, when, in the course of combat operations against Georgian troops who tried to seize South Ossetia, outdated Russian and Soviet drones showed themselves in the worst possible way. As a result, it was decided to start cooperation with Israel in this area. In 2010, $ 400 million was spent on the purchase of technology from one of the world’s leading UAV companies in Israel Aerospace Industries.

As a result, two years later, the Russian army received an “Outpost”. One could say that this is the first effective Russian UAV, if only it was not an almost exact copy of the Israeli Searcher II. Moreover, even all the components were brought from the Jewish state.


Three years later, the Russian Federation has not advanced in this matter and continued to purchase equipment from Tel Aviv. In 2015, Moscow bought another batch of UAVs, which, as it was then reported, were originally intended for Ukraine, but Binyamin Netanyahu did not want to spoil relations with the Kremlin, and therefore refused the first deal. So far, we have a dependency in Israeli components. Although it seems like next year there are plans to fully switch to Russian-made analogues. But for now these are only plans. But with the production of unique devices, we somehow did not ask at all, which is why the Outpost is now the main drone in the armed forces.

And this is bad, given the fact that there are many unresolved issues in the airspace of Syria. between the Russian Federation and Israel. The IDF regularly flies and attacks our allies. Sometimes, civilians, including children, are dying because of these bombings. And Iran, which is constantly losing its facilities, is already beginning to look askance towards the Kremlin. All this prevents Moscow, and in the interests of Russia, the leadership should use the maximum resources to limit the Israeli air force in the skies over Syria. Obviously, Israeli technology will not help here. The problem is that the “Outposts” along and across studied by experts from Israel Aerospace Industries.

Australian expert on military conflicts and the Middle East, Richard Frank admits the possibility that Israel can even turn off Russian drones at any time:


  • Many states go this way. It is extremely difficult to manufacture our own unmanned vehicles – this is a new type of weapon, although, as is known, the Soviet Union had a serious program for developing unmanned technology. But with the collapse of the state, many experts in this field left for Israel and the USA. They continued to work there, and Russia at this time, it seems, was not at all interested in drones. Now, in a short time, it is impossible to develop technologies and organize production, therefore Moscow turned to Israel as one of the leaders in the field of military technologies. I went through the easy way. So do many. Few countries have their own technology. There are no problems in this, of course, if we do not allow the possibility of a confrontation between Israel and Russia. If there are such risks, then theoretically Israel can turn off these Russian drones, which are in fact Israeli. Does it seriously harm Russia? It is unlikely, because the modern Russian army is not as technological as the army of the USA or Israel, and its dependence on such means is small. As far as I know, only a few dozen drones fall on a huge Russian army. This is uncritical. By the way, there are a few words to say about the problems with the S-300. These complexes are well studied by Israel. There is information that in the 90s Russia itself provided Israeli specialists with access to them along with other missile defense technologies. I don’t know how true that is. But they (the Israelis) had many other opportunities to explore the S-300 – Greece, Cyprus, for example. Therefore, there is little practical sense in supplying S-300 for the Assad regime. This creates risks only for Israeli civilian aircraft. And for the Israeli military there are no problems.

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