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Kiev declared Russia a gas war under the guise of the United States

Ukraine is stubbornly looking for ways to harm Gazprom and at the same time to itself

Ukraine will fight in the gas war with Russia with the help of American liquefied gas (LNG). This statement was made by the head of the Ukrainian Naftogaz, Andrei Kobolev, after a recent visit to Washington. The official once again declared that Moscow was allegedly going to unleash a gas war after the expiration of the transit contract with Ukraine at the end of this year, so Kiev is actively preparing for “hostilities”. At the same time, all the proposals of the Russian side and calls for negotiations were ignored by Naftogaz.

“Their goal is to create an artificial crisis after 2019, starting from the first of January. The crisis about which I speak, which can take place in January 2020, can be called a gas war. And I think that her probability is very high, ”the Ukrainian official threatened.

As part of the “preparation”, Kobolev said that Kiev and Washington are close to concluding a contract for gas supplies to Ukraine. Allegedly, the parties discussed this option during the last negotiations and showed great interest.

“I hope that in the near future this interest will be transformed into concrete gas flows,” said Kobolev.

The Ukrainian and American sides also discussed joint opposition to the implementation of the construction of the Russian export gas pipeline Nord Stream-2.


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If everything is clear with the opposition to Nord Stream II, then the prospect of supplying American LNG to Ukraine raises big questions. If only because there is no own terminal for regasification in the “Square” territory. The nearest terminal, as the joint venture director of the National Energy Institute Alexander Frolov told “SP”, is located in Poland, and theoretically deliveries will be possible. But the cost of such gas may be more expensive than pipeline, even reverse, at times.

This, however, is not too concerned about the leadership of Naftogaz. The main thing is to make a loud PR statement and again tell the whole world about the upcoming “gas war” with Russia. According to Alexander Frolov, this is precisely the main task of the statement of the head of Naftogaz, and not at all in the real desire to buy expensive American liquefied gas, for which Ukraine simply has no money.

“Without exaggeration, Andrei Kobolev can be called an enemy of the people, even if this concept is not popular today,” says Alexander Frolov. – Ban Kobolev sits at his post only to fuel the conflict with Gazprom. They tried to remove him in March of this year, but due to the pressure of Ukraine’s western partners, the contract with him was extended, and now this person continues to do his job.

Do you think he continues to improve the economic and production performance of Naftogaz? No, they have deteriorated, especially since the volume of pumping Russian gas through Ukraine does not depend on Kobolev. Maybe he has increased domestic gas production? No, this problem Kobelev disastrously failed. Nominally, production has grown, but the volume of marketable gas, which is actually sent to consumers, has decreased. That is, this person, who is the head of a large oil and gas company, works extremely inefficiently.

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But he is doing everything to ensure that the transit contract with Gazprom is not renewed, and in the beginning of 2020 a gas war with the Russian Federation took place. It does not seem that this person was mentally insane. This means that his actions stem from a different logic. Not from the logic of increasing Ukraine’s energy security or increasing the reliability of gas supplies to consumers, but from the logic of maximally fueling a conflict with Gazprom and the Russian Federation.

“SP”: – That is, the leadership of “Naftogaz” deliberately provokes the coming conflict?

– Now we see the next nonsense from the category of fueling the gas war. In this statement, the main thing is not that Ukraine really wants to buy liquefied natural gas from the United States, which is absurd in itself. The main thing is different – Kobolev morally prepares his European partners for the fact that the gas war will be and it is inevitable.


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Notice that Gazprom does not talk about the gas war, but offers discounts, the government of the Russian Federation does not talk about the gas war, but suggests discussing the extension of the transit agreement and deliveries to Ukraine.

Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that Kiev does not need to worry, the contract will be extended and transit will continue to go through the territory of this country.

And only the leadership of Naftogaz persists in stating that there will be no transit, there will be conflict and war, everything will be bad. And only Gazprom and Russia are to blame for this. And it must be said that these words fall on the soil fertilized by the Europeans themselves. Even during the gas conflict in 2009, when all European companies were on the side of Gazprom, the Western media wrote that Russia was to blame.

Now, major Ukrainian officials say that Russia is preparing for a gas war, and the Western media can again support these statements, although, I repeat, Russia does not even have any hint of this conflict. But Kiev is actively preparing all consumers for interruptions in transit.

“SP”: – And if they organize these interruptions, will Ukraine really be able to receive liquefied gas from the US itself?

– I think after this part of the statement, very loud applause was heard somewhere in Poland. Why in Poland? Yes, because Ukraine does not have its own LNG terminal. Its construction was a fix idea of ​​all presidents, starting with Yushchenko. It came to a farce when, for example, under Yanukovych, a contract was signed for the construction of a terminal with a representative of a “large Spanish company” who turned out to be a crook and a former ski instructor from Barcelona.

In fact, there was no LNG terminal in Ukraine, and there never will be. But in Poland there is such a terminal. Therefore, only one scheme is possible for Kiev – the delivery of LNG obtained and regasified in Swinoujscie, Poland.

There are actually not so many people in Europe who want to cooperate with Poland in terms of LNG supplies, although Warsaw wants it very much. At the same time, its terminal, even after expansion, will not allow receiving gas in the volumes that it now receives from Gazprom. But this does not prevent Warsaw from dealing with project design, planning the construction of gas pipelines to the Czech Republic and other countries and supplying American gas there. On the one hand, it looks insane, but on the other hand, what if the EU leadership will allocate money for this?

Poland continues to extort money from the European Union for these projects, and then Ukraine appears. Kiev, it is important that there was a good PR component and a beautiful picture. It does not matter how much gas will cost at the same time. And Poland proposes to sell them not any gas, but American gas, which will flow into its terminal, there to regasify and go to the territory of Ukraine.

At the same time, Ukrainian officials are already presenting how they will cut the ribbons and meet this gas with a loaf on the towel. It sounds like irony, but American coal was met in this way – with the top officials of the state and the Cossack dances in trousers.


Fear of Nord Stream 2 finally split the West

Fear of Nord Stream 2 finally split the West

German diplomat concluded: “Criticism of the“ SP-2 ”is reduced to the cacophony of political meteorism”

“SP”: – So, in theory, such supplies are possible?

– Possible, and I do not exclude that there will be several such deliveries of American LNG to Ukraine through Poland. This is the only scheme by which Ukraine can receive it.

The problem with this demonstration is that in the USA there are no state corporations that sell liquefied gas. These are private companies that do not depend on the will of Washington. And no Trump can force them to sell gas to Ukraine if it is unprofitable.

In addition, the producers of liquefied gas in the United States are not its sellers. Their capacities are leased by other companies that carry this gas to places where it can be sold more expensively, as a rule, to Asian markets or to Latin America.

Therefore, instead of the stories about how he negotiates with the US authorities about the supply, Kobolev should have gone to the same Polish PGNiG, which has already entered into the American chain as a trader. But it would not provide the same PR effect. And the result of this whole story will be the same as with coal, if not worse.

With all the loud statements made by Trump and Poroshenko about how Ukraine will start buying American coal, last year Russia was the largest supplier of coal to this country, with the president of which no one agreed on any supplies. Because it is a commercial question.

The same with American LNG. On the one hand, this is the PR of Naftogaz and Ukraine, and on the other, it is preparing the audience for the coming gas war with Russia, which Kiev itself is unleashing and characters like Kobolev.

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