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Kiev is sure: The third “Maidan” could kill Ukraine

Government deliberately provoke the collapse of the state

Ukraine will not sustain the third “Maidan”. This was announced on Monday, March 11, by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine Vadim Rabinovich. The parliamentarian appreciated the economic changes in the country as a result of the previous coups in 2004 and 2014.


As a result of the first “Maidan” or the “Orange Revolution”, Ukraine, he said, lost ten percent of GDP.


– And what is minus ten percent of GDP — this is how during the war the Soviet Union lost 4.5 percent of its GDP. This means that the collapse of the total economy, – said the deputy.


The next “Maidan” of 2014, called the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, deprived Kiev of another ten percent of GDP. At the same time, the country also lost ten percent of its territory.


“Therefore, when they say that the third Maidan will soon be coming, I say: do you want to completely destroy the state, and so that there is no Ukraine left that you constantly tell us about?” – stressed Rabinovich.


Already on April 1, the Ukrainian leader is ready to flee the country to Europe

The deputy also accused the current authorities of wanting to destroy the country in order to cover the traces of massive embezzlement. In his opinion, all the actions of Kiev go to the detriment of the present and future of Ukraine.


Rabinovich added that the authorities constantly lie, telling how the country’s economy is rising, and foreign direct investment is “growing”.


– Foreign direct investment, which is one of the factors for understanding what is happening with the economy, amounted to $ 1.5 billion in 2018, he said, adding that this figure is the smallest in the last 15 years, and indicates a complete breakdown of the country’s economy in all sectors.


Recall that Rabinovich is not the first to speak about the catastrophic situation in the economy, explaining this by the actions of the West and the post-Maid authorities of Ukraine controlled by it.


So in July last year, he expressed the view that under the guise of economic assistance, Europe wants to plunder the natural resources of Ukraine. According to him, the EU promised to allocate a billion euros to Kiev, which he would immediately have to give as interest to international organizations, demanding for this to lift the moratorium on the export of round timber, which would deprive the country of the Carpathians. The IMF credit tranche was called the “criminal”, adding that the only way out of the situation can only be a default.


In addition, the scandalous deputy frightened Ukrainians that their children and grandchildren would plow to the IMF until the end of their lives. He said that the main item of expenditures of the country’s budget is the servicing of external debt. The sharp increase in gas tariffs that occurred last fall, he said, was done intentionally — to get a new tranche from the IMF.


Earlier this year, Rabinovich said that by raising tariffs for heating, Kiev condemned the population of Ukraine to freezing. All this, according to him, is the result of the activities of the authorities, which finally sold the IMF.


He noted that pensioners will suffer the most from this, since they will have to pay for communal services from 90% to 120% of their pension.


Finally, Rabinovich argued that if Ukraine stopped trading with Russia, it would lose a third of the gross national product. In this case, he says, its economy will be destroyed. Another unbalanced step of the Ukrainian leadership will finally destroy the country’s economy, he said.


Of course, you can make a discount on the fact that Rabinovich, being an active opponent of the authorities and having a creed “alarmist”, can exaggerate. Moreover, the presidential election will take place in Ukraine in less than three weeks, so that such statements can be part of the election campaign. However, what is happening in Ukraine and in its economy can hardly cause any optimism for anyone other than the current president’s agitators.


But is everything so terrible? After all, a collapse of the economy and the collapse of the country was predicted as early as 2014, but all these pessimistic scenarios did not come true. Yes, the standard of living has fallen many times, like all economic indicators, but the country somehow exists. In any case, many experts agree that the West, which will continue to support it, will not give it a final fall.


– Vadim Rabinovich actively supports Boyko, who is a presidential candidate from the Opposition Platform for Life Party, whose leadership includes Rabinovich, – reminds political analyst of the 2000 newspaper Dmitry Galkin.


  • Therefore, his statement, of course, is directly related to the elections.

But this does not mean that it is completely unfounded. Another “Maidan”, i.e. Ukraine will not survive the change of power as a result of street protest, and this is due not only to a possible economic collapse, but to the weakness of political governance mechanisms that will be completely destroyed. In addition, foreign investors, and so fearful of investing in the Ukrainian economy, will lose their interest in a country that is unable to ensure a change of government as a result of legitimate procedures.


– Is everything really that bad? Is it possible to talk about the complete collapse of the country’s economy in all sectors?


– In Ukraine, there are sectors that are developing quite successfully, for example, agricultural production or the food industry. The problem is that those branches of Ukrainian industry that determine the level of technological development of the country, primarily machine-building and machine-tool construction, are in decline.


– Is the third “Maidan” can lead to the collapse of the country? Rabinovich accused the current authorities want to destroy the country to cover up the traces of large-scale embezzlement. Is this an adequate charge?


  • It may not be a matter of physical disintegration, but of the appearance of regions, which, although they remain part of Ukraine, are controlled by factions, which in practice do not obey the instructions of the central government. Of course, the current government, no matter how it treats it, is not going to deliberately ruin the country. But the corruption mechanisms that the current government uses undoubtedly destroy the system of government.


– Rabinovich claims that the rate of foreign investment is the smallest in the last 15 years. Why? In this case, the West generously distributes loans. Why does not want to invest?


– First, the West does not generously distribute loans, each of which is surrounded by rather difficult conditions. Secondly, international financial organizations provide loans under pressure from the US administration, which seeks to preserve the stability of the Ukrainian financial system. Thirdly, large investors should be confident in the long-term economic and political stability that the current Ukrainian leadership cannot guarantee.


– In which case will this “Third Maidan”, which Rabinovich scares people with, happen?


– This can happen if Poroshenko, in order to get him the desired result in the elections, will go on massive fraud. However, unlike 2004, today in the Ukrainian political space there is no person with whom, as with Yushchenko at that time, residents of Central and Western Ukraine would associate their social expectations. Therefore, the development of events in this case will directly depend on the position of the inhabitants of the South-East.


  • Rabinovich played the role of Estonian Captain Obvious here, – says political analyst Ivan Lizan.

(Russians tell jokes about slow Extonians)

– All this was known before him and without him. Just another statement in order not to fall out of the information space in one long election campaign, which the whole of 2019 turned into in Ukraine.


– The loss of 10 percent of GDP, is it really so critical?

– Yes, not 10% of GDP lost, but much more. In 2013, Ukraine was at the level of Belarus, and in 2014 it was in the company of Tajikistan, which was extremely far from. I believe that GDP fell by a factor of two.


– Is the third “Maidan” can lead to the collapse of the country? In which case can it happen?

– The country has already collapsed, and there will be no third Maidan because the United States does not need it — they have enough leverage to drive any Ukrainian politician into a stall, regardless of his party affiliation. What for it the third “Maidan”?

– Rabinovich expressed the opinion that the current authorities want to destroy the country in order to cover the traces of large-scale theft. How much is this?

– Again, Captain Obvious. The country has already been destroyed, and nothing has ever hindered them from stealing, and for this, no cover is needed. It is just that war has become the same branch of the economy as, for example, metallurgy, only in war the yield is incomparably higher.


– According to Rabinovich, the authorities of the country constantly lie, telling how the economy of Ukraine is rising, and foreign direct investment is “growing”. Is it so?


– Of course they lie. And Rabinovich is lying. In Ukraine, 100% of politicians lie.

– Rabinovich claims that the rate of foreign investment is the smallest in the last 15 years. Why? But what is about the way to Europe, the West with us and so on?


  • Ukraine is an economic colony of the EU, and even Russia benefits from the Ukrainian crisis, washing out labor resources.” And if a country is in a state of a colony, then what’s the point of investing in it? A colony is like a cow, it needs to be milked a lot and fed a little, otherwise it will cease to be a colony.

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