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Kissinger 2.0

the US should be friends with Russia against China

“China hates us”: Trump offered an alliance with Russia.

The legendary American diplomat, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, repeatedly met with Donald Trump and advised him to cooperate with Russia to counter the growing China – that is, in fact, to use the same strategy that he developed in the 1970s to contain the USSR. Meanwhile, experts doubt that the Kissinger scheme will work for the second time.

Henry Kissinger suggested that US President Donald Trump cooperate with Russia to counter the growing threat from the growing China. The former US Secretary of State, who developed and implemented the famous tactics of deterring the Soviet Union through an alliance with the PRC, advised the US president to “turn inside out” his own scheme, the American online edition of The Daily Beast found.

Five informed sources told the publication that Kissinger had met with Trump several times to promote this idea. At least three such meetings have taken place since the election campaign in 2016.

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Interlocutors of The Daily Beast note that Kissinger discussed the possibility of rapprochement with Russia and other countries in the region to contain China and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is an adviser to the president and is also involved in important foreign policy issues.

In the course of the pre-election race in 2016, not only Kissinger, but also many figures from Trump’s circle talked about the need to establish relations with Russia, as well as Japan, the Philippines, India, and the Middle East countries “in opposition” to the Chinese “threat”.

According to the program director Timoshenko Bordachev Discussion Club “Valdai”, Kissinger’s desire to re-use the tactics developed in the 1960s is understandable, but it is impossible to implement this scheme in the current realities.

“This is his greatest achievement in career and scientist, and politics, and he is confident that this can work in new conditions. But I think that the historical conditions have changed very much and now it is unlikely that this will happen. Despite the fact that there are some concerns about Russia in China, the importance of relations with the PRC is so great that such options are not possible, “the expert says.

Trump himself spoke of the need to join forces with Russia to contain China, while still a candidate for the presidency of the United States – in the summer of 2016. Answering a question about the future of Russian-American relations, asked by him, incidentally, Russian Maria Butina, now accused by the US authorities of “espionage” in favor of the Russian Federation, Trump said that the friendship between Moscow and Beijing should not be allowed.

“China hates us, everyone hates us, and still earns on us. When I become president, we will make money on them, and we will like them. I’ve always heard that the worst thing that can happen to our country is the rapprochement between Russia and China. We brought them ourselves – it’s terrible for our country, we made them friends. I really think that I’ll get along with Russia, “Trump said, answering a Russian question at the FreedomFest festival in Las Vegas.

According to the sources of The Daily Beast, Trump showed signs of interest in Kissinger’s strategy and after the beginning of his presidency. However, the policy of “counterweight” has not yet received wide support in American political circles. In this connection, the first bilateral summit of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump held in Helsinki on July 16 is of interest.

“It was a meeting that was supposed to take place. I’ve been in favor of this for several years, “Kissinger commented on the meeting of the two presidents.

But American politicians attacked Trump with cruel criticism, accusing him of “betraying” because of being with Moscow. According to Alexander Lomanov, today the slogan of those times – “prepare for war, prepare for disasters and do everything for the people” – is inconceivable in present-day Russia as applied to China, as the two countries have excellent relations now. “Nixon and Kissinger at that time very successfully played this game, taking advantage of the deep anti-Sovietism of Mao Zedong, who at that time disliked Moscow, treated the Soviet leadership very badly, suspected him of intending to repeat Czechoslovakia in Czechoslovakia and there were fears that now the USSR would also invade China in order to establish some kind of “correct” socialist system, as it once happened in Czechoslovakia, “the expert said, emphasizing that it is now impossible to imagine such paranoia and Kissinger proceeds from the fact that it’s better not to try to fight with rivals on two fronts, but focus on one direction, Lomanov explains. However, Washington does not have a price that it could offer Russia, so that Moscow has a choice between the US and China. Mao Zedong, the United States, proposed an exit from isolation and military technology. Now such a statement of the question is unreal. Imagine that now America can become an instrument for advancing the technical and military-technical modernization of Russia – it’s just from the category of the unthinkable, “the expert concluded.

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