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Kurds brought the situation in Rakka and Deir ez Zor to the disaster

only Damascus can save the inhabitants

The Euphrates Post published a large article dedicated to the difficult humanitarian situation in the Kurdish-occupied areas of Northeast Syria. In the region, the healthcare system is virtually completely destroyed, and projects to restore key infrastructure facilities in the provinces of Rakka and Deir ez Zor are in fact not being implemented.

Many areas in Kurdish-controlled areas are affected by the epidemic due to a deficit of clean drinking water, and also due to the almost total absence of medical services as such. The number of doctors who continue to work in dilapidated hospitals on the same enthusiasm is decreasing day by day, and they, of course, can not meet the needs of the population, especially in conditions of heat and a multitude of humanitarian problems, a large part of which has already reached a critical level.

At the same time, the ruins of many hospitals and other critical infrastructure destroyed by the blows of the Air Force coalition led by the United States or during the shootings of the Democratic Forces of Syria (SDF) and the Islamic State 1 remained almost untouched after the active phase of the military confrontation this region. According to Euphrates Post sources, corruption is rampant in companies that need to rebuild cities. Often, finance is almost completely dissolved after the approval of a project and the allocation of funds.

These organizations most often directly report to the leaders of Kurdish groups or representatives of the international coalition. There is no other controlling authority over them, and therefore their activities are subordinated to the general order of chaos and lawlessness that has been established in the north-east of the Arab Republic.

The senior researcher at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Boris Dolgov said in a commentary to the FAN that under the control of the Kurds the humanitarian situation in the region will undoubtedly continue to worsen. This has already caused a wave of discontent among local residents, but further deterioration of living conditions and the policy of repression of SDF can provoke a truly powerful uprising of the population.

“The situation in Syria occupied by Kurdish armed groups is complex, and, moreover, it worsens further. Especially in terms of establishing a peaceful life and restoring all necessary life support structures. At the same time, those companies that have to deal directly with these issues have their own goal as their main goal. Kurdish leaders, meanwhile, still see as their key task the creation of an independent enclave, and in the future, an isolated state in these territories. Therefore, they are primarily concerned with not the revival of life in the region, but with the establishment of their own power structures there, “our interlocutor remarked.

Nevertheless, the population can no longer wait and, fortunately, there are already progress, which will certainly help improve the situation in the northeast, the orientalist added. Obviously, realizing its inability to administer, hoping to contain the growing pressure of the residents’ protests, the Kurds nevertheless went to negotiations with Damascus.

“Those outlined prospects for cooperation with the government of the SAR are the best way to solve the problem. I think that this trend will develop. The areas captured by the Kurdish formations are quite extensive, and many people living there are in fact already needing to be rescued. Meanwhile, the US coalition, like the SDF fighters it oversees, does not pay attention to this. Therefore, the development of negotiations between Damascus and the “Democratic Forces” with the subsequent real restoration of peaceful life in Northeast Syria is necessary. And then all issues related to the legal status of the Kurds should be solved, but necessarily within the framework of a single state,” concluded Boris Dolgov.

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