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Kurds or ISIS

Who stands behind the terrorist attack?

The Al-Masdar News news agency reported that a terrorist attack was carried out in the city of Hasaka. The explosion of the motorcycle with the IED installed on it occurred in the residential quarter of Gassania near the local school and the stronghold of the pro-government formation Sutoro.

According to a source in the Telegram (mdadashamenglish), responsibility for the attack, which killed 7 militiamen, was taken over by the “Islamic State” 1 (IS1; ISIS1) but a number of media activists had doubts about who actually committed a terrorist attack in Hasaka.

The fact is that most of the north-eastern Syrian province is under the control of the Kurdish forces of the Democratic Forces of Syria (SDF), and the detachments of the Islamic state are concentrated much to the south of the scene of the terrorist act, almost at the border with Deir ez-Zor. Therefore, the fact that the militants were able to easily overcome significant territories, passing all SDF posts, seems unlikely. In addition, the aim of the terrorist attack of the “Islamic state” is not obvious, which was not the Kurds, who are directly fighting against terrorist groups in this region of Syria, but the pro-government groups that are small in Khasak.

The deputy director of the Institute of History and Politics of the Moscow State University, Vladimir Shapovalov shares these doubts, as he told a correspondent of the Federal News Agency


“Indeed, this is a rather ambiguous situation, as the” Islamic state “, according to official reports of the Kurdish forces themselves, has not controlled these territories for a long time, these territories have long been considered as cleared of terrorists, and a significant part of Khasaka province is under the control of” Democratic forces of Syria “. Therefore, in this case, there is a fairly serious reason to assume that this is not a terrorist attack by Islamic militants, but a provocation from the Kurdish forces,” the FAN interlocutor shared his opinion.

The expert stressed that very many actions that are attributed to radical Islamists, in fact, can be an  ostracized by other forces opposing the legitimate Syrian government: “Unfortunately, quite often in Syria we see provocative actions on the part of certain political forces aimed at achieving certain results. At the same time civilians suffer. It is necessary to establish the real culprit of these events in order to understand what it is: terrorist attack by terrorists or provocation of Kurds to achieve their selfish political goals, “said Vladimir Shapovalov, an interlocutor of the FAN. He recalled that Kurdish forces are eager to create their own independent states in the north and east of Syria, the separation of these territories from the Arab Republic and the formation on them of some kind of own political system: “However, Syria is a sovereign and independent state, whose borders are recognized by the international community. Therefore, the actions of the Kurds are a violation of the sovereignty and integrity of the country. But it is also important here that it is not only and not so much about territories with a compact residence of the Kurdish community itself that could somehow explain why the Kurds want to control these territories. Kurds are also trying to take control of the territories inhabited by Arabs and other nationalities, in particular, the province of Hasaka, which is already beyond the territories where the Kurdish community lives compactly, “the expert explained.

Such actions cause even greater questions to the Kurds. Why is the movement that positions itself as a liberation and allegedly struggling with the “Islamic state”, at the same time violates the rights of other inhabitants of Syria, seizes their territories, acts as an aggressor in these territories: “In fact, Kurds are pursuing not the goals of self-determination of their own community, and the goal of capturing the maximum number of lands, including the territories where oil deposits are located. Thus, the Kurdish community realizes not so much the task of creating Kurdish quasi-statehood, but rather the task of establishing control over economically attractive territories and extracting from this profit, “Vladimir Shapovalov added. According to the expert, this in itself is already a serious violation of all norms and principles of international law , but the Kurds do not shun the terrorist attacks, which are then attributed to the “Islamic state”: “The reason for this, in my opinion, is that the Kurds are counting on promoting Soy dinnyh States, which are, in fact, their sponsor. Americans view the Kurds as their weapons for the realization of geopolitical goals in Syria. Using the support of one of the largest powers in the world, the Kurds are ready to violate the norms of law, “Vladimir Shapovalov summed up.


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