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Large business in China supported the government in the trade war with the US

He took his words back: the head of the Chinese Internet giant Alibaba, Jack Ma, said that the company’s plans to create a million jobs in the US will have to be adjusted. The reason is the decline in trade relations between the countries. The stimulus to the growth of economic tension was given in America the day before, when they announced the introduction of new import duties on Chinese goods.

The total amount of restrictions is $ 200 billion. China’s response measures so far in a smaller amount – $ 60 billion. Trade restrictions will come into force on Monday, September 24. Experts already note that in the case of China and the United States, sanctions are double-edged weapons, so these economies are linked.

The economic confrontation between China and the US is gaining momentum. The position of the official authorities of the Middle Kingdom was supported by big business. The head of the Internet giant Alibaba said that he would not create a million jobs in the US.

– The prerequisite for this promise was a friendly Chinese-American partnership and rational trade relations. These conditions today no longer exist, so our promise can not be fulfilled.

To create jobs in America, Jack Ma promised in January 2017 at a meeting with Donald Trump. Then there was no precondition for a trade war.

New US sanctions against China will come into force on September 24. In currency, they look more significant than the Chinese answer – still 200 billion against 60. Nevertheless, if a major Asian business enters the trade war, it will be a different alignment of forces.

“We believe that many small and medium-sized businesses will suffer greatly from trade frictions, but I also think that in these difficult times there can be a number of outstanding enterprises.” All enterprises that use new ideas and new technologies will eventually remain in the In the face of today’s trade war, I believe that you need to focus on yourself and not pay much attention to others, “- says the head of Alibaba.

Difficult economic relations, Jack Ma gave this term 20 years. To understand how this period can be problematic, you can in any American supermarket. All the shelves are clogged with goods from China, most of it was purchased in advance. All new will have to be cleared with customs duty – first 10 percent, and by the end of the year and all 25 percent.

Under the impact hit toys, clothing, electronics, sports equipment – almost six thousand types of goods from China. Not all of them are finished products: many are just accessories to the products that are manufactured in the US.

Thirty years ago this factory in South Carolina received parts from Shanghai. Now we have to either raise prices, or look for another supplier.

“No country can replace China in the next 4, 5, 6 or even 7 years, which will lead to shifts.” Taking such radical steps in trading in such a short time is simply unfair to our business, “says Arnold Kamler from BCA Bikes.

Among the victims of the actions of Trump – those who voted for him: farmers. After all, China in return imposed its duties on pork, cereals, and soybeans from the States. This led to overstocking and the price collapsed by 30 percent.

“Farmers are being squeezed, small business owners are being squeezed, there are no winners in the trade war, it’s bad for China, it’s bad for the US And the longer it continues, the bigger the gap between the countries,” says the CEO the movement “Farmers for free duties” Brian Cool.

Farmers’ dissatisfaction can cost the Republicans of the majority in the Congress in the upcoming elections. True, and many Democrats, almost in all severely criticizing Trump, his actions against China support. Washington expects that Beijing will not be able to defend for a long time and will capitulate. However, while there are no such reports from the front of the trade war.

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