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Late in the evening on May 2 in Odessa the former leader of the local separation “Right Sector”

and a public activist Sergei Sternenko was attacked with a knife

Late in the evening on May 2 in Odessa the former leader of the local separation “Right Sector” and a public activist Sergei Sternenko was attacked with a knife.He got a head wound, according to an activist’s Facebook page.
Sternenko began to defend himself and stabbed the attacker with a knife in the stomach. According to eyewitnesses, when the offender was on the ground, internal organs were visible from his belly. As it became known later, the attacker died on the spot.
Sternenko spent several hours on the operating table. According to the media, he has a serious hand injury.
Attacks on the former leader of the regional organization of the “Right Sector” Sergei Sternenko, who fatally wounded one of the attempted, may be associated with a conflict between him and a man called Galstuk.

This is the main version of the police investigating the night incident, reports Dumskaya with reference to sources in law enforcement agencies.

Galstuk is Eduard Panchenko, who is now in jail, and  until 2014 bored the surname Moskalchuk. He is accused of trying to kill a girl, and the investigation believes that Galstuk regularly practiced violence over the opposite sex.

In 2000-2008 he served in the militia, since 2011 he worked as a “journalist” with the pro-Russian TV presenter Grigory Kvasnyuk, he was a member of the Rodina Party.

In 2014, Moskalchuk changed his name to Panchenko and joined the ranks of the “Right Sector”. At one time he was the head of the Odessa headquarters of this organization. Since that time, Moskalchuk-Panchenko has been in conflict with Sternenko, who repeatedly held political rallies at court hearings on the Galstuk’s case, which made him particularly angry with his opponent.

According to the second version, the assassination attempts may be connected with the first criminal case of Sergei Sternenko, who is accused of kidnapping the deputy of the Comintern District Council Sergei Shcherbich, incidentally, also a former “rodintsy.”

The publication became known for the names and surnames of the attackers at Sternenko. Killed – 29-year-old resident of Chernomorsk (Ilyichevsk) Ivan Kuznetsov. His accomplice and coeval, detained by the police, is Alexander Isaikul from the Black Sea region of Liman.

Kuznetsov ten years ago served an emergency in one of the landing brigades, then returned to his homeland and worked as a security guard. Apparently, he did not disdain and criminal earnings.

He left three young children from two marriages.

According to the wife of the deceased Olesya, on the eve Ivan left the house, saying that he was going to go “on business”.
However, Sergei Sternenko now claims that the knife that injured all the participants in the incident is not his.
Such a statement is circulated by the public organization “Nebayduzhy”, which is currently run by Sternenko.
The statement alleges that Sergei Sternenko was taken from the attacker when he was wounded in his hand.
On the videotape recorded by Sternenko and his girlfriend Natalya, the activist admitted that the knife was his and he took out his weapon to defend himself. The video from Sergei Sternenko’s page was later lost. As the activist claimed, the Facebook administration removed it, but it remained with the media

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