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Latest news about the situation in Syria

US State Department spokesman Heather Nauerte briefed on Moscow-Washington talks on the situation in the de-escalation zone in south-west Syria.
“The mention of someone attacking or threatening to attack is very troubling to the United States. This is a question that we raised with the Russians through our channels. These discussions are on “, – quotes Nauert RIA Novosti.
Earlier it was reported that Washington is concerned about reports that the Syrian authorities are allegedly planning an operation in the zone of de-escalation in the south-west of the country.
It was also noted that if the Syrian military takes any action that could jeopardize the ceasefire, the United States will act according to the situation

Head of the Russian Center for reconciliation of warring parties in Syria, Major-General Yury Yevtushenko said that more than 300 Syrians have returned to their homes in the Syrian provinces of Homs and East Guta over the past day.
This is stated in the statement of the center, which was at the disposal of RT.
“Over the past day, 184 people have returned to their homes in Homs province, 119 people have returned to East Gutu,” he said.
In addition, military doctors rendered medical assistance to 63 Syrians for 24 hours, including 46 children.
Yevtushenko also noted that the restoration of the destroyed social infrastructure and the establishment of a peaceful life facilitates the return of people to the places of their former residence.

Earlier, the FAN reported that Russia, as part of the armistice commission in the Syrian Arab Republic, recorded two violations of the ceasefire regime per day.
The newest Russian electronic warfare (EW) means will be created taking into account the characteristics of the Tomahawk cruise missiles, which are delivered from Syria. This was announced by the representative of the concern “Radioelectronic Technologies” Vladimir Mikheev. Domestic experts are studying fragments of US missiles launched in the Arab Republic on April 14.
Russian electronic warfare complexes (EW) will be developed taking into account the results of the analysis of the American cruise missiles Tomahawk that fell in Syria. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the adviser of the first deputy general director of the concern “Radioelectronic Technologies” Vladimir Mikheev.
“Now we are preparing technical tasks for new work, within which, taking into account all the information obtained, we will build samples of our new electronic warfare technique … Knowing all these parameters, we will be able to more effectively block these cruise missiles at all stages of their combat use, Said Mikheyev.
According to the top manager, engineers receive invaluable experience, analyzing the actual application of foreign military equipment in the Arab Republic. Missiles delivered to Moscow will allow specialists to study in detail the “communication channels, information transfer and control, navigation and location” of Western missiles.
Foreign media and a number of high-ranking US military believe that Russia has outstripped the United States in the development of electronic warfare and electronic suppression technologies. In the foreseeable future, the Russian Armed Forces will receive EW funds on other physical principles. At the same time, Syria will remain the “most important testing ground” for the newest complexes.

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