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Leaders of North and South Korea decided to “start all over again”

The meeting of the heads of the opposing states has been held under the slogan “A new step towards peace”.

At the border point, Panmunjom, on April 27, the first part of the talks between the President of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Moon Zhe Ying and the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, ended. Journalists have already called the meeting «historical». In accordance with the plan of events, the heads of the two countries at first tightly dined, and then planted a pine in the demarcation line in the demilitarized zone – a symbol of peace and mutual prosperity.

“The South and the North confirmed that their common goal is to conduct a full denuclearization on the Korean peninsula,” says the signed “Panmunjom Declaration on Peace, Prosperity and Unification of the Korean Peninsula.” “The parties also agreed to take active steps for cooperation with the international community in this regard.”

Common sense prevailed.

“So you came to the south,” said Mun Zhe Ying to his colleague from the separating two states. And in a comic manner asked: “When can I go to you to the north?” “. “Right now,” Kim Jong-un reacted and gently pulled the interlocutor by the hand.

During the talks, the leaders of both countries stressed the special importance of the meeting and agreed that it should be the first stage preceding the final cessation of confrontation on the Korean peninsula.

“This is indeed a historic event,” the Director General of the Center for Political Information Alexei Mukhin told the Parliamentary Gazette.

– It is fully comparable with the unification of the FRG and the GDR. In fact, this behavior of the leaders of states, capable of putting aside personal moments and historical mistakes, is worthy of respect. Few would have been able to take such a step. ”

Kim Jong-un expressed his readiness to visit Seoul and visit the presidential residence of the head of South Korea, and to demonstrate his friendly intentions, the leader of the DPRK presented President of the People’s Republic of Korea Mr. Mun Zhe Ying with the famous Pyongyang buckwheat noodles.

How did this become possible?

Both leaders will now go down in history as peacekeepers, who, despite the tense international situation, could still find common ground. From today, their popularity, as well as the support of the peoples of the two legally separated Koreas, will sharply rush upward.

Experts emphasize that if this did not happen now, it would never happen. The reason lies in the fact that representatives of separated families have already begun to die. Soon, young people simply would not see the point in such an association.

“Both Koreas were going to such a good outcome of the decade,” Mukhin said. “In my opinion, common sense has finally prevailed here. Although the starting point here was external aggression, including unceremonious activity of the United States. This definitely uniquely pushed Korea into each other’s arms. ”

The increase in tension, according to the two leaders, could not last forever. Moreover, Korea’s strategic rivals, Japan in particular, do not miss the opportunity to tense the situation to the limit, periodically recalling, for example, the incident on the South Korean island of Yonpyeong, which was fired from the territory of North Korea in 2010.

“I think that those who feared a blow from the North Korean army were hoping for our meeting today,” said Kim Jong-un. “Including displaced and abducted citizens, residents of the island of Yongpyeong”.

From today the situation has changed dramatically. “There will never be a war on the Korean Peninsula,” the declaration says, “a new era of peace has begun. South Korea and the DPRK stop any hostile actions against each other. ”

What’s next?

The long-awaited peace treaty between the DPRK and South Korea will be signed this year. Pyongyang and Seoul will continue to work with special readiness to work on the nuclear disarmament of the Korean peninsula. In turn, the heads of state pledge to start a “new era of peace” and never unleash wars with each other.

Mun Zhe Ying said that he intends to soon visit Pyongyang. According to preliminary data, such a trip can take place in autumn. And the most important achievement of the meeting – the parties agreed in the near future to begin a mutual merger in one country.

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