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London: British special forces will put the Russians to the asphalt

West throws “invincible” British against Russia in Ukraine, in Syria and Africa.

Special units of the British army will be reoriented from the fight against the terrorists of the “Islamic state” in Syria and Iraq to counteract Russia and other states. About this on Friday, June 14, reported The Guardian.


The reason is that with the approach of the defeat of the ISIS, the need to use special forces against Islamic terrorists is reduced, and it is necessary to set other tasks, such as uncovering the “secret actions” of Moscow in the Baltic States or Africa.


It is reported that the military leadership of Britain is convinced that the Kremlin is successfully using the GU of Ministry of Defense (ex-GRU), Therefore London wants to expand its capabilities in this “competitive space”.


It is noted that the special forces will be reorganized to concentrate on the interstate direction, for which an updated Special Operations Concept has already been prepared, which will soon be considered by the government. It is based on the assertion that modern methods of warfare are less and less focused on conventional hostilities and are shifting towards more “delicate conflicts between states”.


  • The Director of Special Forces has developed a secret plan called the “Concept of Special Operations ”, which will soon be considered by the ministers. If approved, the scheme will provide for the restructuring of the relevant units,” – the publication said.


An example of important changes is the provision that regulates closer cooperation of the landing force from the special aviation service (SAS, the counterterrorism unit of the ground forces). And the special boat service (SBS, special operations unit of the marine infantry) of intelligence MI6.


At the same time, Russia, as the authors of the article note, should become one of the special forces’ goals, given that “concern about its actions has increased dramatically after the Skripale poisoning in Salisbury last year.”


It is also noted that the military department itself refused to comment on the information.


How to explain this initiative? And why did it fall to the media?


– Their official explanation is given: allegedly Russia is now worse than LIH, – said Vladimir Kornilov, an observer at the Russia Today MIA.


  • In fact, they themselves have intimidated by the “Russian threat” and now they have to somehow demonstrate to the frightened public: they say, you see, we are preparing to repel this threat … And about “leaking out” – these are public data. Plan preparing to submit to the ministers. Accordingly, the general information had to be presented to the press.


– At the same time, Russia, as the authors of the article note, should become one of the special forces’ objectives, given that “concern about its actions has increased dramatically after the poisoning of Skrypal in Salisbury last year, – hat is, they are just trying to continue the already bankrupt topic?


  • It would be strange if a year-long hysteria was not used for such purposes. Many in Britain still believe that the country has undergone a “chemical attack organized by the GRU.” It turns out that their reconnaissance allowed the secret services of another country to freely act on Albion. So they reassure the public: now we will protect both Skripal and Skrypal’s cat.


– It is reported that the special forces will be sent to undermine the special operations of Russia abroad. In particular, it says about Ukraine, Syria, the Baltic States and Africa.


– This is more serious. The desire to annoy Russia and its special services operating on the territory of another country on legal grounds (for example, in Syria) at any cost increases the risks. Including risks for Russian agents and military personnel. And here it is necessary to react to it rather harshly, in advance warning the British about the possible consequences


– It is assumed that the reform will lead the special forces to closer cooperation with the special services, including with MI6. What does it mean? How will they cooperate?


– The British special services are already coordinating their actions. For this, they have a special body. But this plan provides for closer coordination of the three special services, which hitherto acted quite autonomously. I do not know whether it will work.


  • The program is to be approved by the government. But the government without a prime minister.

– The government is working, Theresa May will be in charge until Boris Johnson comes to this post. So from a formal point of view there should be no problems with this.


– By making such statements, putting Russia on a par with the ISIS, the British actually accuse us of working with terrorists, – said Ivan Konovalov, a military expert and director of the Strategic Conjuncture Center.


– Of course, no one will believe in such a thing, considering how disgraced they are in the history of Skrypal. Is that play all-in. After all, everyone remembers the fake chemical attacks, which were organized by the same ISIS under the control of the British, first of all, special services. This was revealed by the BBC.


– What our secret operations are they going to break?


– First, none of these operations, no matter how they represent it, is a secret. In Africa, we act completely legally – at the invitation of the state, if we are talking about the Central African Republic. Ukraine has become a common place. Well, they do not like the fact that the militia there at one time gave the teeth to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including foreign mercenaries.


And the Baltic states … well, let them try to prove that we are doing something there. Where are the Russian troops or Russian intelligence? They are not there. I repeat this phrase, which Ukrainian experts like to use very much – they are not there.


The funny thing is that the British took over it five years later. Five years have passed, and they suddenly decided that they were interested. I want to ask them a question: what do you care about French Africa, where are we acting now? The Syria – it has always been the patrimony of France, the British have never been there, it is not their territory for which they can consider themselves responsible.


– Are the British special forces so formidable as they are painted?


– SAS – a special airborne service consists of three regiments: two cropped, one deployed, full-fledged. This service was created by David Stirling – a very famous person who is the ancestor of the special forces as such as a whole, moreover, he is the creator of the first private military company – Watchguard. Of course, these are well-trained fighters undergoing good training in all areas, ranging from possession of weapons to survival tactics in captivity. Yes, these are good fighters, but they are few. The British army, in principle, shrank now. And the special forces of SAS and SBS are not so many, a thousand, no more than that. Of course, they cannot solve strategic tasks.


And to solve tactical tasks is yes, it happened more than once. For example, in 1991, in Iraq, where the British distinguished themselves, although for the most part they were captured. However, they completed the task of destroying the Scuds in Iraq.


In fact, behind them stretches the trail of history 50−70. Then, yes, they had many brilliant secret and not so operations. The latter was in 2000 in Sierra Leone, when they fought off the Europeans captured by local gangs from the West Side Boys. They had a beautiful operation, killed the bandits.


SAS people seriously showed themselves when there was a war in Northern Ireland, in Africa, Southeast Asia and even in Latin America, they acted at the invitation of some governments. But this is the glory of the past. And now it is an ordinary special forces, which does not stand out against the background of others. Moreover, after the war in Iraq, there was criticism from the British army in relation to its own special forces, which didn’t show themselves as special forces, but behaved like ordinary infantry.

– It is reported that now SAS will cooperate with MI6 …


  • And they always collaborated. Anyway, MI6 used SAS operatives and SBS combat swimmers to solve certain tasks. Just the holding of such events has never been announced, it was not in the press. Nevertheless, it is known that there were operations that were performed by SAS people in direct control of MI6. They once created a cunning scheme, which then became the scheme for creating PMCs. I already mentioned David Stirling, and so, many SAS people later went to the PMCs, which were used by MI6. That is, under the cover of MI6 and the Foreign Office of PMCs act in the interests of the British government, hiring former SAS special forces. This scheme still works. They just voiced it, but the scheme is old.


– That is, they will not do anything new here?


  • Of course not, they just declared it. What was the British approach earlier? Do not deny or confirm anything. And now they act differently – they begin to confirm in order to show their own worth.

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