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Long-term strategy against Islam

The West is struggling with ISIS or with the Koran?

For the Biblical civilization, and the West is the one, one of the main cultural issues of a global scale is Quranic Islam.

The reasons for the acuteness of this problem are that the global political doctrine, on the basis of which the policy of the West is based, stems from the basic position:

there should be no alternative banking system.

And although these provisions are not explicitly declared, they are strictly enforced by default.

Don t forget that there is extremely dangerous thesis about the superiority of the Jews, deadly and dangerous for the Jews themselves too. In the Qur’an, however, the doctrine of the superiority of any peoples over others is denied, usury is categorically prohibited, and it is characterized as a kind of service to devil. Although in the Muslim countries themselves, things are actually different. Unfortunatelly. And the self-respecting Muslims do not realize this. However, the Quran is still hateful to many ruling circles in the West. He has always been and remains like a bone in his throat, a potential threat to the emergence of their global power. This causes a desire to leave it in the historical past.

Culturologist Professor Zaznobin writes:

“One of the scenarios for solving the “problem of Islam” for the West is a game in several moves:

  1. Creation of a “caliphate”, which should include, if not all, the vast majority of peoples for whom Islam is a traditional religion.
  2. Then the “caliphate” should start the world war with the goal of eradicating the «godless» liberalism of the West and the teachings of the «infidels», planting rituals and the external side of Islam as a universal «religion» of all mankind. At the same time, such a religion may vary differently from the true Islam, which is preached in the Qur’an.
  3. Further branch point depends on the course and outcome of the war:

3.1. If the «civilized» states of the West win, the Quran is waiting for the same fate as Mein Kampf, and the countries of traditional Islam will undergo «de-Islamization», just as it was in German state, after the end of the Second World War of the 20th century, «denazification».

  • If the «Caliphate» wins, then the ritual of Islam becomes an obligatory norm of behavior for all the inhabitants of the «world caliphate». The crowd in it, does not know Arabic, can not read the
  • Quran independently, lives under the guidance of mullahs. Alas, all the “Muslim regimes” are very far from the Quranic covenant about building the Kingdom of God on Earth, which must eradicate the tyranny of some people over others.

Mullahs are professional ideologists who will interpret life with references to the Quran, focusing on the interests of their masters: roughly the way the Taliban did in Afghanistan.

At the next stage, when the power of such a false Islam is hated by everyone, a worldwide anti-Islamic uprising, the liberation from power of the mullahs and “de-Islamization,” the seizure of the Quran from general access and placing it in the library’s special libraries, so that only trusted historians can quote it, showing readers – from what «evil» mankind was rid.

The ordinary man in the streets does not suspect the fact that the Quran and Islam became the main object of deliberate slander and discred in the second half of the twentieth century became: he has  «more important» affairs than to find the Quran, read it carefully to see this slander and apostasy of «Muslims» from the real Quran.

Now the first stage of this multiyear is purposefully carried out.

During the first stage:

in the world of Islam, regimes adhering to the external ritual of Islam and not showing aggressiveness toward other-believing neighbors are subject to pressure from the opposition of pseudo-Islamic fundamentalist radicals. Such as Assad s regime, and he is clearly not Islamist.

an image of the enemy is being created, for the role of which the same pseudo-Islamic fundamentalist radicals are appointed, who shake the regimes of traditional Muslims and display aggression towards the non-believers.

The solution of these problems is global terrorism under the guise of Al-Qaeda and the  «struggle» of the West with it with such methods that they are perceived as aggression by the West in the world of Islam. The latter creates extras in the world of Islam for pseudo-Islamic radical fundamentalists.

In this scenario, virtually all Muslim states are involved.

Every Muslim country has its role in this long term strategy:

From Afghanistan is required the flow of drugs – as one means of inciting hatred of Islam outside the range of Muslim culture. Therefore, all the indignation of the Western and Russian media are only a means of stirring up anti-Islamic sentiments in countries where drug addiction is growing.

From Pakistan, it is required to provide the instability of the Muslim traditionalism regime and the leakage of nuclear technology to other Muslim countries.

From Iran – the creation of nuclear missiles.

The policy of the West towards Pakistan and Iran is aimed at ensuring that the alleged “caliphate” initially became a nuclear missile power and was perceived in the rest of the world as a real and inevitable threat to the unique development of all.

Although the nuclear potential of the «caliphate» is not supposed to be developed to such an extent that the «caliphate» can cause serious damage to the West, but it must be sufficiently developed to give the nuclear cause to the coalition war the state the West against the «caliphate», for example, in the form of single defeats by rocket-nuclear weapons of certain countries, at least – Israel.

«The Caliphate» must necessarily be a country that hates the Jews so that it can be considered the continuer of the Third Reich.

From Saudi Arabia and the oil principalities on the shores of the Persian Gulf, it is required to provide funding for «Muslim brothers» working to create a «caliphate”».

From Iraq – the radicalization of hatred to the West , so that after the withdrawal of NATO troops from there there will be more soldiers.

If to relate to this scenario, then even the atheist USSR introduced troops to Afghanistan in fulfillment of the first – the earliest stages of this scenario.

The clergy of traditional Islam, which borders itself by the mere Quran rituals from the real problems of people and societies, lives by the interests of momentary self-interest and therefore does not engage in political analysis of a global scale. As a consequence, it does not see this scenario being built deliberately; and if someone sees, the momentary self-interest for them it is often more important than preventing disasters. In the conflict of civilizations, for the realization of which the above described multi-homing is directed, there is no right side. Avoiding conflict based on the approach «we all live peacefully relying on our traditional beliefs without interfering in the affairs of other cultures» will fail for two reasons: there are transnational political forces in the world that achieve their goals by creating controlled conflicts based on artificial actualization of various kinds contradictions inherently characteristic of traditional cultures. The problems of Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and all other countries and diasporas committed to historically developed Islam , not the true Quranic Islam, can be creatively resolved only based on people’s initiatives aimed at the establishment of the Equitable society. This is what is called the Kingdom of God in Quran. Outside of this global political context, they are insoluble and all these countries – regardless of when and how they will develop relations with the Biblical West and NATO – are doomed to be mere fuel in the multi-step scenario described above. Russia, however, seems to offer a way out of this dangerous strategy of a managed conflict between West and Islam.

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