Marshal Zhukov destroyed the new agenda of Zelensky

While the President of Ukraine promises to deal with the previous government, nationalists demonstrate who is the boss in the country.

The Ukrainian edition of Elise Journal claims that the wife of the former prime minister has a Vanuatu passport, and that Yatsenyuk himself could also receive citizenship of this country. It is also reported that the daughters of the former head of the Ukrainian government received US citizenship and live there. They say sister, mother and father Yatsenyuk also have US citizenship. The material calls on the Security Service of Ukraine to prohibit Yatsenyuk from accessing the state secret and checking him for dual citizenship.


A few years ago, it was also reported that Yatsenyuk had Canadian citizenship.


Recall, on the eve of the inauguration of the new president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, Yatsenyuk demanded a new agenda from him.


– Parliament should show maximum cooperation with the newly elected president. And the president should propose a new agenda. And tomorrow, on the day of inauguration, we expect the agenda in his speech, – he said.


So far, however, no new agenda has been observed in Ukraine. However, if the news of Yatsenyuk’s departure is not a “fake”, this may indicate that Zelensky did take up the promises, at least in terms of full renewal of power and punishment for those who neglected it during Poroshenko’s rule.


It also became known that the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine initiated several criminal cases against former President Peter Poroshenko on the basis of a statement by lawyer, former deputy head of the administration of the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich Andrei Portnov.


However, for the rest, with Poroshenko’s departure, nothing has changed; on the contrary, those destructive processes that were launched during his work are continuing.


So last Sunday, activists of the National Corps party demolished the bust of Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov. It all started with the fact that the nationalists staged a protest against the congress of the “party of mayors” Gennady Kernes and Gennady Trukhanov, which was held in Kharkiv Sports Palace. After that, the radicals went to the nearby Zhukov bust and threw him to the ground. In its place, the vandals set the Ukrainian flag. In this case, the police did not intervene in what was happening, and some of the law enforcement officers even recorded the crime on the phone.


Note that the mayor of Kharkiv, Gennady Kernes, who is the co-chairman of the new party, promised that the demolished monument would be restored through donations. Even if this happens, we can hardly expect any global changes across the country.


So what’s the new agenda? The continuation of the previous one?


– Even judging by the information provided, Yatsenyuk left Ukraine not in a hurry, but some time ago, – the editor-in-chief of the FORUM portal notes. Moscow time Anatoly Baranov.


– Yatsenyuk is no longer the top figure of Ukrainian politics. The fact that he has an American sister and a major religious leader there has long been known. But in Ukraine and other countries of the limitrophe it is not compromising, but on the contrary, complementary information. Another matter, the second citizenship of Yatsenyuk himself is a direct violation of the law. But this is also not enough who interests.


– Can we expect real jail of the “former”. They already already brought the fourth case against Poroshenko, so what? Or is it all limited to talking?


  • You can expect a jail, Zelensky needs to be shown somehow that he follows his promises made during the election period. But how much Zelensky controls the investigating authorities and the courts? Much less so than, for example, Avakov.


– Earlier, Yatsenyuk demanded a new agenda from Zelensky. Demolition of the monument to Zhukov, this is apparently the new agenda? Or how is this generally combined with the changes promised by Zelensky?


What Yatsenyuk demanded is only a fact of his biography. Zelensky is not obliged to react to him at all. As for the provocation with the demolition of the monument to Zhukov, this is a good test for Zelensky. Will it swallow or will it respond adequately? For some reason I think they will swallow.


– How similar acts really will beat on Zelensky’s authority?


  • The authority of Zelensky is an advance. He has not gained any authority yet, these are all pre-election expectations. People respect their hopes. And how will they relate to the one who did not justify their hopes?


—When and under what conditions can we expect real changes in the agenda? So far, Zelensky is behaving like a successor of the Poroshenko case.


– There will be no change in the foreign policy agenda, it’s just beyond the competence of the President of Ukraine as a dependent territory. If the State Department decides to change the agenda, the President of Ukraine will be one of the first to be notified. Immediately after the secretary of the NSDC and the head of the SBU. But the internal agenda is generally situational, we can assume that as a single concept there is none. What to change? The problems of the Indians do not bother Sheriff.


– It’s not to say that someone from the representatives of the previous government is seriously threatened in Ukraine now, – said political analyst Alexander Dudchak.


– To raise a paw on Yatsenyuk at this stage for Zelensky is too tough, although for the last 5 years, anyone who participated in the coup d’etat of 2014 and was involved in the Ukrainian government can be presented with the prospects for criminal cases. But … Yatsenyuk can freely cross the border of Ukraine.


—Previously, Yatsenyuk demanded a new agenda from Zelensky …


– Well, Yatsenyuk does not like the old one? This is also his “agenda”. Yatsenyuk is one of the main responsible for the entire catastrophe that has been happening in Ukraine since December 2013. And it would be better if he kept his mouth shut; his advice is uninteresting to anyone. It would be correct to listen not to advice from Yatsenyuk, but testimony in court, as a defendant.


– Instead of the new agenda, we see the continuation of the old – the demolition of Zhukov’s bust. How does this generally combine with the changes promised by Zelensky?


  • We can say that it is also a demonstration of the outgoing power of Zelensky’s inability to do anything in the country. At least keep the law. Demolition of the monument – a cynical, arrogant crime. And the lack of proper reaction of law enforcement agencies, the inaction of the police – a powerful blow to the reputation of Ze.


– Similar acts of vandalism throughout the country continue? Or will the new president try to do something about it?


– It is possible to justify the omission of the “team of Ze” by the fact that it does not yet have full power, that there is a frank sabotage on the part of the Rada, etc. But, in that case, there should be at least verbal statements from the helpless president. The behavior of the ostrich also takes away the rating.


– Kernes promised to restore the monument. Previously, he promised to break the arms and legs of those who come to Kharkiv to demolish the monument to Lenin. It seems no one in Kharkiv hospitals did not arrive … Such statements are pure PR? Do they raise the ratings of Kernes and others who consider themselves to be opposition to the “Maidan”?


  • What prevented Kernes from “breaking hands” to those who poured the monument to Zhukov? But the loss of Zelensky’s rating is good for him. That s why they brake monuments not hands.

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