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Millions return to Syria, America is in confusion

The end of the war is also when the refugees return home. The main thing that is happening now in Syria and around it, concerns the return there in the very near future, a half million Syrians. This is in excess of already returned one and a half million after 2015.

The scale of what is happening can be imagined if one considers that a similar number of refugees (not only from Syria) flooded in only one year in 2015 to Europe and caused a political earthquake that did not end today.

Russia, which played a key role in the military crisis in the Syrian war, was now in a unique position – the general manager of the Syrian, and at the same time the region-wide post-war arrangement. What can it bring (and brings) at the same time a lot of benefits and a whole list of new tasks.

Representatives of Russia and Syria held the first meeting on the issue of refugees.

The essence of the changed situation – from the victory of the war to the winning settlement – appeared at the end of last week in a country very remote from the Middle East: in Singapore. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov participated there in the meetings of the highest diplomats of the ten countries of the ASEAN grouping with their external partners.

And there, on the sidelines of the event, he had meetings with his colleagues from Turkey and Iran, where they discussed Syria.

Singapore and other diplomats were not surprised: Russia, Turkey and Iran meet at different levels everywhere and all the time, because all world diplomacy around Syria was in the hands of this three.

In addition, the essence of the moment was indicated in Lavrov’s answers to the question of Russian media outlets there, in Singapore. The essence of this: “we” decide the main question for today – about refugees, and many others. “They” – that is, the US and its allies – at least do not help.

So, ten thousand Syrians in Lebanon, two hundred thousand in Jordan, several hundred thousand in Turkey are those who officially expressed their readiness now, literally tomorrow to gather and go home. When they left Syria, it was (and remains) a problem – what to feed them, how to equip … Now will be the same. Total who left Syria, fleeing the war, recall, there were more than six million.

By the way, Russia on this issue has offered the partners from the UN a simple idea – to create a bulletin of refugees. That is, start to bring all the chaos that is going on in some order. Apparently, starting with the lists of people, with a note: ready to return tomorrow, want to return later, prefer to stay. The UN liked the idea.

Here we touch a wonderful topic: from the very beginning our military structures were engaged in Syria not only by military affairs. For example, they negotiated – at the level of individual villages – under agreements on reconciliation. Or they organized a large-scale humanitarian operation, thanks to which the liberation of Aleppo became a model for minimizing losses and destruction. Now those whom our military exported from Aleppo, just returned home. And it also happens in another way – ask the former inhabitants of the Iraqi Mosul, almost destroyed by the Americans.

Or a recent story with the appearance of our peacekeepers on the Golan Heights, on Israel’s present border with Syria: the problem was that Israel was horrified at seeing Iranian soldiers on this border. And he began bombing the territory of Syria.

Flag on the building of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of Defense announced the transfer of US confidential letter on Syria.

That is, Russia coordinates a huge international operation – and the United States and its allies, according to Lavrov, “are very reserved about the task of restoring the infrastructure necessary for people to return to their homes.”

Last week there was a scandalous story: the head of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov sent, as early as July, a confidential letter on the arrangement of Syria to his American colleague, Joseph Dunford. Result: the letter, as usual in the United States, “flowed” into Reuters.

What’s happening? Americans, for whom the whole point of their actions around Syria was that the “bloody dictator Bashar Assad” should be replaced by someone pro-Western, hung in an impossible situation.

As we well know today, there are actually two americans, each hating other more and more. Conditionally democratic and republican. And just recently two publications appeared that perfectly describe the difference between the approaches of these “two Americas” to Syria. One from USA Today – more Republican, in fact, everything says in the title: “Let Putin and Russia restore Syria – American taxpayers should not pay for that”. The author comes from the obvious: the war is lost. Well, that is won by Syria and her friends. And all that remains is to plague Moscow, let the winner relocate all six and a half million refugees and bear expenses. Any attempts to persuade someone to help in the post-war reconstruction should be blocked, and only.

About that, actually, Lavrov talked in Singapore. True, some allies, for example France or Japan, do not participate in this boycott. But the second point of view – conditionally democratic – is even more interesting in something. It is a matter of publication in Foreign Affairs, whose authors declare: and who said that the war is over? It will only get worse, because Assad is such a “bloody dictator” that the internal oppositionists will continue to fight him, and like like defeated jihadists of all stripes. Therefore, we must “restore the military capabilities of the rebel forces,” for which everything needs political will instead of the current paralysis. That is, the present world is a war. A rearmament of the mythical “moderate jihadists” is peace. The flag of Syria in Damascus. Archive photo Damascus launched a program of assistance to returning refugees By the way, there is a problem. If the Syrian people hate a “bloody dictator”, if this people fled not from war but from Assad, then the latter should be afraid of the return of fellow citizens and interfere with that. But he does not do anything like this, but just the opposite. Returning to America, you ask: which of the above two opposite policies is the administration of the US? Answer: both at once. About non-participation in international efforts to restore Syria has been said. But the mysterious presence of American servicemen in the east of the country is also a fact, and the only thing that this fact explains is the hope to maintain a foothold for pro-American “fighters against the regime.” But to pursue two opposing politicians simultaneously is the norm for now US political structures, where the forces – the haters of each other  sometimes sit at adjacent tables.

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